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Originally Posted by L0LY0UMADBRO View Post
review my account I'm banned for a week. The worst thing I could think of me saying was "gg noobs" . which I don't necessarily find OVERLY offensive... but usually I've been reported from my real life friends for intentional feeding just because I had some bad games... (1-5 or 1-6 etc)
"gg noobs" is a terrible thing to say to someone and it is the sort of thing that would get you banned.

Edit: Just a little bit more context

Originally Posted by hohums View Post

Just to clear up some confusion and missing context. What I meant is that saying "gg noobs" is the sort of thing you could get reported for. It is a disrespectful term and its very easy to see that.

Its not like your going to get banned for doing this in one game. However if it upsets people enough that they report you, then these will add up and eventually you will face the tribunal. Please see
"Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat" (

I don't understand why its so difficult to be respectful to fellow players?

Also please feel free to read : (Quote in link)

PS: This is an interesting discussion in that it does show how widely peoples views differ. What some people consider disrespectful others do not... In game you won't know who you are going to be up against so putting your friendliest foot forward is always a good idea.

PPS: Also note I'm not defining Riots banning policy. This is simply the sort of thing that will end up putting you into the tribunal.

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From a previous thread about the tribunal and where our story begins:

"Nah, because the report system and Tribunal aren't geared toward targeting the people who actually ruin games - they are targeted toward people who make bad players or intentional griefers upset by words in a chat box, that they could use the ignore function to get rid of but sadistically report instead hoping to get people banned - a.k.a. punishing people who are frustrated and angry and tired of people who actually ruin the matches themselves."

"What you're saying is the Tribunal doesn't actually catch people who need to be punished - it only catches people who were made angry by people who need to be punished? This would mean that people who are ruining the game for others are NOT being reported, but the people who get mad at those people ARE being reported and punished?

I'm genuinely not sure if you're serious."
-PENDRAGON -Director of Community Relations

You find this hard to believe. This is exactly what has happened to me. If you review the reason I have been banned (Which I don't even know, which I think is a problem with the system) you will find that I have done nothing wrong in terms of the context of the chat and how the game was played at all but been a victim to people who were playing with 2 other friends and they all ganged up on me because they can.

Now this of course is all down to what you believe is wrong, is it wrong to point out mistakes of others so they can improve, this is possibly wrong/right and all comes down to the manner in which you do so. I always try to help players but sometimes it's so frustrating and they do something so obviously wrong and refuse to admit it or see their own mistakes and then turn around and blame you for being bad, this provoking and clear ignorance of the other players in the game turns the chat sour and leads to abuse and eventually a report.

Now I admit I sometimes can get a bit carried away in chat but I never intentially abuse players or go out of my way to ruin the experience of games. I am a strong believer in keeping moral high and not bringing down the team, but when you have people on your team who are clearly in the mindset of they are the best player there and refuse to listen to anything you have to say makes this game impossible to play.

I see countless threads on the forums about how bad the tribunal is and how it bans the wrong people by people in game who do really bad and then report other people because they queued with 2 other friends and they all get mad and want someone to blame or get the last laugh. I never really believed it until it happened to me.

If you actually look in depth at why I was banned it would be for absolutely nothing. If you review my case and take everything into context. I have been playing for almost 2 years now and have never had this much trouble in game with players. I am very careful about what I type in game / and my actions in game as not to get banned. I know how to play the game and would never risk a ban because I play almost everyday. All I ever do is try to help players but they never listen, it's so frustrating. I don't even see the point of a chat function in game if no one ever listens to you and all it's used for is a tool to ban people.

As we all know the moba community is one of the worst due to the nature of the game and how much you have to rely on your teamates to win and if one person does something wrong that's the difference between a win and a loss, which causes so much anger. From dota to HoN to LoL to dota2 people who play this game are used to the community and are prepared to dish out as much as they are dealt. I have been playing these games since the early days of dota and am so used to it I would never report a player for such things, it comes with the territory.

Although to be banned for such trivial matters is the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced in any game. No other game has a system where it is so variable its' just people who think others should be banned and no one ever reads the entire summors code in detail. There is no constant because it's different people evaluating the reports everyday.

I'm just trying to figure out which game I got reported for and it's hard to defend myself without knowing but if it was for just talking to another player who constantly typed back to me which is most likely the case, he could have /ignore me at any time if it was really bothering him but he was having a conversation with me just as much and if we are both talking to each other obviously he was ok with me talking to him deciding to not /ignore me and then he gets his 2 friends to report me at the end so he can "win" the conversation. This is totatly unfair.

All people look at in the chat log is the reported player and not the reasoning or context behind what he is saying due to actions in game. They just look and and see a lot of text and click punish, do you really think people actually read an entire chat log to get context? No they just want their free IP. Yet another problem with the system. No way do the majority of players read the entire chat log, they click punish or pardon based on the amount of games reported and a quick look at K-D ratio then click next, ALT TAB for the 1 minute and quickly review again just to speed through it and get their IP. Do you really think a system which gives players currency for potentialy doing nothing isn't going to get abused?

I'm sure some players do read everything and get context like myself because I know what it can be like and most of the reports I pardon because I take into account emotion and what that player was going through to say things in chat and based on the amount of IP I get no one else is really doing this.

This is the current mindset of the player report system. Anyone who says anything to try and help out or say something other players don't like (Which is 90% of the time because every player in this game think they are the best and know everything) they just get reported at the end even though that player doing the reporting has no feeling or remorse about what happened in game, he just wants sweet revenge and a last laugh.

I am so sick of trolls abusing the tribunal to report people who stand up to them in game just becuase they have friends in the game and know they can just get everyone to report them at the end. I'm sure you could nit pick and find something wrong with every report that breaks a tiny rule 23.a-section b "do not say gg as it can be seen as a taunt to the losing team and ruing their in game experience" etc but based on what happens in game how can you not say something was justifyed and where do you draw the line.

If just one player gets wrongly banned the system is flawed. The only way to have a system that works is to have consistancy with the bans. That means a dedicated team of community volunteers that get nothing for doing it who just want to make this game a better one. Not random people every day punishing troll reports who never read full chat logs and take into account why things were said (context).

If you search the forum it's not just me countless threads of people who have been in the same situation being banned by people who troll them in game and just report them.


No one should ever be reported / banned for anything in game chat, that means verbal abuse or harrasment. We have a /ignore command and a CHAT FILTER. People turn the chat filter off and don't /ignore someone who could annoy them and then report them at the end when it could have so easily been avoided by their own doing. Reports IS NOT THE SOLUTION.

The tribunal needs to be evaulted by a dedicated team who consistantly bans for the same reasons and not different people every day causing too many variables and unjust bans to a minority of the players.

People who use the tribunal do not take into account context of the game or why a player got reported in the first place, they take 10 seconds to look at past reports and reported player chat log briefly for keywords and click punish.

A system which rewards players such as free IP for tribunal for potentially doing nothing will always get abused.

Riot tries so hard to be a community company and interact with players on the forum but it seems it's also their biggest problem. When a player actually needs help they are not there.

As someone who has payed money to this company this is the most poorly I have ever been treated.

Where do you draw the line. I feel like there is no difference between abusing a new born kitten by drowning it for fun because you are an evil person and using self defensive and punching someone who tries to hurt a family member.

I feel the system is working, it just needs some tweaking.

- I don't expect anything to come from this, I mean riot cannot under any circumstances admit to their system being flawed or publicly overturn a ban even if it was due to trolls then they will have 100x as many complaints on the forum about the tribunal and how others where banned for no reason. I just hope maybe they can quietly read this and think about what the system is doing to the players that actually support and care about this game. At least reduce my ban when you take into account what happened in game I don't think I did anything wrong to warrent this ban. I will be the first to admit I can get a little bit hot headed in some games but who doesn't, I'm passionate about this game and I hate it when other players don't feel the same way and say "It's only a game who cares" then just troll away. You spend so much time and effort in these games only to be ruined by one or two other players, which is the worst feeling in the world. They just get annoyed because they lose and think it's everyone elses fault.

I mean I'm banned from the 21st-28th, over christmas how mean can you be. Who knows maybe there will be a christmas miracle but I highly doubt it.

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/thread for those who wants to be reviewed. Pendragon stopped already

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**** Steve, really on a roll on this one. Okok now do me

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I have been perma banned and i realy wanted a review in my case.

I am frustrated for being ban for the game i loved so much ( i did not know 3 ban would be permanent) for so much time, and i still think that i did not deserved this, i never left a game for rage, went afk, or started to feed to end a game faster, one of my bans is for crashing in the games, riot fixed this problem in one small patch when the problem was acknowledge, but still banned people for it. The only thing i agree is that i play odd heroes like Twisted fate, heimerdinger and Leona (Who i got reported more than once BEFORE the high elo players start to play her, then she became acceptable like magic). I realy wished that you see why people report in ranked games, who are most of times based on ignorance and frustration.

I tryed to not even discuss with trolls and just leave then destroying the game and report then after the match, but i still got banned. i just want a chance to have my account back.

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I was temp banned and I'm curious to why.

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I flamed too much but I got banned cause I ran into 2 4man premades. They BOTH decided to report me for picking kat. Not saying I didn't deserve the ban tho, but I tried to get better after the warning.

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Can you please look into mine.

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Hello Pendragon.

Please review my case if possible.

This is the second time I have been banned this month.
I reviewed the Summoner's Code for the second time after being banned on the 14th of December.
I was unbanned on the 18th, but I logged on today to find myself banned again until the 29th.

I don't understand exactly why.

I know I tend to have a negative attitude in games when teams do nothing but overextend and feed in the late phase, and I tend to give up and make surrender calls when the enemy team is too far ahead for our own team to have any hope. Despite the saying "never give up, never surrender", I can't feel but feel that any further endeavor would be fruitless when the four other members on your team are making decisions that fall way below the ELO bracket that I am in.

I often tend to taunt players in game, but it rarely happens without myself being provoked first. Sometimes I feel that a little bit of smack talk is harmless, but I can see the damage that it causes, and I do regret my actions.

I rarely afk in games.

The only time I remember doing so this month was my first ranked game after being unbanned, when the last pick on my team locked in Mundo and declared he would feed, which he did.

I afk'd for the majority of that game, while this player consistently fed intentionally. The reason I did so was because I did not want to waste my time playing through and trying in a game where a player was intentionally making it difficult for our team to win.
I'm sure I was reported for that game.

I've been making a conscious effort as of late to be polite, and I always try my hardest to carry my teams no matter how bad they may be, but sometimes I can't help but give up when everyone is performing so poorly.

I admit that I have been racist, impolite, and afk'd in games previously.
But I have never left a game on purpose (in fact, I think I only have 2 leaves this season, and they're both results of ISP disconnects).
I admit that I rage, but I have been trying my best as of late to accept situations for what they are, and try my best to lead my team with positive feedback, especially after my last ban which resulted from negative attitude.

Lastly, I always try to carry my team as hard as I can, and this is evident in how many players have personally thanked me post-game for my my ability to encourage communication and lead teams in the worst situations.

I admit that I have shown many negative qualities in the past, and maybe even as of late, but I am not quite sure what I might have done to receive a ban immediately after being un-banned for a previous offense.

Although it may not mean much, I would like to apologize for any repeated offenses that I may be guilty of.
Please take some time to look into my case.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Originally Posted by hohums View Post
"gg noobs" is a terrible thing to say to someone and it is the sort of thing that would get you banned.
Uh really?

l0l....... Thats far to harsh. I don't wish a ban on my enemies that say this. Completely ridiculous.

You guys should be targetting the full ragers. The guys that constantly swear / rage. If people really are getting banned for "GG noobs" , then the system is broken. I still see 1-2 people swear constantly every few games. Reports for "GG noobs" waste the tribunals time when it should be giving justice out to the serious offenders.