radeon 4870 gpu resets

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ok so over the last two days i have been having a problem with my gpu resetting while playing LOL. It has not happened previously, and ive been running this GC since july last year. A few days ago i did a bunch of video encoding overnight which may or may not have done something. Regardless after doing some research i found out that one of the features of this card causes the GPU clock to run at different speeds depending on whether it is doing 2d or 3d rendering. I turned on the overdrive option of my card and set all rendering values to the static single rendering speed (default 625 MHz, the normal unclocked value). I have tried two games so far (just practice games with me in them alone) and have not had the same problem of computer resetting.

I do not think this is entirely a LOL thing, however i tried running WC3, as well as Mass Effect (just two other games i have installed on my comp) and neither of them had any problems that i experienced during LOL (some frame skipping, and then eventuallyl a gpu reset). Ive been playing lol for a while on highest graphics with NO problems, i turned down all settings to medium and gradually re-increased them for testing, and the ones that had the biggest impact were shadows and environment, causing significant activity increases in the card (from 55/60% - 70-90%) depending on what settings i put them at. I seemed to have found a happy medium with both settings on 'high' instead of 'very high' with all other settings on very high. This uses about 70-80% card activity but with the clock speed fixed im not getting restarts (so far).

Maybe this isnt specifically a LOL problem but i just thought i would post it incase the dev's could use the information for anything.

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