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Also, I always tweet whenever I finish a post in @Ezreal (should be easier than sifting through this thread).!/RiotEzreal

I just got back from getting some laser eye surgery so I figured I'd spend an hour or two catching up on this thread. Here's hoping we can get it to a million views!!!

Originally Posted by Falaris View Post
More like please come back, we want the gravity champ you were making.

Personally I like Vlad, Noc, Cait, Irelia, Kog, Malz, and Cho. I want more champs from the genius behind them. Hi five!
I can't wait to start working on that gravity champ. I have an approved kit which I am super excited about. We have been waiting to do this champion for a long time. However, there are a few other champions I'd like to release before the gravity character. More info coming soon!

Originally Posted by InfinityExists View Post

I have a question about the the Prodigal Explorer. I am wondering if there are any new items coming out that will make him more viable.

I think that new "carry" items supplying stats like CDR, damage, and armor pen would be of greater benefit to Ezreal than any number of changes. Currently, it feels like all the "best" AD carry items prioritize stats like damage, crit, and attack speed, which just aren't optimal on Ezreal. Thus, I find Ezreal tends to lose strength at the end of the game.

The same also seems to hold true for AP Ez builds.

It can be so frustrating having an amazing game, only to be out-matched at the end because other carries can simply build better.

What do you think?

(thx for making my favorite character by the way!)
I have heard rumors of us looking into a new AD / CDR item. So I believe something is in the works, but as I haven't played with it yet, I have no idea on if it will ever come out.

I'd also say that I'd like to see a slight change to Nashor's Tooth, I can't think of any champions that get that item any more (anyone know of any?). Or if you have any suggestions on how to change it...small changes that is.

Originally Posted by Connro View Post
Ezreal, what would you suggest to someone hoping to eventually work at Riot? On the job listings page, the only internship is for QA, which, I suppose, would be suitable for what I plan on doing during college. I'm entering my junior year of high school, so I have plenty of time to think about colleges and universities that I want to attend. Are there any schools near Riot HQ that would be ideal if I was to take up an internship? Also, are there any specific classes that you would suggest taking? Thanks!
Well, I know a number of designers who were psych majors, and I also know a number of designers who were CS majors. In addition, I would spread out your knowledge among a few other good to know fields and get at least one course in each: macroeconomics, statistics, and marketing.

Originally Posted by David12596 View Post
I made one a while back that had a sand theme to it.

anyway, is there any chance we will see more animal like champion that are the same as Nasus and Ren? I think a bird would be nice.
Yea, I loveeee the sand theme right now, we're even discussing a few cool things we could do if we ever made a sand champion. As for birds, we already have Swain and Cryophoenix, so perhaps another someday but not any time soon.

Originally Posted by Nightspacer View Post
On the subject of Heimerdinger's passive, I think it definitely needs a change because it is the very issue with lane sustain that Riot is trying to get rid of with the support changes. I made a thread with a little more info here.
I can say that we are not thoroughly impressed by his current passive. We would like to change it, however, there are a number of more critical changes that we would rather focus on for his kit (i.e. the anti fun of his long range / turrets, and the lack of fun in using his ultimate). So at the end of the day, while we would like to update it, it would take a backseat to more important changes.

Originally Posted by Udub View Post
Any chance that Ezreal's E can affect minions? I think it'd really help with AP Ezreal farming problems which is one of the only things stopping him from excelling.
We tried making Essence Flux hit minions and it just didn't feel right, we'll have to look into a different way to allow his AP version to be more capable of farming.

Originally Posted by ElderLucian View Post
in regards to the nidalee like champ, what do you think of a sniper champion whose ultimate will make it move and attack slower but also increase its atk damage and range by a significant amount, and while it is activated you also get a stealth ability akin to teemo's stealth or akali's bubble while in the brush. if you like this ill try to put my brain to work to think of a more in-depth champion concept

and what does heimer's ult feel like to you? it kind of feels like a poorly done version of Karma's Mantra to me
We are investigating a 'Siege mode' currently, you'll find out more about it sooner than you might expect...

/agree on heimer's ult.

Originally Posted by KushBlunts View Post
I know you get this LOTS but I have to ask you, will we see a dragon themed hero anytime soon? I really love the current lineup of monsters but I feel its lacking in the dragon department.

Also speaking of monsters any chance we will see any Skarner tweaks he seems a bit on the weaker side.

Also also I noticed with Talon we now have 5 new melee champions in a row when will we see the next ranged champion!?

Thanks and I love you and your design team <3
I think we can all agree that Dragon's are awesome. And here at Riot Games we are in the business of making awesome. As such, I'm sure you can infer as to whether we will make a dragon champion some day ;-).

Also, ranged champions incoming =-D.

Originally Posted by Whittaker View Post
I always seem to get long winded so short and simple this time.

Any plans to rework Jax's passive (or whole kit) to remove the last free gold passive in the game and attempt to normalize his power curve like you recently did with Kayle?
High Five on the short and simple, it makes you 5x as likely to get responded to!

We are looking into Jax right now. And as I'm sure you know by now, his kit is not the easiest one to fix (we have tried on multiple occasions in the past). We are looking into ways to make him more consistent / normalize his power. Hitting the passive feels in line with these goals.

Originally Posted by Prince Kassad View Post

I see a lot of real-world influences in the lore/design behind champions like Jarvan, Pantheon, and Wukong. African mythology and folklore is awesome too! Would you ever want to release a champion inspired by animism or shamanism?
We might do a shaman style champion someday. Also, can you elaborate on animism, I'm afraid the term is foreign to me?

Originally Posted by Mr Fuzzie View Post
Is it fun working at riot?
Also, i heard some guy grez got 10,000 referalls, who does he get to work with to make a champion.
It's a ton of fun, I love my job deeply, enough to be spending hours posting on threads like this on my time off =-P.

As for Grez, I believe we are working on figuring out the referral bonus now, but I don't have a lot of insight into those workings.

Originally Posted by Churchy View Post
It feels great to get some honest communication from a red in direct response to me
Thank you for keeping this thread active and giving us more than inane BS involving ponies, anime, or 4chan memes.

My overall question is: why is poppy suddenly a problem when she hasn't received any changes in the 17 months since her release? She received slight tweaks in the pantheon patch (2 weeks after her release) and since then has only gotten bug fixes iirc. Meanwhile, she also hasn't risen to prominence in tournament or ranked play. I'm basing this on the tournaments I've tuned into in the last year and from

Be honest, is this all because poppy is too powerful in dominion?

And finally: Why do ranged carries like ashe and caitlynn continue to shoot when taunted? If some mystical force is compelling them to abandon higher thought processes including the logical need for survival, the ability to utilize abilities or magical spells, and the logical choice in targets of relative dangers, in favor of the primal urge to physically assault someone, why do they still take the time to notch their arrows/reload their guns, take aim, and then fire? I know that if I am in the bloodlusted state of mind where nothing is more important than hurting the little spiky rolling *******, I wouldn't take the time to notch an arrow. I would beat the thing over the head with my bow until it broke. Can taunts be made more effective against ranged characters?
Hey Churchy, sorry I cut your post down a bit but it was hard to fit into this post.

1) We feel that Poppy has always been generally problematic creates a few pain points for the game. There aren't any real new changes.
2) We are not changing Poppy because of Dominion, Dominion has simply put her a bit more in the limelight.
3) We are not looking to nerf poppy, simply to get her into a better place for the health of the game.
4) Ranged champions attack while taunted because that is what taunt does (force the unit to attack), the same end result occurs if you taunt a melee champion in melee range.

Originally Posted by Ensign Epic View Post
A few things.
I know you said Wukong isn't on the table for buffs, but is there any way you could improve his early game? It's really, REALLY bad, like even against a single opponent he's getting slapped around. Also, is it possible to remove the self-silence on Nimbus Strike? Half the time early on when I Nimbus into Decoy I still get hit because the delay between using Nimbus Strike and when you can use Decoy is so big. As for bugs I still have the Nimbus Strike delaying the AA animation, Crushing Blow not going off when you go to hit someone (you like freeze and do a flip), sometimes being seen while Decoyed, and being CC'd out of my ultimate (unlike, say, Garen's spin to win which all signs point to this being how it should work).
Also, would it be possible to get some AD/Spellvamp items for AD casters?
From a few discussions I've had, Wukong apparently has a great early poking game. Though I don't like hearing about this 'delay' feel issue, I'll bring it up to the live team.

AD/Spell Vamp? It's been brought up before, so we'll look into it. But doesn't Hextech Gunblade have AD and spellvamp?

Originally Posted by Stez007 View Post
Skipped over my Sivir question :/ So I'll ask again.

Ezreal, I implore you to reconsider the comparison between Nocturne and Sivir's spell shields.

Nocturne's does have a longer cooldown, but only at level 5 in both. As well, Nocturnes gives a passive effect and steroid if the shield is broken. Sivir's only grants mana, and its duration is mostly meaningless as enemies will not cast anything on you if they see it and its a big drain if nothing hits you, so using it proactively is generally a bad idea.

I would like to see a passive effect added to it at least. Perhaps 5 magic resist per level? This would really help her itemization, as right now she needs either a BV, FoN or Wits End somewhere in her build against heavy AP teams--none of which help her damage output all that much (Wits helps, but a Bloodthirster would help more). She needs to build tanky in addition to damage/lifesteal/AS, so this 25 extra magic resist would alleviate her tanky needs enough to let her build more damage.

That, along with 50 more autoattack range, less damage reduction on her Q and her ultimate's AS scaling increased to 60/75/90% (to help her early/mid game; at the moment, a level 6 Sivir is even less threatening than a level 5 Sivir. 30% AS is hardly an ultimate) and I think she'd be perfect. Maybe a better passive, but with these changes I don't think it would matter.
We're currently investigating Sivir, I'll bring up your concerns to the person working on the kit.

Originally Posted by Thanatanos View Post
1.I was wondering If there would be any more high skill champions like Ezreal, Shaco, Lee sin and Brand (But harder) Being released.

The thing I love most about League of Legends is the skill curve. It may take a while to learn a certain playstyle/build, but the wait is worth it, as the most difficult champions to play have the most tricks to use.

My first champion was Kassadin, and I fell in love with difficult champions soon after.

Mainly, would there be more champions with skill shots for all their skills, and that require movement/positioning?

2. Also, more energy based champions like Shen would be fun (Although shen needs a bit of a buff for his shield. Compared to everyone else's shields I.E. Jarvan, Skarner, Rumble, , his does next to nothing with no extra effect)

Looking forward to an answer.
1) Yes, we have plenty of higher skill champions in the work currently (you can blame me partially for that =-P).
2) Hmmm, I don't think we have any energy champions currently slated. I'll bring it up if we do.

Originally Posted by bananafishtoday View Post
Hi Ezreal! I was wondering if you knew anything about the BFF Sword and/or Hextech Bazooka. (The former being a pure-AD item with a % bonus like Deathcap, the latter a "selfish" high-AP spellvamp item built out of Revolver.)

I think it was Guinsoo who mentioned them. Were they just concepts/ideas he had, or are they actually in development?

Also I'm super excited for Dominion and for your four champs to come out.
We haven't implemented either of the above items yet, so they are still quite far off.

And yep, I'm pretty excited for Dominion as well. It'll be amazing!!!

Originally Posted by HunterHagen View Post
A legendary Ezreal skin will be the greatest thing ever to happen in the history of Ezreals.
Especially since I trust Ezreal will do a stellar job at it. Great to see a designer pour his heart out to his design.

I hope you're planning to make it a serious theme like DemonBlade Tryndamere over a comical theme like Gent Cho' Gath. I just think a badass Ezreal sounds sooo awesome.
Oh when it will be badass =-D.

Originally Posted by 6sick6 View Post
My man, i'd just like to say Ezreal is by far my favorite champion in league, i've enjoyed playing him since i bought him (right after the removal of his healing)
on that note, i'd like to know if there are any upcoming ezreal changes.
i've rather liked his recent changes, but still do not believe he is able to carry as well and/or as easily as other AD Ranged, such as Cait. I understand ezreal isn't an auto attack champ, rather an AD Caster, but i feel changes to his mana efficiency, slight scaling changes, and perhaps the movespeed buff morgana got would really help align him with the top tier carries. and also, if scaling/mana cost changes were made it could bring his AP game back to viable.
Well, Ezreal has been doing quite well in tournament play lately, so we don't want to give him any major buffs for the time being. That being said, I am working with the Live team to add in a series of buffs centered around making him easier to play, and slightly boosting his AP playstyle.

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Spark XV

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Are you aware that his W currently pops his own team's veils? It's almost a bad thing to have him in a team fight later down the road if he can do that. Especially if you're playing like, AP Ezreal.

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Why are you so cool? Deliver me more awesome new champs bro, I like your designs.

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Any plans for Swain? Or *cough* a dragon related Swain skin

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Ezreal, I saw on your twitter that you were thinking about a weapon swapping champ - what influences did you decide on for that sort of kit? How would Riot feel about a character similar to Udyr with 'active' abilities that leave a passive lingering benefit, where the lingering benefit is the character switching to a new weapon (i.e, he has a skill that pins somebody to the ground with a sword, the lingering benefit turning him in a melee character with a sword to attack with maybe a little higher base AD/less Attack Speed)?

The concept almost sounds like a Devil May Cry feel - which seems neat, I'd love to see that kind of character in the game.

EDIT: Also, how does Riot feel about Yorick? Would they do another character with pets again? I like the idea of spirits, animals, or elemental beings as pets.

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I'd like to see more support champs. Karma is a lot of fun, and a very interesting style. I'm not talking about support like lux, where they are damage dealers with a shield, but healing types, like Sona and Soraka.

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Also, I always tweet whenever I finish a post in @Ezreal (should be easier than sifting through this thread).!/RiotEzreal

Continuing the posting post laser eye surgery. Here's hoping we can get it to a million views!!!

Originally Posted by Trenonian View Post
I main Blitzcrank, but unfortunately I never got to use rocket-flash-grab. It sounded really fun, and you actually hade to flash before it connected AFAIK. I know it will probably never again see the light of day, but what do you think of it?
It was unfortunately only for super high tier players who knew about a 'trick'. It felt pretty 'hacky' even if it was pretty fun...It also led to a few super overpowered situations.

Originally Posted by Solundh View Post
@Ezreal: any news on Tempus , the time melee character based?

is he cancelled or still in progress?
We put him in the icebox for now. Unfortunately the kits I kept coming up with never quite worked, I never found a way to make him a 10/10. I'll go back to him after I solve a few other champions. Or perhaps when I find a stellar (non OP) ultimate.

Originally Posted by xWisNia View Post
Ezreal, did you saw TSM vs SK match (the ESM one)?
Finally Ezreal got picked in the highest level of play, what do you think about it?
Haha, it was pretty dang awesome! Can't wait to see more games like that in the near future =-D.

Originally Posted by Herald of Time View Post
I've been following this thread for a while and i enjoy reading your responses to various questions of the community.

That said, I have a few questions. Im glad that champions with unique and interesting kits are in the works such as Tempus. However, im wondering if champions with certain themes are in the works. People have already mentioned their desire for a dragon champ, but there are also conceptual ideas such as a water mage, a psychic champion (akin to a more modern version of Well and Averdrian respectively) and others. Are such concepts in the works at all (a champ with mental/water based powers)?

As a secondary question, does creating more difficult and new mechanics in a champion kit delay the kit significantly? If so how significant is that delay? (this is something i assumed as at least part of the reason such champs with "risky kits" like Tempus would be delayed for so long, along with the need for internal testing)

Finally I was wondering what you would think of the implementation of a new mechanic such as this one:

Essentially it would be a 2-step skill akin to Lee Sin's Q/W/E abilities, as well as a vector based ability. Said skill would first launch a projectile which moves at a fairly slow speed (Orianna's Attack Command/Sivir's boomerang speed), doing minimal damage to enemies it passes through (as well as some debuff if warranted). Upon secondary activation, depending on the location of the projectile along the path, there could be a more powerful effect moving forward (if activated before the halfway point), backward (If activated after the halfway point) or in both directions (if activated on the halfway point).

Would such a mechanic be too complex in a game such as this?
1) We have plenty of champs with unique kits in the works right now.
1b) We are looking into hitting some theme's which fans enjoy, though I can't speak to which ones currently.
2) Risky kits do take longer, so we mostly do them when we have more time. Also, to reference Tempus, the reason why he is taking so long is simply because I haven't been on the champion team for the last 7 months.
3) I actually have a skill very similar to that coming out on my next champion. It sends out a line nuke, except the nuke stays at the final location (like a Gragas barrel), you can then activate it again to pull the blade back with an additional effect.

Originally Posted by Sorayai View Post
[URL=""] -Classick

do you agree with this?

I think one game is not enough to tell if Ezreal is really strong -- he is good, but he could be better. I personally hate how Ezreal has to be an auto attack bot by late game and he doesnt really get much use out of his abilities (even though he's pretty much built around spamming skills)

I think my MAIN concerns about Ezreal are:
-Essence Flux is pretty much worthless
-Passive doesn't help AP at all

I can't wait till you go back to the champion design team... please help out Ezreal =D I have been waiting for a really long time (since last year after the BIIIIG slew of Ezreal nerfs) for Ezreal to be buffed! (especially AP Ez)

GO GO, EZREAL! you can do it!! *high five*
We're considering giving the passive an AP component, but that is likely the biggest / riskiest change that we are considering right now. Buffing Essence Flux is kinda a given at this point =-P.

Originally Posted by Grellmax View Post
@Ezreal - Still no reply on Frosted Ezreal skin problem, so I'll rice up my post this time.
[ // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // ]

Frosted Ezreal skin - upon removing his goggles during idle animation - his hair has a patch of blank black rather than white hair underneath.....IT BOTHERS ME TO NO END for some reason....I'm weird I know :P

Please get this fixed
I'll pass it along, though I'm not sure how highly prioritized it will be.

Originally Posted by Reifke Vlasir View Post
@Ezreal: Thanks for your time as always.

My questions this time is about items.

I know you just put in a bunch of new items for Dominion specifically, but will we be getting any new items for Summoner's Rift? Specifically these are where I think there is a hole for more items:

A. Cooldown reduction for AD Champs. Specifically more things to build the brutilizer into.

B. New Doran's items. Specifically I would like to see a Doran's Item for Junglers, something along the lines of (WARNING: Numbers and Abilities just taken out of my head):

Doran's Glove 475g
+100 Health
+15% Attack Speed
Passive: Attacks deal an additional 25 true damage to minions or monsters.

C. More Tenacity Items. Outside of Merc Treads and sometimes Eleisa's I never see Tenacity Items and I never build the other Tenacity Items. Really what I would like to see one or two more Legendary tier items that either gain tenacity or are built out of the current Advanced tier Tenacity items.

I know this post is a little long, but thanks in advance for answering it.
A junglers Doran's item...interesting, I would love to see something that if we decided to remove Doran's stacking.

A legendary Tenacity might just be on to something ;-).

Originally Posted by HatesuneFukyu View Post
Ezreal what happened to the Sheen Sona buff you was talking about
The attack timing post spell cast change was supposed to help out her Sheen build, though upon building it yesterday I was wholly unimpressed... We'll likely have to look at it again in the future.

Originally Posted by Asko View Post
Hi Ezreal! Thanks for this awesome thread and good replies! I got one thing in mind;
Could you please have a close look at Kassadin's R-E combo?
8 times out of 10 if you rift walk and try casting e immediately it fires to the opposite direction of the intended casting direction.
This bug has been around for eternity and as Nidalee got her R/Q (spear) fixed it would be logical and fair to fix this bug too.
I find that this bug has very big impact on Kassadin's gameplay, not only do you lose kills when it happens but the fact that if you want to be 100% sure about your burst actually happening you have to wait for .2 seconds after the 1st spell to be able to hit the 2nd one is not something one seeks from a burst caster.
I'll pass this onto the live team.

Originally Posted by Godunderscor View Post
You designed Jax! You have my thanks.
But I have to ask - where is Jax headed power-wise?

His early game has already been slightly nerfed, but I think his late game damage remains an issue.
Will he be nerfed or changed?
We are looking at consistifying his damage output throughout the game.

Originally Posted by bourbonowns View Post
I would be very, very careful with this Ezreal. As is, Ezreal (the champion) already has an incredibly powerful early game. If you have read Win10cent's guide, which if you haven't, I recommend it, basically Ezreal can First Blood almost any opponent with the right runes at level 2. Believe you me, it works, I have hundreds of games logged as Ezreal and my opponent is usually dead or forced back by the 5 minute mark.

With Doran's Blade, 21 Offense, Armor Pen Marks and AD Quints, my Mystic Shot hits for 109 damage on most champions at level 1. This is true damage, by the way. My autos do around 73 each. Unless my opponent sits on their tower, I will kill them, most of the time I don't have to use either summoner spell. It's not even a contest. In a 2v2 lane with a support bot, it's even scarier, because in a 2v2 lane, all the champions remain at a lower level for longer (which Ezreal likes) and with a support like Taric or Soraka, he can basically bully the other two champions without repercussion.

If you look at all those nerfs to Ezreal, you'll notice almost all of them, save for lowering Mystic Shots base from 140 to 115, are RATIO NERFS. Ezreal still retains his OP early game, but he scales so poorly, that no one fears him outside lane. If you buff Ezreal, you must ensure that his early game isn't any better than it is now. The only difference between OP Ezreal and the Ezreal we have now, is OP Ezreal scaled reasonably. Ezreal still gets kills very easily early, but doesn't scale. If you give him scaling buffs without lowering the base damage on Mystic Shot, he will become OP again.

Also, you know how Nasus, Amumu, Lux, etc, all those champions, their passives scale with level. Ezreal's 50% attack speed is absolutely FEARSOME at lower levels, it's part of what gives him the edge in lower level fights. Ever considered making it start off lower, say 30 or 40%, and increase up to 70%? While 50% AS is good early, it's mediocre late game compared to other passives. If Lux's passive did 90 damage at all ranks, she would be broken OP early game, and suck late game. This is what Ezreal's passive is like.
Yes, my recent posts have been fairly consistent in pointing out that we are content with Ezreal's current power level, and we are more focused on making him slightly easier to use and increasing the power level of his AP version.

As for his passive, I'm not entirely sure if it is a problem. It is far more difficult to achieve 5 stacks of his passive in the early game (so in that way it naturally scales). It also is % based, and as such increases by a lower amount due to his lower base attack speed at the beginning of the game.

Originally Posted by TheLukie View Post
Your Ezreal was simply phenomenal in the Dominion stream, and one of the more impressive displays of champion skill I've seen. How long did it take you to master skill shots at that accuracy?
Haha, much appreciated. Though honestly I think that was more due to the skill differential in the game rather than my personal skill level =-P.

Originally Posted by Stez007 View Post

Would you please comment on the state of Sivir? The recent poll concerning her status as a Carry (Linked here) shows that a very disturbing percentage of forumgoers believes she is very underpowered. It would be nice to know that the team understands this and is working to correct it.
Sivir is the #1 Ranged DPS champion that we will look at next. We have heard the community and are working towards it.

Originally Posted by Alcapone263 View Post
hey Ezreal, I haven't seen the update for Malzahar's voidlings dancing along with him. or at least haven't noticed it. any word on that?
That's odd, the animators seemed amped to get it in. I'll bring it up again, but same as before, no promises.

Originally Posted by Ponies Gonna Pwn View Post
What happened to that Ezreal buff?
It got delayed, but it is still coming.

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Originally Posted by Ezreal View Post
I have heard rumors of us looking into a new AD / CDR item. So I believe something is in the works, but as I haven't played with it yet, I have no idea on if it will ever come out.

I'd also say that I'd like to see a slight change to Nashor's Tooth, I can't think of any champions that get that item any more (anyone know of any?). Or if you have any suggestions on how to change it...small changes that is.
It has everything I'm looking for when I play AS/AP Kog. Although its **** expensive considering that build also need Bloodrazor. I could also see it being quite desirable on Kayle, but admittedly that's about it.

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Originally Posted by Ezreal View Post
AD/Spell Vamp? It's been brought up before, so we'll look into it. But doesn't Hextech Gunblade have AD and spellvamp?
Too bad it also has AP, so not really a viable option.

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As a Jax main I hope the nerfs are not going to wreck him... The early game damage nerfs were a lot.

Example: Lane against Garen as Jax. Early game damage trade using Q+W and E to stun, Garen's spin and silence heavily outdamage Jax. You can be pushed to your tower.

I think a bad early game is a fair trade for Jax's awesome late game, which still requires a lot of farm and kills to pull off.