Trundle / Udyr Low Summoner Level Jungling Guide (Geared for Beginners)

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Trundle / Udyr Low Summoner Level Jungling Guide (Geared for Beginners)


Greetings. This is a guide to jungling as Trundle or Udyr as a low Summoner level. I am designing this guide more so for players who are relatively new to jungling, although there's plenty of good tips in here that it will also help veterans who want to try jungling with Trundle or Udyr at lower levels.

What I mean by "low summoner level" is basically anything under 25 or so. It's not the level that matters, but rather the lack of runes and masteries. So this guide will still be useful even if you are high level but lack the runes.

I highly recommend doing this at Summoner level 11 or higher, as that will grant you enough mastery points. If you want to do it sooner, level 8 is very minimum I would recommend. It's possible to jungle at even lower Summoner levels, but there is a great disadvantage (more info on this later in the guide).

Be sure to practice jungling in an empty custom game before playing with others!

What is Jungling?
Jungling is a term to refer to a player entering the 'jungle' (the forest areas between the bases) to fight neutral monsters.

So why jungle? Jungling is one of the most important "jobs" in the game in my opinion. The advantages of jungling are:

  • Opens up a second solo lane for a teammate.
  • Provides sufficient experience/gold for the jungler.
  • Allows the jungler to farm up relatively safely.
  • Grants the jungler a huge surprise and scouting advantage over non-junglers.
  • Dragon and Baron Nashor control
  • Sometimes is simply better than laning for particular champions or team compositions

By leaving a lane, another solo lane (usually top) is opened up for a teammate, which can be of tremendous value. One might worry that this can be disadvantage since it could end up as a 2v1 in two lanes, but with some good teamwork this can be averted.

As the jungler, you also get the ability to farm up sufficiently in relative safety. By relative safety I mean you do not have the constant presence of enemy champions to fight with. You're not completely safe, but it is rare (at least until the very high levels) for a jungler to be detected and simultaneously ganked, especially for much of the early game.

In addition, a jungler has a tremendous advantage in terms of scouting and surprise. As a jungler, you are hidden away for much of the game, which makes it much easier to surprise enemies. Your role is to help out other lanes by ganking several times. The jungler also almost always provides Sight/Vision Wards to prevent the opposing team from ganking your team as well. It is this advantage that I find so incredibly important in games like League of Legends.The common saying goes "Wards wins games."

To go hand-in-hand with this, junglers also have a tremendous advantage in monitoring the Dragon and Baron Nashor. With wards up, you'll know when it's safe to take on Dragon (either solo or with teammates), and killing Dragon multiple times is a great benefit to your team. Likewise, later in the game, Baron becomes important to monitor and can be game-changing.

All of these aspects are covered later in this guide.

Lastly, sometimes it simply is better to jungle than to lane. Udyr in particularly is guilty of this due to how his abilities work. An excerpt from an Udyr guide (
Udyr CANNOT harass in lane
Udyr CANNOT maintain mana in lane
Udyr CANNOT gank freely in lane
Udyr CAN be harassed easily in lane
Udyr is FORCED into pushing his own lane to maintain mana.

Don't lane in Summoner's Rift, TT is the only exception as to why Udyr should be in lane...
Being completely reliant on melee auto-attacks means he's easy to harass and can't easily harass others, among other things. Laning is simply just annoying for him, to say the least. Trundle can lane better but overall is in the same predicament as Udyr.

Now, jungling is not exactly an easy thing to do. Jungling requires more knowledge than laning. You need to know your jungle route, what items to get early game, and the most important attribute: Adaptability. As a jungler you need to know what to do when things do not go well (for the occasional game where your jungling is disrupted), when to help teammates, when to gank, and where to move in accordance to the enemy.

It's a higher learning curve, but totally worth it once you get the hang of it.

The Jungler Champions: Trundle and Udyr
Trundle and Udyr are two champions who are strong are jungling, and will work well even if you are not at a high Summoner level. Unfortunately these two do cost a lot to acquire, at 3150 IP for Udyr and 4800 IP for Trundle, or 975 RP each.

Trundle is my current favourite over Udyr. His abilities have both utility and combat use; more specifically, they're rather helpful for ganking and supporting teammates. It also gives him more 'reach' than Udyr, who is completely reliant on being in melee range. While Trundle won't match Udyr's massive single target DPS style, I find his abilities vastly outmatch Udyr (mainly because of utility uses). However, that is not to say Udyr is not viable.

Speaking of Udyr, this champion costs less than Trundle and is just a viable as a jungler. He dishes out a lot of damage and has a good way to sustaining himself from creeps. His incredible speed and damage output throughout the game makes him useful for ganking as well. The only disadvantage is the fact that he is completely reliant on auto-attacks, meaning he's limited to only melee range. That is not to say he is bad, but this means there is less utility in his abilities compared to Trundle.

As Udyr, you're basically a damage dealer. You blaze in with a stun, then smash away with damage, while Trundle speeds himself up and slows enemies, as well as being annoying with lifesteal from Wriggle's Lantern and his Decompose passive.

In summary:
-Udyr is easier to use, is more forgiving in the jungle, and costs less than Trundle.
-Udyr's abilities only enhance his autoattacks, so he must always be in melee range.
-Trundle's abilities have much better utility over Udyr, although because of this, there is a higher learning curve.

As mentioned before, this guide assumes no runes. However, if you want to get runes, I have a good tip which I highly recommend, as it can make jungling easier and gives you some benefits.

Grab the 15 IP tier 1 runes to fill out whatever slots you can. A small benefit is better than no benefit at all, and it will not cost you much. Continue doing this as you level up, until you can get a total of 25 tier 1 runes for 375 IP. The rune choices is up to you, though I recommend armor and magic resist (Note: With enough armor/health it makes it easier to jungle, and can even allow you to solo the Ancient Golem).

Be sure to compare the runes to see which gives the best benefit for its cost (See the LoL wiki for info on runes).

By the time you can/want to upgrade, you can use the Rune Combiner to combine those runes into higher tier runes (5 runes can be combined to create a random higher tier rune). You might get lucky and get some runes you'll like - If not, it still did not cost you much and these low level runes have been helping out the entire time. For example, I was lucky enough to get a tier 2 Quintessence to fill out a slot that is normally empty (since Quints are so expensive).

Feel free to check out specific Trundle or Udyr guides on sites like mobafire or solomid if you want to see exact builds in things like this. Below is my recommendations for low Summoner level junglers.

Offense (1)
Plentiful Bounty: This improves Smite, granting an extra +5 gold on use and reduces the cooldown by 5 seconds. It does not sound like much, but this is incredibly useful and it only costs 1 Mastery point.

The reduced cooldown is extremely important early on.

Defense (X)
Put any leftover points into this tree once the Utility tree is done with. Improving your survivability never hurts.

As Udyr, you can spend extra Mastery points on Evasion and Nimbleness. This stacks with his dodge chance from his passive, making for great synergy.

Utility (10)
Haste (1): Obviously, if you're using Ghost, put a point into improving it.

Good Hands (3): I find Good Hands much more useful than Perserverance. The reason is because Perseverance provides very little extra regeneration, while the reduced revive time can be extremely useful in certain situations (mostly late game).

Perseverance (1): If you are not using Ghost, place a point into Perseverance.

With 4 points spent, you can now progress further into the Utility tree.

Awareness (4): Now for the reason why I recommend level 11 or higher. You want to put points into the Utility tree in order to grab the Awareness trait (increases experience gained). You need a minimum of 8 points to max out Awareness, but an additional 2 points can be put to use into Utility Mastery.

Increased experience gain is practically necessary for a jungler in order to keep up with everyone else. While it's possible to jungle without it, it's noticeably disadvantaging.

Utility Mastery (2): Requires 8 points in Utility. Another essential for junglers, as it increases neutral monster buffs by up to 30%. Very useful.

Summoner Spells
Smite: Essential for junglers. It's simply too difficult to jungle right off the bat without it. Later in the game you continue to use it as a way to clear out jungle camps faster and as a gold resource. It is also to ensure you or your team gets the kill on Dragon/Baron or neutral buff monsters.

The second spell is up to your preference. I highly recommend Ghost or Flash. Many of the other spells are not that great for a jungler.

Heal is viable for beginners as it can prevent death and possibly allows you to take out the Ancient Golem when you normally could not before. However, you will then be lacking an escape/chase spell, so choose wisely.

Fortify grants 9 bonus damage to non-champions when it's ready to cast. This does not sound like a lot but is actually better than having 9 attack damage mark runes. It can make a big difference, just as tier 1 runes can help out a lot. Of course, you definitely will not need Fortify if you're a higher level. I don't really recommend Fortify, because as with Heal, it means you would be lacking an escape/chase spell. Still, it can help out as a very low Summoner level. (Credits to uknowsl for bringing this up)

What is Leashing?
Before we move on to actual jungle techniques, this needs to be explained. Leashing is a term used to describe a player damaging a monster (usually with an attack) to draw their "aggro" (To attract their attention).

Generally, they will attack then run away immediately. Since the monster is focused on the first attacker (the leasher) it will ignore anyone else attacking it and try to chase the leasher. If the leasher ran away immediately, the monster will quickly change its target, but during this whole time it has been taking damage.

Leashing is very useful since it allows junglers to accomplish things normally not possible on their own, namely the killing of the tough Ancient Golem (referred to as the "Blue Golem") at level 1.

The leasher has to run away immediately after attacking however. If he/she stays around, the monster(s) will deal unwanted damage. More importantly, if he/she stays around, and then runs away, the monster can actually chase far enough away that it will turn back and regenerate all its health. This completely negates the point of leashing, so be sure not to let it happen.

In general, the leasher has to be a ranged champion. Being ranged is an advantage because they can attack the golem from out of range (attacking from behind the trees works very well) and retreat faster. While a melee champion can leash, he/she will take damage and there is an increased risk of the Golem moving too far away so it starts regenerating health.

Regardless of what champion is leashing, always tell them to hit the golem ONCE, then IMMEDIATELY run away!

This bears repeating because there are a lot of novice leashers who stick around, causing the golem to chase far enough away that it starts regenerating health.

Using Trundle and Udyr's abilities to Jungle

As Trundle
Rabid Bite (Q) is your main damage spell. The interesting thing about Rabid Bite is that, like other abilities that enhance a normal attack, it resets the autoattack timer.

Say you attack once every second. If Rabid Bite is used at 0.95 seconds, you will attack but will have to wait another second to attack again. However, if you attack first, then use Rabid Bite, the autoattack timer is reset and you will attack again.

This is how Trundle jungles - through the use of what is practically double attacks.

Again, to make use of this, you have to use Rabid Bite immediately after a normal attack. I highly recommend practicing in an empty custom game.

Once the Blue buff is acquired, you can use Contaminate whenever possible to move faster and attack faster.

You can use Smite to heal yourself thanks to Trundle's passive, as it can instantly kill a nearby creep. The more max health the target has, the more you heal, so in a lane, try to smite a melee minion or cannon minion. Again, this can make the difference in living or not.
As Udyr

Note: Recently, the bug where Udyr's first stance does not trigger a cooldown has been removed. This has previously been exploited by allowing Udyr to solo the Ancient Golem with Tiger Stance. It certainly is no longer possible to do this as a low level now that this bug has been fixed.
Phoenix Stance (R) is your main damage spell throughout much of the match, and is needed for jungling. Jungling as Udyr is much simpler than Trundle - Simply activate the stances and auto-attack away. Turtle Stance (W) is the other spell used in jungling. By granting a shield as well as health/mana regeneration based on attack percentage, it helps sustain yourself, making Udyr more forgiving than Trundle.

The thing you need to know is to switch between Phoenix and Turtle not based on the passive (at least early on when mana is an issue), but to switch between the two after "proccing" Phoenix's splash damage, and after Turtle shield is gone.

What this means is, say you activate Phoenix. After the 3rd attack, Udyr deals splash damage. At this point, immediately switch to Turtle stance. When the shield dies, switch back to Phoenix, and repeat. This ensures maximum damage and protection.

Once you get the Blue buff, you can "stance dance" as much as you like to speed up jungling.

As usual, be sure to practice the timings before trying it out in a 'real' game.

Wait, isn't positioning important for Udyr's Phoenix Stance? Well, actually no - You can jungle without having to worry about where you're standing at each camp. Simply just attack away as you would with Trundle. The only time it becomes important is when you're taking on the 2 small lizards near the Red Lizard or Blue Golem - you want to stand in the middle so the flames from activating Phoenix hit both the small lizards, allowing you to kill them faster / take less damage.
The Jungle Routes and Item Builds
Note: If I have time I'll see if I can add links to pictures to make explanations a lot easier.

Here I will explain various methods on actually jungling. The item builds listed here are only just for starters - it's up to you to get everything else. Again, check out specific Trundle/Udyr guides for detailed information.

It's important to note that you should not follow these routes/steps strictly to the book when the situation calls for it. As I mentioned before, you need to adapt when things do not go well. For example, an early gank / counter jungle encounter can force you to use up mana and potions. Or, a nearby lane just lost a teammate and you need to cover them until they get back.


This bears repeating, but please be sure to practice jungling in an empty custom game before trying it out in 'real games'!
It should also be noted that unless otherwise stated, these routes have been tested by me imitating a rune-less level 11 player (In other words, 11 mastery points, no runes). If you're a higher level you can easily change steps for more efficient jungling.
1. Easy/safe Jungle Route
This is the easiest and safest jungle route that will work for both champions. Highly recommended for beginners. This is also an alternative for when your side's Blue Golem is no longer safe.

It is the most beginner friendly route I can think of. It will work without a lot of runes or masteries. The steps are easy and you stay pretty safe.

Credits for the basic foundation of this route goes to Stonewall008. He used to have videos of jungling for low Summoner levels, but those have been removed.

Simplified path: Wraith > Wolves > Golems > Recall (Vampiric Scepter)> Red Lizard (small ones only) > Wraiths > Wolves > Golems > Recall (Boots + HP pot)> Blue Golem

Time to reach Blue Golem in the end: ~6 minutes.

Skill Order (Trundle): QWQEQR
Skill Order (Udyr): RWWRE

Start: Cloth Armor and 2 health potions.

1. Wraiths: Start at the Wraith camp, located beside the middle lanes. When they spawn, immediately Smite the blue Wraith, which instantly kills it. Kill the rest of the lesser wraiths, using Rabid Bite only once per wraith, or Phoenix Stance once only.

Consume a health potion while you move on to the Wolves, which are located across from the Wraiths on the other side of middle lane. Do not consume it too early since you would have not lost enough health and will end up wasting the potion's duration.

2. Wolves: Kill the big Wolf first before the lesser ones. As Trundle, use Rabid Bite only twice on the big one, and only once on the little ones. As Udyr, use Phoenix Stance twice. With either Champion,you should end up having ~80-90 mana left by the time they are finished. Make sure you have this much left or else there won't be enough mana to deal with the next camp.

Head down to the small golems, located either near the top lane as the purple side or near the bottom lane as blue side.

Consume your last health potion before battling the golems.

3. Small Golems: Smite should be up now. As Udyr, it may be at ~15 or so seconds since he jungles slightly faster. Wait until 3-5 seconds left, then attack. Smite and kill the first golem, then finish off the other. You should be heavily damaged but you will come out on top.

Recall. Buy a Vampiric Scepter, which you will have exactly enough gold for after a couple of seconds of waiting.

4. Red Lizard (small lizards only): No, do not actually try to kill the Red Lizard - you will die. Instead, take out the 2 small lizards beside it. As Udyr, be sure to stand in the middle of them so Phoenix Stance's area effect hurts both the lizards simultaneously

Once the small lizards are gone, move on to the Wraiths. The Red Lizard will damage you heavily during all this, but should be ignored at the moment.

5. Wraiths # 2: Exactly the same way as the first time. Smite the blue one, take out the rest. Conserve mana by only biting each one once as Trundle, and using Phoenix only once.

6. Wolves # 2: Exactly the same as first time. Two bites for Big Wolf, one bite for lesser, or Phoenix + Turtle.

7. Small Golems # 2: Same thing. Smite one, take them both out.

Recall. Buy Boots of Speed and 1 Health Potion. Move out to the Blue Golem camp.

8. Blue Golem: You are now level 4, and the Blue Golem is no longer so tough. Fight the Blue Golem, making sure to consume the health potion as soon as you take damage. Smite will come off cooldown when the Blue Golem is down to almost 1200 health or less. Smite it to help finish it off. Kill the remaining 2 small lizards.

With the Blue Buff, you can now spam your abilities. Use Contaminate liberally to increase move speed between camps (and also to attack faster) as Trundle. As Udyr, keep up your Monkey's Agility stacks by now switching stances just before the stack duration ends every time.

9. Do whatever: At this stage, you are armed with the Blue buff and you're almost level 5, ready to do a variety of things. You can continue jungling by moving on to the Wolves next (The Red Lizard can be killed thanks to unlimited mana now), or you can see if teammates need help / see if an opportunity to gank is available.

The Vampiric Scepter you have is to be used in the creation of Wriggle's Lantern, which is what I consider an essential item for junglers. It grants lifesteal, armor, damage, and a chance to deal a huge amount of damage to minions/monsters. Even better, it has an active ability to place a Sight Ward down with a 3 minute cooldown.

2. Standard Blue Golem (Tough)
This is a more difficult but rewarding path.
There is a strict requirement however:
You need someone to leash it for you. Normally, without a leasher, you would get the Blue Golem down to very low health but die just before killing it.

It's possible to do the "Blue Golem" alone at a higher Summoner level with runes. However, it's always safer and more efficient (saves health potions) to have someone leash and it's mandatory if you do not have said runes and/or are much lower level.

Due to the difficulty of this path, I highly recommend practicing before trying it out for 'real'.

Simplified Path: Blue Golem > Wolves > Wraiths > Small Lizards / Golems

Skill Order Trundle: QWQEQR
Skill Order Udyr: RWWRE

Start: Cloth Armor and 5 health potions

1. Blue Golem: Have a ranged leasher stand behind the trees that are behind the golem. Once the Blue Golem spawns, the leasher should attack once then immediately run away. Done correctly, you will have plenty of time to get in damage.

If the leasher is melee, please emphasis to him/her that they must run away immediately after attacking the Blue golem ONCE. If they stick around they'll take a ton of damage and can end up having the Blue Golem regenerate health because it chased away too far.

Once the leasher is gone, the Blue Golem will now start attacking you. As soon as you take damage, immediately use a health potion and continue to attack. It is even more imperative that you get your timings down as Trundle with Rabid Bite - otherwise, as Udyr, use Phoenix Stance whenever possible. Smite the Golem when it reaches ~500 health. Alternatively you can Smite it earlier if you're confident no one will try to steal it.

2. Everything else: Now go on down the jungle path in a similar fashion to the easy route, from Wolves to Wraiths to Small Lizards to Small Golems. With 'unlimited' mana, you can easily spam spells to clear them out. This means lots of Rabid Bites and Contaminates as Trundle, or 'stance dancing' between Phoenix and Turtle as Udyr. Be sure to keep up the Monkey's Agility stacks by switching just before the stack duration ends.

The Blue buff is also very useful for early ganks and harassment.

In my skill orders, I recommend Bear Stance for Udyr at level 5, and Pillar at level 4 for Trundle. The reason is because these will give you a useful speed boost for moving around and a tool for ganking/harassment respectively. Remember, with blue buff, you can use Contaminate or Bear Stance to move between camps faster.

Recall after finishing the first round of jungling (normally at the small golems), and follow the same stuff as the first route (Start from wolves). Make your way towards Boots and a Wriggle's Lantern.


What's next after I jungle for a bit?
As mentioned before, these routes and explanations are your starting points. Afterward, it all depends on the match. You need to make judgments on who/when to gank, whether or not to continue jungling, etc. There's always the other team's jungle to invade as well.

But always, I cannot stress this enough, purchase Sight/Vision Wards after getting your Wriggle's Lantern and Boots! As a jungler you're constantly roaming and it is therefore easier for you to plant wards as you go. This is an essential part of jungling, and one that is often neglected unnecessarily.

I almost always place 4 wards along the river. One in the middle of the river just outside Baron, another one in the same fashion just outside dragon, and the other two in the bushes next to middle lane. This provides coverage of almost the entire river, which most players will undoubtedly use to try to gank. Of course, there are many other good places, such as outside the Blue/Red buff camps and various chokepoints. Place wherever as needed depending on the game.

Either champions are capable of solo'ing Dragon at about level 11 or later (Wriggle's Lantern, Smite, and full health/mana required of couse), and much earlier with teammates. Be sure to have wards up so you do not get an unwelcome surprise. Controlling Dragon is of great benefit to your team, as each Dragon kill gives +190 (another +25 to killer) to each team member. That's 975 gold for your team in total, and don't forget you can kill it multiple times!

What to do when things go wrong
Here's a bunch of tips to guide you when things change.

Early Counter Jungle/Gank
This happens with increased frequency at higher Summoner levels, as more experienced players begin to realize just how important and vulnerable junglers can be. When the enemy team realizes your team has a jungler, they may try to wait in the bushes near the Blue Golem. If they catch the jungler unaware, it results in an easy level 1 gank/kill.

You should always be wary of this if you're the only jungler (if the enemy team does not have one). What I like to do is to either gather my teammates in the bushes next to the Blue Golem, or head out to Blue Golem on their side. The first method is safer, and can occasionally yield positive results. In my experience I've had several first bloods from having my team waiting in ambush, and even 3 kills at level 1 one time.

If the opponent has a jungler, you can choose to be aggressive and attempt to counter jungle them. This means you can do the same thing as above and wait in the bushes near their Blue Golem, or go there to take their Blue Golem alone or with a leasher. Both methods are risky unless the opposing team shows evidence of not camping their own Blue Golem.

Whether you're waiting on home turf or not, a Clairvoyance can blow your team's cover. If the opposing team has the spell, do not gather so close to the Blue Golem, and instead hide in the bushes that border the middle lane, or hide in the river bushes

Speaking of the river bushes, occasionally players hide here to as a way to get easy damage on whoever is taking mid lane when minions spawn. Sometimes when you're camping the area you may find someone here.

Teammate died
Always try to cover for teammates who have just died. This prevents the lane from being pushed back too fast and thus preventing tower damage. It also means (hopefully) easy experience and gold, especially if you have a Blue Buff as you can spam abilities to get last hits. Once the teammate comes back you can go back into the jungles, and/or possibly gank the same lane.

Teammate cannot handle solo lane
As mentioned before, jungling means you'll have an extra solo lane, usually top lane. For whatever reason, the 2v1 situation is difficult for him/her to handle. Depending on the severity of the situation, you'll either have to gank or actually switch to laning for a while.

Enemy Jungler is disruptive
If the presence of an enemy jungler is being disruptive, you'll need wards to keep track of where he/she is. Easier said than done, as gold is not quite flowing in yet. Using 4 wards to cover most of the river tends to work just fine to see crossings. In addition, try the neutral buff monster camps.

Thank you for checking out this guide, and I hoped it has helped you. Please provide feedback, as I'm always eager to improve the guide and answer questions.

And remember, "Wards wins games"!

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Enraged Pickle



A few things I want to say,

~ Its nice to see a low summoner level jungling guide or also known as a newbie jungling guide.
~ I never jungle with Udyr other than those 3-4 times I wanted to try. Laning Udyr is just as good if you got the right team mate. Exploiting this path is up to you, I am lazy to explain and type. Jungling Trundle is easier than Udyr due to the mana issues. I'm not joking. Jungling Trundle is easier than Udyr due to positional issues. I am not joking. Key points to jungling Phoenix which is easier is positioning yourself. If you position your cone to hit all the creeps than your AoE probably won't hit all of them. Thats the case for the Wraith at least since they are ranged.

Otherwise +1 for effort and newbie friendliness

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If you don't have enough runes to use a normal jungling build, I would recommend Fortify over Heal. Silly as it sounds, the 9 damage bonus from fortify is more than 9 Tier 3 AD Marks, and fortify is more useful than heal late game.

(Of course I wouldn't recommend Fortify over Flash for any level 30 junglers)

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@Enraged Pickle: Thanks. It always bothered how everyone had the misconception that you could not jungle at all until you were a fully decked out high level.

I've been testing it and I still see Udyr as easier to jungle with. It's more forgiving because of area damage and Turtle Stance healing/shielding. In addition, I always seem to jungle faster as Udyr than Trundle. Positioning surprisingly is not that important. Trundle has to deal with timing the bites, which is slightly more difficult than just switching stances. The only weird thing is that I can solo Blue Golem right away as Trundle but not Udyr, but that's probably because of Bite's damage.

You brought up some good points though, so I've edited the guide.

@Uknowsl: Hey, I never thought of that, that's a great tip! I'll put it in the guide and credit your contribution.