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in reguards to these two comments

We want to get Ezreal to a point where he is viable in a competitive match, we don't really care how. The first step in doing this is by increasing his scaling (simple to do, and a fairly surefire way to get him in line). The second step is to find a niche for him to settle in. Right now I am leaning towards long range Harass.

It would definitely help him scale, but why not just increase the ratio to 1.2 on mystic shot?
Could you give us some idea's on how YOU yourself, as the desginer of the Champion Ezreal, Would like to see Ezreal buffed/changed? For example

1) Do you feel like his Q could use a slight dmg buff (ratio wise) to make people think twice before openly blocking his Q rather then avoiding it all together

2)How do you feel about Ezreals passive in Team fights? Aka having to wait about 8 secconds into the fight before you can fully use your passive (Using Q at a long range, or getting it near instant with either his W or R (Close range or ulti)

3) what do you feel about Ezreals Auto attack range? (He's a long range poker, that looks desgined to auto attack while being slighly out of posision to be able to use Q on anyone other then the tank)

4) Are you Okey with Most Ezreal players either being forced to buy manamune, or using 18 Rune page Slots so hes got enough mana to keep his Q going (Not spamming, just to keep it going once every 4-5 secconds)

5) What do you see that Ezreal brings/could bring to a team fight/current meta of 2 AP. 1 AD 1 support, 1 Tank, Do you feel Ezreal is either AP or AD? Most AD's either have raw dmg, or bring utility to the team, what is/would you like Ezreals ROle to be? Dmg, or utility?

@About Kog
I can't see us buffing the W again (after the most recent ones). In fact, I believe we buffed it too much. I wanted to hit his 'feel' much more, do things like increase movement speed and base attack range (in lieu of reduced range on his W). His Q is still not great, though I still think the E and Passive are in a worse state and would hit them first.
Has the idea of pressing Q and the "Debuff" go on the target via the next attack (Able to be proced from his W) ever came to mind? it would give kog more synagy in his skills, (might need toning down as it could be too strong if your able to keep it on)

Are you happy with Kogs Last patch? do you feel it made him too strong? (with people actually being able to land his R now finally as it was so easy to avoid before)

You can land his R alot easyer but due to it being more substained and less luckbuster, your rewarded for its long range dmg/scouting,
But the Weakness of this skill, is having its mana cost increase everytime you using it.
So the Weakness of its R is the Mana cost?
I would just like your opinion on that two changes you made to kog, because People seem to think His R is rediculas now and his W is OP, Not much even changed apart from the substained damage from Kog (W wise) and More substained damage from his R Which is what riot are aiming to do, correct? (make more champs substain dmg, rather then luck buster?)

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Fox P McCloud

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Ezreal--just a few mechanics questions on Vlad:

-Vlad's transfusion now has a 4 second cooldown...any chance it'll proc 35% on Rylai's now since it can't be applied indefinitely, like the old one?
-Tides of Blood's tooltip says that the damage goes up by 25% on each cast---this currently only affects the base damage--meaning the damage increase isn't calculated after the extra AP damage is factored in, but, this intentional or an overlooked bug? If it's not a bug, shouldn't the tooltip be clarified a bit?
-Tides of blood says it increases healing by 8% per stack--considering the recent buffs to spirit visage, is this supposed to affect spell vamp or not?

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Originally Posted by Ezreal View Post
The other one got delayed until we could make him look better.

I don't think we're working on Shen right now.
Another male Yordle? We already have Amumu, Corki, Kennen, Rumble, Veigar, Heimer, Teemo. For females we only have Tristana and Poppy... :-/

Also, Guinsoo is currently working on Shen. They are trying to increase his power without buffing his damage or lanability.

It's great to hear about the Tryndamere rework with Rage / Fury. I know I suggested it to Morello at PAX East and he liked it, and I've been pushing for it on the forums since Renekton's release. Tryndamere is such a binary Champion that is either amazing in low tier or horrible in high tier. He also has the problem of just going in full force with his ultimate, and then running away when it is about to go off. Boring to say the least.

Still hoping for Hextech Bazooka (name subject to change) and Morello's Evil Tome getting some type of Healing Reduction (a la Exec Calling). =)

Also, ****, you guys have a ton of Psychology majors at Riot. I know it is important to understand what is going on in the player's mind... but it is like every other Riot employee is a Psych. lol

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Hi Ezreal, thought i'd ask you about Irelia seeing as you're the one who designed her and would have a good idea of what you wanted to do with her and if you see her as problematic. many people (Forum and Riot employees) see her as a problematic champ, with her skill set, so do you think she will eventually require a remake down the line?

Forcing an irelia to build more damage items, rather than Triforce into bulky (randuins, banshees, sunfire, shurelia's, FoN, Warmogs etc) seems to be an aim in trying to address the problems Irelia brings up.

i had some thoughts on how that might be obtained ( ive probably made a really imba champ in the process but oh well, no harm in posting )

I'll approach this in mind the idea that Riot wish's her to be more of an assassin type (Nocturne, Kass, Xin etc) with a more focus on damage items (if that is the case)

First up shorten the range of her Q + up its cooldowns. at 6 seconds long at final rank, her maneuverability for a bulky character is problematic.
then for any target hit with her Q, if she uses her E on that target it is an automatic stun regardless of health %.

Hiten Style:
for her W the passive would be the lifesteal, and if activated does true damage (removes the lifesteal aspect), that scales. of course you would lower the base true damage from what it is now.

This would encourage irelia players to have to think consciously about the activation, summing up whether they can make it through the fight or not. the scaling also encourages more damage orientated item. making sure base damage is lowered.

Equilibrium Strike:
her E still has the same mechanics + the added effect of Q. i would also consider changing either this or her ult to scale off something different than magic damage, would possibly move her away from the triforce option +also possibly make it physical damage.

Transcendent Blades:

her ult i would buff, remove the double scaling ( dont care which one). make it still have the lifesteal effect but make it diminishing, so for more targets it hits with does less and less damage/lifesteal.

other than that, lowering her base armor ( so she is less tanky), increasing her attack speed, would be some base stats i would change. I couldn't think of anything with her passive.

anyway hopefully u read it and give me your thoughts on irelia seeing as shes one of my favourite and most played champs of mine.

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1) Just wanted to say that I love the champions you put out. Ezreal is one of my favorite champions. He has gotten a few buffs recently, and I notice that the buffs seem to be pushing a hybrid build (increase in AP ratios on W and R, AP ratio on Q, mana cost reduction on W). When you designed Ezreal, what type of role did you see him taking in teamfights? Ranged AD, AP sustained damage, or hybrid? Or did you see him as a champion that is viable with multiple different builds?

2) I see a common suggestion for Ezreal is that his Q attack damage ratio scale with level 80%/90%/100%/110%/120%. What are your thoughts on this?

3) Kennen was the first champion I ever paid RP for in LoL, but I haven’t seen him recently in either solo queue or tournament play. I feel like this was because the stasis on Zhonya’s ring was absolutely vital for his role in teamfights. Can we expect any tweaks on Kennen in the near future?

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how are you intending to buff ezreals scaling?

P.S. I would like to add that what I find dissatisfying about Ezreal is when I poke against a high armour target and do no damage at all. I can't even see his HP go down. Which is rather frustrating when you play against any tanky dps like Irelia or Jarvan.

Also you probably know this but I find his W rather dissatisfying to use.

I also wouldn't mind decreasing the delay on his E to make it more instantaneous like flash. You mentioned somewhere that Ezreal has been hurt by the mobility creep, and this could be a unique way to increase his mobility. Or an increase in range from 500 units to 600. (Since gap closers are at around 700distance and escapes from other champs like corki and trist are higher than ez)

As an Ezreal player I rather hate when my teammates don't peel tanky dps with gap closers off me. I don't have a terribly big problem with that, but unfortunately against a champion like Irelia who has her dash/stun combo. Though rather what I find frustrating is not a problem with Irelia but more that bveil soaks up the dash instead of the stun. I think that's part of what makes Irelia powerful, the fact that you can't stop her from CC'ing you in a teamfight because you'll be at full HP but she won't due to her being in the middle of your team.

Imo, Irelia needs to lose the "on-hit" part of her Q. It'll take away some of the burst from triforce, but give it increased AD scaling to compensate. I feel like this would force Irelia away from triforce and take away some of her burst while forcing her to do sustained dps.

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Any plans to change Poppy's ult? It is currently pretty severely at odds with itself. If you utilize the increased damage and use it on your target, then do your job and get the kill it goes away and you are left in the middle of the enemy team with no defenses. If you want it to last its full duration you have to use it on a support and forego the increased damage to your target.

Any chance you can de-link the two effects so the immunity doesn't disappear if you do your job properly? It's very annoying to see a tooltip tell you that you will be immune for 6 seconds, only to discover that it fades after 2 seconds if you jump in and wreck their carry like you're supposed to.

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I posted before, but now I'm just posting a reminder to everyone: Read The First Post! Some of these are getting too dang long!

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Pre Production Champion Designer

137 of 320 Riot Posts

Replies to pages 301-303.

Originally Posted by Metronomotopoeia View Post
I think what that person meant is whether itemized stats have a specific value or "budget." For example, in WoW (inb4eyeroll), the developers often touted items or even player abilities being "overbudget," or basically having too many numbers for the set standard (item level, or ability coefficients).

In turn, items with more diversified stats (hybridy items) created more room in the item's budget. E.g., a belt with 17 Agility might also be found in a version with 12 Stamina and 12 Agility.

Obviously LoL's items don't have levels, but they do have gold costs and different tiers of upgradability. So I think the person was wondering whether the Riot team has a formula of, say, every 500 gold being worth 15 AD, 20 AP, or 12 of each on a hybridy item.

And a selfish question (if I may): I know you aren't responsible for designing LeBlanc, but every so often a thread will crop up with a lot of players wondering whether there's hope for our gal to be a bit more balanced over the course of a game. So, are you guys basically satisfied with her role on a team? That is, kind of an early game carry that quiets down into a poker/disabler by about 30-35 minutes?

I hope it doesn't come across as a loaded question, I'm just interested in whether she's just low priority for a little tuning (compared to stealth rework, globals, heals, etc.), or if y'all are cool with where she's at.

Thanks again. <3
Statistics themselves are valued at different gold amounts, for example 1 point of AD is worth more than 1 point of AP. All basic items are based off of this. We then roll bonus stats / abilities into combine items which we call their 'gold premium' (with a few exceptions such as Doran's items, which basically have an inbuilt gold premium since they have no upgrade paths).

I honestly don't know where leblanc is in terms of balance, and she rarely comes up in balance conversation around the office. I could see her potentially getting AP coefficient buffs, but that would help her mid game snowball a ton more.

Originally Posted by xerav View Post
Will we ever see more items in this game ??? Dunno there is no rly choice... as AD carry you get dorans blade - boots - IE - phantom dancer - Last wispher - Banshee

As AP carry you get your Deathcap (ALWAYS)
Yes =-P.

Originally Posted by eyey View Post
Why are bigger items more cost effective? Shouldn't cheaper items be more cost effective? This will then encourage people to build small items first, unlike what is happening now. Cheaper items can be cost effective but limited by item slots, more cost effective cheaper items will buff early game champions, leblanc urgot etc etc
Big items are not always the most cost effective (take for example Doran's Items), though I do see your point. Basically, since big items take the longest time to build up, we really want the player to feel their impact upon purchasing them.

Originally Posted by Acidplus View Post
Have you ever think about Karth's AP ratios? 0.3 0.2 0.6(ult), isn't it to low?

Morello patched Annie's all AP ratio's which now all of them has more than Karth's ult.

I know that if his ult got high ratio, it will be op.

But it is his ULT, has long CD, and too many champs have shield or other skills that can avoid his ult.
His AP ratios are pretty dang good if you keep his spells in mind. His Q has under a second cast and is AOE, his Defile is a large AOE that has no limited duration, and his ultimate hits all enemy players.

Originally Posted by EggrollGuy View Post
Hey, Ez. I was wondering...

1. Does upgrading Noxious Trap at levels 11 and 16 retroactively upgrade shrooms that are already placed? Similarly, do Saplings, Jack in the Boxes, etc. also work in the same way?

2. Do Void Staff and Last Whisper calculate 40% before or after flat pen?
(e.g. 100 - (40%=40) - 25 flat = 35; 100 - 25 flat - (40%=30) = 45)

3. Are any nerfs in store for my favorite pirate? There's been a lot of complaining on the forums, but I think he's in a fine spot. Being on par with carries like Ashe and Vayne is nice.

4. Why is Ezreal's skill set so confused? Two abilities with no AD ratio, and a passive that promotes AD play. If you're going to make him a hybrid ranged carry, why not stick some AD ratios on W and E?

5. Personally, I think Essence Flux should increase/decrease movement speed instead of attack speed (which is pretty useless against all but a select few opponents or allies). Has this idea been tossed around over there?

6. Have you guys considered making an ability that is a long-range skillshot that bounces off walls? I'd love to shoot something similar to Mystic Shot, and have it bounce off a wall and kill something.

7. Personal favorite 975 skin?
1) They should update with the current champion's ability level. If they do not then they are bugged (feel free to post bugged ones here for me to take to the live team).
2) Flat Pen then Percent Pen, otherwise it would be too powerful.
3) Ohhhh yes there are, we likely over buffed him recently.
4) Those are potential changes for the future. We believe AP Ezreal still needs work in order to become viable.
5) No, we like it that Ezreal lacks CC's, more champions should be like him.
6) No, the player would have too hard of a time trying to understand the final result. That being said, there is the potential for a skill shot that can bounce off of other things...
7) No clue =-P.

Originally Posted by SuzakuCMX View Post
About assistant game designers (sorry that it's a link but it's from the Riot HQ :[):

- What would you say are the most important "points" to get from the qualifications?
- What majors/minors and college classes would be most important to qualify for the position?
- What coding languages are required to be in the position?
- How do they verify your 7500 lifetime hours? I'm sure I've played many more than that >.>
- Would the person be trained, if hired, since no knowledge of coding is listed under the "requirements," or is it assumed that they were trained with the proper coding languages in their college classes?
- What are the work hours like?
- I would love to apply for the job and I will be entering my Senior year of high school after the summer break, but I don't have any sort of experience with game programming...what would you suggest I do to make it easier/increase my chances of being hired after I graduate college (planning on at least a Bachelor's)?

Other questions (sorry for so many, I've been stockpiling! -> You can skip these, the above ones are most important to me):

- How big are the Riot offices (size-wize, not population)?
- Who is your favorite champion that wasn't designed by you?
- If you could rework a single ability on a champion you designed, which would it be and why?
- How do you feel about Heals over Time instead of burst healing?
- Are Karma and Katarina going to be looked at soon-ish (next 2-4 patches)?
- The champion line up is Leona, Monkey King, Skarner, correct? Any details about Monkey King you can give us Such as his primary role and his synergies with other champions/item synergy?
- How do you feel about how high Elo streaming affects lower levels of play (or how do you think it affects lower levels of play?)
- Did you watch Dreamhack, and if you did, did you enjoy it?
- Did you learn anything about champions' power levels from Dreamhack (Ex: Mordekaiser, Gragas, Brand), or did you already know that they were very good champions?
- Are there different people who do champion design than work on champion fixes (I believe you're champion design and Shurelia is live design...AKA you make them and she tweaks and fixes?)
Cut this down to 4-8 questions =-P.

Originally Posted by exe3 View Post
How do you feel about Orianna? Are you happy on where she is right now? I had tons of fun playing her and would have gotten her but she just seems to do no damage, i'd feel like dead weight on my team due to an inconsistent skill set that did inferior damage even during best case scenarios. Also W is near impossible to land because of its tiny radius, doesn't help that the spiky bits on spell graphic don't count for the radius.

Please tell me that there's buffs in store for Orianna, if not i'll go grab Cassiopeia instead then.
We're pretty happy about her, she's solid. I should note that she is not an entirely burst champion like Annie, she simply has too much utility. Also, her W ability is probably the best skill on her kit. Try attaching it to an ally who runs in (Garen), or use it while it is attached to yourself.

Nope, I don't believe we have any plans on buffing her currently.

Originally Posted by Nerdmaster Paul View Post
You've mentioned a bit about the upcoming ranged ad changes and I'm wondering if there is anything planned for Urgot? His kit sets him apart from the majority of the other ranged ad characters but he is still in general starting to become outshone compared to the others and his early game is starting to, imo, feel less significant while at the same time his late game is still bleh.

Also he is in desperate need for an art update, just sayin.
Yes, we have our newest live designer working on Urgot right now. We mandated that Urgot become less frustrating to fight against!!! Though that will come with an associated suite of buffs. We also found that he had a number of feel issues which I would like to see fixed up.

Originally Posted by SkyDavis View Post
Hello EZ! thanks for the ready and all that jazz. I have a few thoughts on heimerdinger.

- - - -- - TL;DR, A LOT of little things keep heimer from being really good. just some small number tweaks couldn't hurt anyone, and some bigger changes (like the missile-prioritizing and manual turret aiming) could bring heimer from good to truly great. obviously you cant do all these changes, but with some clever mixing and matching, I believe you could bring heimer from "never seen in 300 games in a row" to "viable and competitive mage". How many times is heimer picked or banned at tourneys? I think that alone should alert Riot to the state Heimerdinger is in. Thank you for reading, and I hope you respond.

Edit: i guess this kind of post belongs in champion feedback, so to fit in with the thread, What are you guys doing with heimer?
Heimer is one of those champions who we would like to devote some serious time to. However, we want to get our upcoming champion releases to a better spot. You have some great ideas in here which I will pass on to whatever designer ends up working on him. PS. Thanks for the TLDR.

Originally Posted by SnowFall View Post
May lux be knocked back after using her ult due to her light weight?(also she could jump over walls with it) This can be source for some interesting strategies.
That would add a use case to the ability which could confound the way which she should actually use it (which would lead to her 'wasting' her ultimate to just jump over a wall). Though here's my biggest problem, how often would you both want to hop back and fire your laser at an optimal angle.

Originally Posted by Elven Orc2 View Post
@ezreal, is there going to be any/many changes to taric at all? i remember seeing a thread a while ago about his ultimate getting changed but i don't recall seeing anything after that.
Taric is still on the backburner, don't worry, we haven't forgotten him.

Originally Posted by DreamCuri View Post
Sorry if this has been asked before. I'm not up to searching there 100~200 pages. :x

How about making her Ultimate Range bigger then Nocturne's?
Honestly, Karthus' Requiem strikes all five enemy champions with there being less counters then Ace in the Hole.

I believe I read somewhere that Karthus' Ult was considered balanced because although you could hit everyone from across the map, you couldn't suddenly appear there from across the map to unload the rest of your kit like Nocturne

I think this argument should be applicable to supporting the raising of Caitlyn's ultimate range. 3000~4000 distance isn't much to ask for a single-target attack on a Sniper champion I think. And, I would not be against the lowering of her base damage to make this happen.
One thought that crossed my mind would be to lower the damage a little bit (something like 250/400/550 + 1.0 AD ), increase the channel time, and reduce the cooldown. The lower cooldown lets Caitlyn more regularly "snipe" enemies, giving her have a more consistent "sniping" feel.

Currently, when I play Caitlyn, I don't feel like I'm really sniping on her. Just shooting, or landing a tricky shot.

When I first heard of a sniper champion, I imagined a version of Ace in the Hole where I had to channel 2~3 seconds, but I could fire from at least 6000 distance away.
A real sniper style "set up, lay down, aim, and fire!" attack that could be executed from a safe location.

P.S. I love the idea of making Ace In The Hole still deal 50% damage when blocked.
It both adds a chance to score a double kill and remove the feeling of wasting one's ultimate without removing the ability to protect your ally as one of the enemy.
Increasing her Ultimate's range is another valid update to the ability that I could see implementing.

Originally Posted by Chaos the mirror View Post
So, as a long time player and a big fan of Nidalee's design, I'm just Curious about a few things here.

1) I heard that Swain's design at one point involved him being a transforming champion that swapped between Tank and Mage. Is that true? If yes, why switch away from it?

2) I hope that Tank/Melee DPS champion is still on the table, she was supposed to be some kind of Boar? I guess she was postponed for a while or something?

Obviously I am a fan of multiple skillsets on champions, and am wondering why we didn't see any more after Nidalee.

in exchange for your response, there will be high fives.
1) His original design did have swapping forms, though it was more of a swap between mage and utility. Basically, the skills didn't flow and lacked solid synergy. We decided that if we wanted to make another transformation champion that we should do it justice, so we saved it for a future champion design.
2) She's still on the table =-D.
3) More will come in the future =-D.
4) High Five =-D.

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Simple question man.

I know you are not on the Live Team, but is there any talks about Mundo in regards to how they view him? Any future buffs, nerfs, or adjustments in store for this guy?