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Phreak 04-19-2010 06:18 PM

Razer Twisted Treeline Tournament - Only 16 Teams Remain!
This past Saturday, April 17 held the very exciting first round of the Razer Twisted Treeline Tournament, reducing our 64 stalwart teams to a hardened, yearning 16. Everyone had a blast, and we can't wait to see the action heat up in the second stage of the tournament as we leave the Group Stage and move onto the Single- and Double Elimination Bracket Stage! What is the Razer Twisted Treeline Tournament (RTTT) you ask? Well look just below, and I'll tell you all about it!

64 teams are competing for glorious prizes sponsored by Razer including:
Want to know more about the tournament? Check out the rules here:
About the Tournament (Signups closed)
Gameplay Rules
Official Rules

Want results? Here’s the 16 remaining teams after the grueling 64-team Group Stage:

Remaining Teams
  1. Rainbow Power Ponies (RPP) – Burninator, MegaZero, Friend, Edwy, Frozt, PandaCorporal
  2. Simply UnPredictable (SUP) – Aumz, TreeEskimo, Bulgog, Roku
  3. Dan Dinh’s Team (DDT) – Dan Dinh, HotshotGG, Locicero, Chauster, CleverAdvisor, Tymed
  4. All or Nothing (AON) – Reginaid, TakashiX, Unversable, Elementz, liezryou
  5. Checkm8 Gaming (m8) – TimeVice, Pozeidon, Blinky, MokuMoku, Pendrix
  6. GRASS POKEMON (PKMN) – max, Knives, Ahti, Blue, Maserder
  7. Legion-Gaming (L^) – Blackmoses, Onisnake, Feel a fear, Rubbaneck, Fyre, therealsten
  8. DOGKaisers Team (DKT) DivA, DOGKaiser, TheWhat, Benadryl Jackson, Marianne, Rinoa
  9. The Omniloggers (Omni) – The Poj, Graphic Impulse, Jiblet Hunter, Amani, Sturge
  10. SoLaRis (SoLR) – REDHAMMER, Thom Yorke, ShiverM3Timbers, blackmartin
  11. Overweight Warriors Near Death (OWND) – zyb3r, hotbaconsauce, Tieryal, ggn00bz0rz
  12. Born To Kill (BTK) – Afro, Pantiedropper, Identify, Krazykrnmonki, Elaborate
  13. Peripeteia (STWN) – srsmode, Mokosha, Viremic, phot
  14. Goonies Never Say Die (GOON) Fogojam, Fanatic, Psyke, Gaaaooooo
  15. Be Very Afraid (BvA) – Trequarta, Haert, BlueEvo8, Coheed
  16. We die in fire (WDIF) – JFDkthx, Paradoxofchoice, Romith, azh123

If you want to keep following the tournament through the next two weeks, check out the official forum below.

Official RTTT Forum
Round 1 Results
Round 2 Matches

Many of our players will also be streaming their games, live! Want to see some tournament action straight from a player’s screen? Look no further than the links below!

Team Rainbow Power Ponies (RPP)
Team Simply UnPredictable (SUP)
Dan Dinh’s Team (DDT)
Team All Or Nothing (AON)

Tune in Saturday as we whittle the number of teams down from 16 to 4. We'll be grabbing as many Livestreams as possible for your viewing pleasure and posting them to the RTTT Forum, then we'll be back next week on May 1 as we find our winners!

shadowslice 04-19-2010 06:25 PM


Ez0 M A S H 04-19-2010 06:33 PM

I think I should congratulate all the winners so far and hope they all had some awesome battles and some more to come. I'm glad to see that Riot cares about its gamers like I know they do. Looking forward to the winners, and some more glorious blood shed in more tournaments to come. Good luck everyone.

"When the light diminishes, never forget that belief in your self and others will illuminate the darkness around you." =)

goldemerald 04-19-2010 06:51 PM

All I saw was Megazero and treeeskimo... and I was glad I didn't enter.

LastTitan 04-19-2010 07:17 PM

Yayy! :D

Elzio 04-19-2010 07:38 PM

  1. All or Nothing (AON) – Reginaid, TakashiX, Unversable, Elementz, liezryou
i will take some Reginaid , refreshing stuff :D typo, doesnt really matter i just thought id get there before everyone else

or it might even be reginaid i always read it as reginaLd

Dunk In Public 04-19-2010 07:50 PM

it is

RabbitsDontDie 04-19-2010 07:56 PM


there are alot of good teams that arent in this tourney.

WepA 04-19-2010 08:04 PM

i think im missing something, why is it 5v5 wasnt it a TT tourny :/ maybe this is a dumb question lol just wondering

liezryou 04-19-2010 08:17 PM


RPP - Game A
DKT - Game B
m8 - Game C
AON - Game D
DDT - Game E
PKMN - Game F
L^ - Game G
SUP - Game H

Game I - RRP vs DKT - Match to watch
Game J - m8 vs AON - AoN Wins
Game K - DDT vs PKMN - DDT wins
Game L - L^ vs SUP - SUP wins

Game M - Winner of Game I vs AON - Match to watch
Game N - DDT vs SUP - Match to watch

Game O - Loser of Game I vs m8 - Loser of Game I wins
Game P - L^ vs PKMN - L^ Wins

Game Q - Loser of Game I vs Loser of Game N - Match to watch
Game R - L^ vs Loser of Game M - Loser of Game M wins

Obviously, bolded matches are the interesting ones (Also the ones that could go either way).

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