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Hugs Not Drugs 04-16-2010 02:06 PM

[GUIDE] Kennen In-Depth: Mechanics, Strategy, TL;DR to the MAX
[GUIDE] Facerolling with Kennen, Ryze Style
Courtesy of Hugs Not Drugs

Alright, so, I banged this out in literally one solid afternoon. Please forgive any spelling or grammatical mistakes, I'll be editing it later. I also realize the format is a bit unpleasant. I'll fix that too. Until then, enjoy!

When Shen was released, I was intrigued by the energy system. Tanking has been one of my passions for a while, and I found the balance between energy management and effective manipulation of his skills quite fun. Then Kennen came along, and I thought how interesting it could be to play a caster with no significant mana issues. Since then I've wracked up a fair number of games with Kennen; I've essentially only played him since his release, messing around with several different builds. At current, the most effective build I've used (by far) has been AP, and that is what this guide will be primarily covering.

I've tried attack speed, but I feel that neglecting most of his skills in favor of his passive isn't very beneficial. Doing so sacrifices any sort of AoE contributions you might make to a team fight in favor of single target damage. Yes, focusing on Kennen's single target damage means you can more easily stay alive in team fights by sniping from the perimeter, but in my opinion Kennen is a balls-to-the-wall caster. He has far too much AoE potential (both in terms of disables, mind games, and pure damage) to disregard that aspect of his character. Yes, his AP ratios aren't fantastic, but with the ability to hit almost everyone in a fight with several nukes in a very short period of time, anything higher and his burst would be insane.

I've heard people comparing him mostly to Fiddle (zomg crowstorm is so much betr zomg), and on occasion Ryze (zomg guiz lightning). From my experience, I would be more inclined to describe Kennen as the ******* child of Nunu and Ryze; you have the squishiness of Ryze, but you need to be in the middle of the fight to blow your proverbial load on the enemy team, which will inevitably get you focused and disabled ASAP Nunu-style. Kennen requires a tricky balance between risking life and adorable limb to get your spells off and intelligence regarding when you rush head-first into a clump of heroes. In this guide I'll not only detail my suggested item build, I'll go into masteries, runes, things I've been considering trying, alternative builds, and strategies. This is most definitely going to be a work in progress that I'll update as I keep playing and coming up with more ideas, and I am most certainly open to criticism as long as you at least make some semblance of an attempt at defending your points. Thanks, and happy reading!

Skills: The Obligatory Section You Probably Won't Read

Note: I'll get around to adding AP ratios a little later.

(Passive) Mark of the Storm - Kennen's abilities add Marks of the Storm to opponents. Upon receiving 3 Marks of Storm, an opponent is stunned and Kennen receives 25 energy.
This is the bread-and-butter mechanic that makes Kennen useful. Early game it provides a terrifying incentive to stay the hell away from you should you manage to get a charge or two on the enemy hero, and late game it lets you play around with the flow of team fights, as well as chase extremely effectively.

[Q] Thundering Shuriken - Kennen throws a fast moving shuriken towards a location, causing damage and adding a Mark of the Storm to any opponent that it hits. Throws a shuriken that damages the first enemy it hits for 75/115/155/195/235 (+.66) magic damage and adds a Mark of the Storm. Energy Cost 65/60/55/50/45. Cooldown: 7/6/5/4/3 seconds.

Following the ideas outlined in this guide, this should be THE skill you prioritize. Early game it (paired with your [W] especially, but even by itself it's quite powerful) gives you unrivaled harassing power. With no mana and a very short cooldown, you can quickly whittle away at anyone's health during the laning phase, be it a squishy or a tank.

[W] Electrical Surge - Kennen passively deals extra damage and adds a Mark of the Storm to his target every few attacks. Kennen can activate this ability to damage and add another Mark of the Storm to targets who are already marked. Passive: Every 5 attacks, Kennen deals magic damage equal to 40/50/60/70/80% of his attack damage and adds a Mark of the Storm to his target.

Active: Surges electricity through all nearby targets afflicted by Mark of the Storm, dealing 65/95/125/155/185 (+0.45) magic damage and adding another mark. Energy Cost: 45. Cooldown: 14/12/10/8/6 seconds.

The active here is part and parcel to what makes Kennen a true terror during the laning phase, and an effective AoE crowd controller during the team fight phase later. I won't go into much detail here because there's so much to write about this skill, but this should be your second priority next to shuriken. This skill is fantastic, and the passive fifth hit even applies Rylai slow effects.

[E] Lightning Rush - Kennen turns into a pulsating ball of lightning for several seconds, gaining 230 movement speed and the ability to pass through units. Any enemy unit he passes through is dealt damage (85/125/165/205/245 (+0.55)) and receives a Mark of the Storm. Upon hitting any enemy, Kennen gains 40 Energy. Deals half-damage to non-champion units. Energy Cost: 110. Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds.

This move is so versatile, it's ridiculous. You can use it to escape (free ghost for the win!), charge into a fight while doing a fair bit of damage and adding marks to everyone you hit, clearing creep waves in conjunction with Electrical Surge, or even speed up the process of running between lanes! Unfortunately, each use has a potential downside; if you use Lightning Rush to flee an unfavorable encounter, you won't get the 40 energy refund and will likely be dangerously low on energy for a few seconds. If you use it to charge in and add marks to your target(s), the fact that you turn bright white and laugh maniacally tends to make you a rather obvious target. For a ninja, Kennen's not very good at stealthy entrances.

[R] Slicing Maelstrom - Bah, couldn't find an up-to-date spell description of this without going into a game. I'll fix it later. It makes lots of lightning bolts rain down on enemy champions every half-second. Each bolt deals 80/145/210 (+0.33) damage, and the number of bolts increase as this skill is leveled. No one hero can be hit more than a certain number of times.
Number of Bolts: 6/8/10. Energy Cost: 40. Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Credit Where Credit Is Due: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Kennen Thanks to the League of Legends Wiki for the exact AP ratios on Kennen's skills. The descriptions themselves come from in-game.

Masteries:: Picking masteries with Kennen is a bit tricky. The utility tree generally offers the biggest set of benefits to most heroes in terms of cooldown reduction, mana regeneration, and overall survivability. Although the other trees are useful, they all simply pale in comparison. Unfortunately for us, mana regeneration does jack for Kennen, given that those masteries have no impact on energy regeneration. This isn't entirely bad, though, because the offensive tree offers a good number of things that an aggressive Kennen can make good use of. Here's what I'm rolling with:

Deadliness: 1/3
Archmage's Savvy: 3/3
Sorcery: 4/4
Alacrity: 4/4
Archaic Knowledge: 1/1
Brute Force: 3/3
Lethality: 3/3
Improved Rally: 1/1
Havoc: 1/1

Good Hands: 3/3
Perseverence: 1/3
Awareness: 4/4
Utility Master: 1/2

The offensive tree ought to be pretty self-explanatory; Kennen needs AP, magic penetration, pure damage, and although he doesn't NEED it for the purposes of this guide, attack speed is always nice given the nature of his [W]'s passive. The utility tree requires a little more explaining; picking useful talents in that tree is tricky, as it's a tree tailored primarily to casters, or at least champions with mana. The primary reason I went with utility was for Utility Master, which is an utterly invaluable mastery. Kennen doesn't have too much trouble catching runners, what with his free ghost and the relative ease with which he can apply stuns, but a red buff means that NOBODY can escape you. This is particularly useful early game when your burst might not be enough to make squishies pop instantly.

Now, you might be asking why I got Improved Rally; the thing about Kennen is that he contributes lots of things to a team fight. The disruptive force of an AP Kennen sliding into the middle of the fight, dropping charges left and right as he barrels through in Lightning Rush, ulting in the center of everyone, waiting a split moment, and then stunning several enemies at once with Electrical Surge is immense. The reason for Improved Rally is this: by the very virtue of Kennen, you're going to be in the thick of things. Dropping a Rally in the middle of a now somewhat confused group of enemies not only buffs the damage you're about to do by a significant amount, it adds a massive boost to the incoming steamroll that should be the rest of your team. Kennen does not single-handedly instagib the enemy team, he's not Fiddle. Instead, he sets up the rest of his team to clean up whatever remains of the hopefully severely-weakened enemy team. Rally goes a long way in that.

The rest of the masteries are pretty self-explanatory for someone going AP and wanting to stay away from mana-related masteries. If anyone wants any deeper clarification, though, I can certainly provide it.

Runes: :
The runes I'm currently rolling with are pretty generic. Cooldown reduction blues, dodge yellows, and attack speed reds. I'm slowly working on replacing the attack speed reds with magic penetration, because it's just generally more useful; most of AP Kennen's damage comes from spells, and although attack speed is indeed useful in the laning phase, hell, so is magic penetration! These runes essentially revolve around pumping your enemies full of shuriken as often as possible, and dodge is just for general survivability. This is a rune set that has gotten me through various champions and playstyles, and is versatile enough to not need much changing based on differences in roles between champions.

Summoner Abilities: Faceroll Part One::
Ah, summoner spells. Here's where the facerolling truly begins. If you've decided to follow this guide based on my grandiloquence and refined speech patterns (how could I ever blame you), then you know that we've specced into Improved Rally, so naturally that's going to be one of our summoner spells. The other, however, could be a number of things. For obvious reasons you don't want to get clarity or revive (if you really want to get clarity and revive on a manaless hero, stick with the classics and roll with Mundo), but most of the other spells have definite uses: ghost provides a truly ridiculous amount of movement speed in conjunction with lightning rush and greatly benefits your ability to initiate quickly by barreling through the enemy team and adding charges before Rush runs out; exhaust has more uses in the laning phase than the team fight phase due to the fact that AP Kennen tends to focus on tagging the majority of the enemy team as opposed to taking out a single target; clairvoyance is just an all-around useful spell in terms of teamwork; ignite follows the same reasoning as exhaust; teleport is situationally useful, it really depends on preference; and cleanse can be useful for getting your entire chain of spells off. I left out smite, fortify, and flash for a reason. Given the role of AP Kennen, I see little reason for getting Smite or Fortify. He doesn't jungle particularly well overall, but can acquire the buffs he needs efficiently enough given his high burst damage and respectable sustained DPS. Fortify in general is just kind of meh, in my opinion. Besides, we didn't spec into improved fortify.

That leaves Flash. Flash is a ridiculous spell. Its uses range from a get-out-of-fail free card, to a fantastic tool for initiation. Given that Kennen almost has a free get-out-of-fail card in Lightning Rush, that leaves Flash as a tool used primarily for initiation. I cannot tell you how wonderful Flash can be at times. There have been numerous situations wherein I was in the jungle and a low-HP ally was running up-lane from a team of would-be gankers, and popping Lightning Rush, flashing over a jungle wall, quickly applying charges, ulting, Surging, and Shuriken-spamming has turned around countless multi-person ganks. Because Kennen can drop his spells so ridiculously quickly, flashing in while Rushing can make for immensely surprising burst potential.

TL;DR: I roll with Flash and Rally.

Itemization on Kennen is something I'm still tooling around with; he runs a dangerous balance between glass cannon and pure feed for the enemy team. For a hero that is pretty much as squishy as Twitch yet needs to be as beefy as someone like Nunu to successfully fulfill his role, items prove some small difficulty. However, Kennen has an ace up his tiny ninja sleeve here: due to the fact that you'll hopefully be Rushing through several heroes at once and then applying a whole ton of AoE to every champion around you, assists will (if all goes according to plan) numerous. This means that even if you die in the process, snowballing items can be effectively built up over the course of several fights. Given the reworked mechanics of Leviathan charge acquisition, you can VERY quickly build up a Leviathan to provide the necessary damage reduction and health that you'll need to survive long enough to get off your skills successfully. So here's my standard item build:

First items: Amplifying Tome, Health Potion. The goal here is to get your snowballing items as early as possible. Between Kennen's early game damage being immense compared to other casters due to a lack of mana constraints as well as people still having very little idea how to fight Kennen's, it's not uncommon for me to get two or three kills by the eight or nine minute mark. If you can stay in lane until you have enough money for Mejai's Soulstealer and Boots 1, do so. In an absolutely perfect world, you'll have enough money at somewhere between the 9 and 11 minute mark to go back to base and pick up a Mejai, boots 1, and Leviathan straight-up. However, this is more often than not NOT the case. Your mileage may vary regarding your ability to last hit and get kills, so just get a Mejai and Leviathan whenever possible.

Build order after the snowballs are out of the way:
I'm a huge fan of magic penetration; Kennen's AP ratios aren't great, and this is complicated by the fact that you don't really want to be building AP items that also give mana, because that's wasted gold. Many of the AP items that lack mana, however, include magic penetration! Huzzah! So here's my simplified order:

Haunting Guise
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Zhonya's Ring.

With a pair of Sorcerer's Shoes thrown in whenever you find them necessary. If the game goes on long enough and I've capped out my inventory, I'll exchange Haunting Guise for Abyssal Scepter. AoE magic resistance debuff, hellz yeah!

All spoken, this gives you lots of health (it's not uncommon for me to have HP in the ballpark of 2.8k after Giant's Belt -> Rylai's, usually more than our tank), lots of AP, an easily-applied slow, forty magic penetration (before runes), and two seconds of invulnerability for when you rush into the middle of a clump of beefy late-game heroes, blow your load, and then turn golden while they attempt to retaliate by instagibbing poor little Kennen.

Now, the downside to this item build is obvious; if you're not doing very well, two of your items are worthless (Mejai and Leviathan). Even if you can get your two snowballing items to the ballpark of somewhere between eight and ten charges, they're the most gold-efficient items you can get for what they do. If you're tacking assist-tags onto multiple enemy heroes every fight, this shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish, even if you have a reasonably high death count. In fact, it's SO easy to get assists with Kennen, that even if you aren't brazenly confident in your ability to play him, I would STILL recommend getting at least Leviathan in the hopes that the assists you'll inevitably wrack up will give you enough survivability to get even more.

The thing about survivability items on Kennen is that he really needs every single item slot to count. If you keep getting focused by a caster-heavy team, I would suggest you invest at most one item slot into magic resist (physical resist for a physical-heavy team, on the other end of the spectrum) and focus more on managing to stay alive through play style. Through careful manipulation of Shuriken range and staying with the rest of your team, you can manipulate your positioning such that you won't be focused until you're already midway through facerolling your keyboard.

TL;DR: With Kennen, map awareness and careful spacing of yourself relative to your team is far more beneficial than stacking survival items. The sad truth of the matter is that Kennen is not noob-friendly. It takes pre-existing knowledge of game mechanics to play him to his full potential, and that includes a working knowledge of basic team strategy. If you position yourself poorly as Kennen, you WILL die FAST no matter how much armor or magic resist you have.

Ability Build Order::
I'll keep this brief. Here's my ability order:

[Q] - If I'm being harassed to the point that I know I'll have to go back to lane soon, I get Lightning Rush to make the trip faster.
[E] - If you got Lightning Rush at 3, get another level of [Q] here.

Then continue to max Electrical Surge [W] whenever possible, getting your ult when it's available, and ending with Lightning Rush.

The reason I don't level Lightning Rush until late is that it doesn't scale particularly well; you'll use it at the start of a fight to apply one set of charges, and then be unable to use it again due to energy efficiency issues. The energy cost doesn't decrease with level, and decreasing the cooldown does very little for you. You get far more bang for your buck by leveling your other skills first.

Strategy: The Laning Phase:
This should be every Kennen's favorite part of the game. I've found the most success in a side lane with a partner. Kennen can dish out the hurt early, but not as quickly and efficiently as he can at later levels. This means that getting successful stuns off is kind of difficult, so having some sort of teammate with a snare or slow is invaluable.

Important note: I highly suggest you do this when approaching your lane with creeps: Kennen is VERY squishy, never forget this. Because you'll want to get Thundering Shuriken first level for early harassment, you won't have your escape mechanism (Lightning Rush) for several levels. That means that being jumped by a level 1 gank is VERY detrimental to your early game, as you have almost no way of dealing with it short of flashing away and praying. So do this: as you approach the bushes (following your first wave of creeps such that a stray skill shot would be blocked by the minions), try to position yourself such that you can throw a Shuriken into the bushes to hit whoever might be laying in wait. If you hear a THWACK, stay very cautiously away from the bushes until your shuriken is up, and then edge just barely into range to throw another. Repeat until the annoyed enemy has either charged out of the bush to try to kill you, in which case you should run, or they've taken too many Shuriken to the face for confrontation to be a good idea. Thundering Shuriken has a reasonably long range; utilize it.

Second Important Note:
WARDS WIN GAMES. READ IT: WARDS WIN GAMES. Kennen is squishy. I cannot stress that enough. If you go back to base at any point and have enough for a sight ward, BUY IT and place it in the bush just inside the river in whatever lane you're in. Not only will this let you see dangerous ganks coming, but if they're being ballsy and are at reasonably low health (there's no set number for this, use your judgement based on what you and your partner are capable of) and hoping to rely on a 3v2 to win it for them, you can jump them with your lane partner and score a kill before high-tailing it out of there. One more time, WARDS WIN GAMES.

With no mana holding you back and nobody having any survival-oriented items yet, you're free to pound away at whoever might be laning against you. The basic strategy in this phase is thus: last-hit with your regular attacks as much as possible to get as much gold as you can. At the same time, avoid autoattacking creeps. Autoattacking creeps leads to the lane being pushed towards the enemy heroes' tower, and that means that it will be more difficult for you to harass without being tower-pwned. Those tower shots will HURT, because Kennen has very low HP. Avoid confrontations in front of towers unless you are GUARANTEED a kill. Now, when I say "confrontation," I should clarify: you should definitely harass your enemy by trying to snipe them with a Thundering Shuriken and then backing up immediately upon throwing it so as to avoid the ire of the tower. You should NOT start wailing on the enemy heroes with your auto attacks, because that will get you dead quite quickly.

As far as harassment goes, using Kennen's Thundering Shuriken takes a small amount of getting used to. The hitbox is very small, so this is both a blessing and a curse. The good thing is that most people will over-estimate the size of its hitbox and stand behind creeps in such a way that you can easily hit the corner of their champion models. You can also sometimes manage to slip it between creeps to hit a hero behind them. Another strategy is to prey on the carelessness of an enemy hero; if they're standing behind a low HP minion, wait until just before it dies and throw a Shuriken at it in the hopes that it'll reach the minion just after it dies, passing through it to hit the hero.

As soon as you've applied a charge to an enemy hero, the real fun begins. In most cases if you apply one charge the enemy will back off slightly. It's up to you whether or not you want to mash W as soon as you see Q connect to apply the second charge, but a solid strategy is to wait several seconds before trying to get off your Electrical Surge active. By waiting, you maximize the amount of time the charges are applied, thereby giving you more opportunities to throw another Shuriken or charge up your passive for a free charge. Once you get to two charges on an enemy, they'll almost certainly be playing very defensively. Although the 3-charge stun itself doesn't deal damage, it gives you a clear opportunity to throw another Shuriken or get off a physical hit or two before they can move again. Ideally you want to stun them such that the third charge IS NOT from Thundering Shuriken. That way, when they're stunned you have a VERY easy target to which you can apply another charge and start the entire process over again! Huzzah!

Although this doesn't deal much damage in any one burst, over time it very effectively wears at their health. Successful charge harassment will almost certainly starve most melee champions of creep kills.

When it comes to hero kills, you have to be cautious. What you're able to do in lane depends largely on your lane partner. If you're laning with an Alistar, for example, stacking a charge or two on an enemy hero will make them ripe for a flash+pulverize+headbutt combo that will almost certainly guarantee you a kill or at least a blue-pill back to their base, provided you've been harassing them effectively up until then. Getting kills in-lane with Kennen largely revolves around harassing them down and then relying on synergy between you and your lane mate (or a reckless charge by them, in which case you can sometimes drop Rally and turn that fight right around on them) to get the kill. If you keep this up, ganking as needed, then in no time you'll be to...

The Roaming Phase:
Also known as the team fight phase. Basically, at this point multi-person ganks are very much commonplace, lanes are being pushed, and that nice lane dominance you once had over the two poor saps laning against you is gone. All good things must come to an end. However, this is where Kennen's play style fundamentally shifts. Now the focus has shifted from sustained harassment to disruptive burst nuking. You might be wondering what role Kennen fulfills in a team fight. He's an odd caster in that he's as squishy as any mage, but has to be right in the enemies' faces to be effective, and he's DEFINITELY not a tank.

Kennen has all of the tools necessary to engage the enemy team whenever it's most opportune. This doesn't mean stand back and wait for it to be completely safe to dive in and clean up, no, that's not his role. Playing Kennen means taking risks. He's neither an initiator nor a tank, but he IS an atomic bomb of disruptive burst hell waiting to go off. As soon as the enemy team's attention has been drawn to your initiator or tank and there's a strong (read:STRONG) probability that your team is available and ready to charge in and back you up, it is your role to get there a split second before them and blow your hot, zappy load all over the enemy team. Here is where Kennen gets to show is facerolling glory.

Here's a play-by-play of a standard Kennen initiation for me: "Okay, Alistar went in, he ate a stun, looks like they're about to converge on him." Let's say the fight is taking place in the middle of middle lane, between the first two towers. Alistar is in the middle of the lane, between the two lines of river bush. My team is converging down the lane from our tower, theirs is moving up towards ours as well. Press E, tag the nearest squishy by plowing through them and and whoever's the biggest potential danger to my team (like a Fiddle or Annie, for example) as well as everyone else along the way, and then... F(rally)RWQ as fast as I possibly can, with Q targeting my designated squishy or threatening target. If you've ever played Ryze, this is good; your face will already be somewhat molded to the QWER keys. This is keyboard facerolling at its finest. You want to blow your load and get OUT. After the initial chaos cools down (and it will only a second or two after your ult pops), you WILL get focused. Back off, flash if necessary. You'll probably have avoided the brunt of their assault if you timed your entrance well, and can resume applying charges with Shuriken and your passive charged strike while Electrical Charge activating people as appropriate.

It takes a fair amount of practice with Kennen to get a good feel for when it's appropriate to go in, and charge management in team fights is of paramount importance, but that's basically it!

Welp, that's my guide on Kennen. I'm tired of everyone epic failboating with him, as he's such a fun and rewarding hero. In my opinion he's not very underpowered, but exceedingly few people know how to play him. If anyone manages to get through this EPIC (almost five-thousand word) wall of text, I congratulate you, and wish you the best of luck!

I'll update this as I go along. Screencaps of games to come soon, if for some reason people don't believe that this works.

Thanks for reading!

One final note: Thanks to Larias, for the recommended guide format.

Stradigos 04-16-2010 02:33 PM

My brain loves this thread. Great job sir. I would agree having played alongside Kennen (and you) that AP is downright deadly. He's just too much fun in a match. We'll be in a team fight and then all of sudden we accidentlied the whole team. It's amazing how all talk is utilized at that point. Some people have such a colorful vocabulary. Our team just has to know one word. "Lol."

As with all champions though, it's not who you play its how you play them. I like how you covered tactics and the importance of wards. I haven't seen too many games with wards until recently. Now it's pretty much a habit for us, and let me tell you, it makes a difference. I hate it when the enemy team wards our jungle. Seriously, it makes the forests a scary place where an adult is needed at all times (or one Dracomage XD). =/ But it goes both ways. It's like a free Clairvoyance for the duration of the time it's active. If everyone chips in a bit, or at least the top two farmers, then there's not excuse not to be out maneuvering and ganking the other team.

Can't wait to read some of the other remarks on the guide. Again, great job =]

tannerface 04-16-2010 03:53 PM

I think we can come to a consensus on kennen being the 2nd 3rd person to come into a team fight strategically. It really makes the most sense and has worked for me as well. On another note he is a great cleanup character as well. Like say your team just held off the other team from taking the mid turret just outside your base and you charge out from the bot jungle stun and kill most of the weakened enemy team with your team close to back you up. Really good at pushing that standoff out.
Edit: While haunting guise may not be great lifesteal for AoE spells it does wonders with his shuriken keeping him alive in a 1v1 fight against a carry or dps. I also like the very fast pace kennen seems to play at. Sometimes almost feel like I am playing a fighting game.

Monox1de 04-16-2010 07:13 PM

I play Kennen sort of similar.. Only difference is i have hp/level runes for seals.. All magic pen marks/quints, CD/level glyphs, and i use ghost instead of rally.

I run a 9/21/0 mastery build and skip leviathan. Build order is a little different. I start with ruby crystal and have ~750 hp at lvl 1 which makes soloing a breeze.

Haunting guise
proper boots(been tabi mostly lately against a lot of carry heavy teams)
giants belt - Rylais
Zhonya's ring

any time i have an extra 300 gold after i buy i will get a brilliance potion

and any game longer than that i base my last item off how well our team is doing. If I'm getting focused i will get a guardian's angel. Lots of stuns or spells i will get a banshee's( i know mana ewww) or if i'm just rolling face and rich i will buy a void staff.

i haven't been able to pull this off but with Zhonya's new active I'm thinking rushing into a team fight, hit surge, ult and use Zhonya's 2 second invulnerability. 2 seconds will give your ult 4 ticks gauranteed and if they are all focusing you inside your ult you will stun 4 of them. I've tried a few times but got stunned or cc'd or just failed miserably. For all i know it could cancel your ult. Let me know if anyone has pulled it off.

i have played quite a few games with kennen and haven't had this much fun since the release of Nidalee.

Hugs Not Drugs 04-16-2010 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by Monox1de (Hozzászólás 1059886)
i haven't been able to pull this off but with Zhonya's new active I'm thinking rushing into a team fight, hit surge, ult and use Zhonya's 2 second invulnerability. 2 seconds will give your ult 4 ticks gauranteed and if they are all focusing you inside your ult you will stun 4 of them. I've tried a few times but got stunned or cc'd or just failed miserably. For all i know it could cancel your ult. Let me know if anyone has pulled it off.

I've managed to pull it off a few times. Activating Zhonya's only interrupts channeling spells, like Nunu's ult. Because Kennen's ult isn't channeled, but is more like a very short-lived aura, this ends up working reasonably well. :D One more keystroke to add to the facerolling, hellz yeah!

Monox1de 04-22-2010 02:41 PM

I've done it 3 times since i posted that response. Zhonya's is kick ass and makes kennen a very viable initiator.

On another note. I'm not sure this build is anything like you would build a ryze.. Most ryzes i see stack the mana/AP items where on kennen you want nothing to do with them (accept maybe lichbane).

i've had a few people tell me ASP/AD kennen is the way to go. I have tried it plenty of times to see what they were talking about and the only good score i got was against a match making failure. My whole team was lvl 30 solo queues and their team had 1 lvl 30, an lvl8,14,16,22

the lvl 8 was an annie and kept trying to kill me when she was 4 levels lower than me.
In ANY regular solo queue i can't get any killing blows or any gold like a dps carry would need.
And a lot of times the enemy would get away after i got 2 stuns on him and auto attacked him for 15 seconds.
If i was AP i would just burst them down in 1 combo with my ult.

and i know... great grammar right?

JorV101 04-23-2010 06:27 PM

This guide made me a much better player in general being a new player and all. Sincerely, thank you.

AIM7Sparrow 04-23-2010 08:02 PM

I completely disagree with maxing Q first. It's a skillshot and becomes nearly useless in creep mobs. I like to get a point in each ability at lv 3, then max R->W->E->Q.

CoVi 04-24-2010 12:12 AM

I aprove this guide, mostly because i got owned against you stupid kennen. GJ!!!!

Hugs Not Drugs 04-25-2010 11:35 PM

Woo, thanks for the responses guys, it's good to see that my wall of text could be helpful to a few people.


Originally Posted by Monox1de (Hozzászólás 1103949)
On another note. I'm not sure this build is anything like you would build a ryze.. Most ryzes i see stack the mana/AP items where on kennen you want nothing to do with them (accept maybe lichbane).

Heh, I was referring more to the method by which most people assume Ryze's play; rolling their face across their keyboard and getting aces. Referring to your comments about AD/AS Kennen, yeah, it's kind of a shame to neglect three of his skills just to play up one. Early game harassing with W is much easier than harassing with Q, but with a focus on AD/AS you never make the transition to AoE awesomeness that you do with AP. Yay AP burst!


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This guide made me a much better player in general being a new player and all. Sincerely, thank you.

Thanks a lot for the comment, I'm really glad to hear it.


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I completely disagree with maxing Q first. It's a skillshot and becomes nearly useless in creep mobs. I like to get a point in each ability at lv 3, then max R->W->E->Q.

Although it does become problematic around creep mobs, that's why it's called a SKILL shot; it's not always guaranteed damage, but when it hits, the benefits are great. Early game it can indeed be troublesome to get hits in, but skirting around the creeps and letting off low-cooldown shuriken while scaring the enemy heroes into keeping a creep wave between them and you has its own benefits beyond direct damage harassment. Mid- and late-game (starting from 7 or 9 onwards) I generally find myself using Shuriken every time it's up. It has a pretty decent range, so you can poke at people on the perimeter of an impending team fight to start stacking up some charges, scout bushes, whatever. The cooldown reduction per level is way more valuable than the damage increase, in my opinion.

Besides, it's been my experience that creeps generally don't last very long at all in team fights. The only time I find myself having trouble with Shuriken around creeps is at a last-minute nexus fight; my ability to be useful significantly diminishes then. But if it's gotten to that point, it doesn't particularly matter.


Originally Posted by CoVi (Hozzászólás 1114414)
I aprove this guide, mostly because i got owned against you stupid kennen. GJ!!!

Lulz, thanks for the props. Much appreciated. ^^

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