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Mister Sugar 04-16-2010 12:37 PM

Clearing the Fog of War (Map control guide)
Clearing the Fog of War

Map hacks on and fog of war off. Spice up your game play by uncovering some different aspects of a map-control play style.

By Ciceriel

A well composed team is wild beast. With dangerous life ending carry-champions this beast is granted sharp teeth and claws. With in-your-face damage mitigating tank-champions the beast is granted a thick hide and bulk. Life saving and ability enhancing support-champions give the beast a strong backbone and courage. But, this hulking monster is still blind, thus clumsy and vulnerable.

This beast is your team; be your team’s all-seeing eyes.

One player's prowess can be the clincher in determining a team’s victory. Many teams go clumsily bumbling and stumbling around in the dark, falling into traps, and no one on the team steps up and does anything about it, and the team loses the game. Don’t fall into traps, spring them. Be the one to step up and start controlling the map.

Not every inch of your battlefield needs to be covered with prying eyes to know where your enemy is and what they’re up to. A few well placed wards and some intuition go a long way. The whole map is your backyard, and no one steps in your backyard without paying dearly for it. You’ve got to know where your opponents are, when, and why. Then make them regret it.
“Hot zones”
Enemy Lizard rune: Especially when: Jax, Master Yii, Warwick, Udyr, and Tryndamere are in your opponent's roster.
Enemy Golem rune: Especially when.. Always! (Though Warwick, Shaco, and Fiddlesticks often like to get this very early-game.)
The Dragon
The river-paths: Especially when any enemy champions are missing.
Baron Nashor

The tools of the trade


Too few players use this summoner spell. It is my firm belief that one should be on every team.
With only a minute cool down, it provides valuable recon for your team throughout the game. While it’s certainly true that by giving up other summoner spells you lose either survivability or gankability. Consider this, with a well placed Clairvoyance you can see your opponents closing in on you, or unveil ambushes awaiting in the shrub, also you can foil a gank attempt on an ally from across the map. In many cases this will eliminate the need for other summoner abilities as a “panic button.” Also, using Clairvoyance to reveal lone or vulnerable opponents will balance the loss in gankability for you and your allies.

Tips on using Clairvoyance
- Upon spawning you can use it to check the enemy team's items and lane choices.
- Early game it may also be used to check the shrubs to stop ganks, or to check if the enemy team is doing an early dragon or golem.
- Throughout the game you can continuously check the dragon, lizard, and golem. (If you position the spell just between the lizard rune and dragon you can check both with one cast.)
- When enemy champions are missing you use it to uncover where they are going.
Late game you can use it to check Baron.

This spell is definitely worth picking up and in the right hands can turn the tide of a game.

This Clairvoyance has been maximized, covering both the dragon and the lizard. Also, it reveals some paths and anything in the shrubs.


Well placed wards are invaluable. At a mere 90 gold, vision wards are cheap. They usually end up paying for themselves by either allowing a gank for a nice bounty or assist, or avoiding being ganked allowing you to continue killing minions or champions for cash.

Tips on using wards
- Placing wards on the river path in front of Baron or the dragon serves the purpose of not only starving the enemy of those resources, but also controlling an important route, allowing warning of incoming threats to the attached lanes.
- Placing wards at golem or lizards buffs allow for buff-jacks, ganks, or both at these locations.
- Warding shrubs turns safely hidden enemies into sitting ducks.
- Split the cost! If a few players on the team buy one or two wards, it becomes less of a drain on your pocket and are more quickly placed in a larger area. Encourage your allies to buy wards as well.

Wards are well worth the money and when mixed with Clairvoyance, grant total map domination.

This ward has been maximized with placement, covering the bush, the golem, and multiple paths

Here, again, the ward covers commonly used routes, a bush, and the entrance to dragon.

In order to control the map, you need to be able to effectively traverse the map. Here’s where you can run into some choices, which are often personal preference and can depend on the individual match and champion you are playing.

Boots of Mobility v.s. Boots of Speed v.s. Mercury Trends
Boots of Mobility are a solid choice and best for running between lanes, and to get to those well placed wards and clairvoyance quickly for ganks or last-hit buff stealing.
Boots of Speed are a more universal boot and are good for all of the above (albeit to a lesser extent), but are better-geared toward in-combat maneuvering.
Mercury Treads are a great defensive boot, and greatly reduces the effects of Shaco, Teemo, and Nidalee’s map-controlling traps.

Do something about it

For every action, there will be a greater and opposing reaction. (I win. You lose.)

So you've got your wards and clairvoyance in strategic positions? Seeing your opponents is not enough to win a game. Reacting and adjusting your play to counter and starve your opponents will bring you and your team to victory. This is where we have to get you into a new mindset.
Imagine this: your ward spots a Yii going for the Lizard buff. Good, he's getting it low for you. Now, tactically conceal yourself in the brush while Yii whittles away at it, and the Lizard whittles away at him.. then just as it gets low enough... finish it! Steal the buff, use your newly acquired Lizard rune to kill an already weak Yii. /taunt /laugh

Stay aware, intuitive, in control, and in position. Mixing these general ideas with your own play style and adapting to the game at hand will light the path to greatness.

Aut regere aut mori - Either control or die.


amraK 04-18-2010 08:02 AM

Bump for great justice. I believe in map control; I always buy some wards and bring clairvoyance when I can.

Silent Reaper 04-18-2010 10:44 AM

Ap Temmo + Boots of Mobility + Clairvoyance = Epic.

Mister Sugar 04-18-2010 11:01 AM

Thanks guys. More people need to get into this sort of mindset!

Eppa 04-18-2010 11:29 AM

The counter to sight wards are vision wards. People need to be able to counter ward.

Matthew21210 04-18-2010 11:31 AM

Yup... It's the greatest thing to sit in a bush as cho and watch someone beat on the golem, then feast it at the two hundred mark. or, if they're low enough feast them. BOOM! Delicious champ is delicious.

Ahhpple 04-18-2010 11:42 AM

Thanks for this! I use wards alot, even though they delay my build a little they are too valuable to not use. Now I have some useful new spots to put them.

Mister Sugar 04-24-2010 09:43 PM

No problem, glad I could help!

Aegiswing 12-14-2010 08:42 PM

Remember: Oracles aren't only for stealth champs. With them, you can pick up some extra gold from wards, and set your own without having to get vision wards. If you have range, you can even use it to farm Teemo's shrooms and Shaco's JITB. Doing so does reveal your presence however, so be careful.

MauxFire 12-14-2010 11:25 PM

Awesome post. You should also throw some info on 3v3 ward spots. I never see anything on 3v3 strategy, but it's my favorite kind of match.
Thanks for the tip too Aegiswing. I never thought of that.

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