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Tamat 06-30-2011 01:31 PM

Blooper Reel #2 is Here!

We asked you to voice your support for League of Legends by subscribing to the Riot Games YouTube channel. Once we achieved 260,000 subscribers, we’d share a second blooper reel from our Season One trailer.

Well, once again, summoners, you have risen to the occasion! Today we reached our goal, and are here to make good on our promise. Steel yourselves, for the Blooper Reel that you are about to see can only be described through fits of uncontrollable (and very possibly maniacal) laughter.

Thank you so much for your help in reaching this milestone!

Check out Blooper Reel #2 HERE!

Jihi1337 06-30-2011 01:32 PM

numba 1

Zerdo 06-30-2011 01:33 PM

I lol'd at the part with Nasus. Did not expect that.

Renekton Bot 06-30-2011 01:34 PM

Any crocodiles?


But Nasus mockery is an acceptable substitute.

Raseiko 06-30-2011 01:34 PM

Subscribe for part 3? 4000000000 subscribers please. :D

That will be Nasus' new run animation when they re-do his artwork.

Bananers 06-30-2011 01:34 PM

I demand that nasus runs after the ball after every future riot video.

Odie el perro 06-30-2011 01:34 PM

All those subs for that?

TomChesterson 06-30-2011 01:35 PM


BlazeSword 06-30-2011 01:36 PM

no phantom dancers...

Siegebreaker 06-30-2011 01:37 PM

Pretty good...

Cho'Gath can't nom nom nom everything!

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