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Azerus 03-27-2010 10:43 PM

[Guide] The MFing Shen
Of course, first off mad props to condon for his immense pair of cajones and guide writing skill. This is obviously a shameless rip off of his MFing Cho’Gath. However, I felt it my duty to bring a healthy level of fear and respect to my beloved ninja, and attaching the word MFing to his name seemed to be the most appropriate way of doing this. Additionally, I think condon's format is the best way to write a guide, and the title is meant as a tribute of sorts to the great guide guru.

I: Introduction
So you want to play Shen, huh? Before you start, I need you to read the following sentences out loud until they are seared into your mind for the rest of eternity

Shen is a ninja. Shen is also a tank. This is not a contradiction. If I state, complain, or imply that Shen is not a ninja, or ever say that his abilities are not “ninja-like,” then I agree to have my gonads devoured while the souls of my fatherless children watch and cry in despair.

Alright, so are we all on the same page? Good. Let’s get started then. (Oh yeah, the MFing Shen is a tank, duh)

II: Pre-Game

Runes and masteries are somewhat secondary to the mindset of the true MFing Shen. However, they should be focused on making you as fat as possible. That means at least 21 points in the defensive tree, and the rest is gravy(I use 9/21/0). My personal recommendations for runes are:

Red: Magic Pen (Most of your burst damage is magic, and there aren’t any survivability primaries.)
Yellow: Health/Level
Blue: Magic resist
Quints: Health (You can make an argument for move speed too.)

Acceptable Summoner Spells:
Teleport: Teleport + Shen’s Ult = “Holy **** where did that MFing Ninja come from!” The map control you have with these two skills is amazing. You can be there for literally every important fight that happens in a match, regardless of where you are standing when it starts.

Ghost: Shen is a very hit-and-run sort of tank, so this skill is great for him. Also it’s great for baiting the greedy ****s who think they can kill the MFing Shen. You can never kill the MFing Shen.

Flash: Flash is just a great spell overall, so there’s nothing wrong with using it, but I prefer Ghost and teleport. His Dash counts as a mini flash anyways.

Cleanse: You are a tank, so you will be CC’ed. Cleanse helps you get out of this CC so you can continue to sow fear and discord into the enemy ranks.

Clairvoyance: It’s a team spell, so if no one on the team has it don’t hesitate to pick it up. Make sure you keep Teleport if you do though.

Fortify: Another team spell. Could be useful, but it will depend on your team anyways

You probably shouldn’t use these:
Heal: The MFing Shen does not need any heals. The MFing Shen will heal himself with Vorpal Blade, or blue pill and get right back into fray with Ult or Port

Exhaust: The MFing Shen is not an assassin. Also, the MFing Shen will slow his victims by end game.

Ignite: Again, the MFing Shen is not an assassin. Let your deeps get this spell.

Rally: The MFing Shen will be all over the map, rally does not suit the MFing Shen.

I will punch you if you use these spells:
Clarity: You use energy, ****wad.
Smite: The MFing Shen does not Jungle. He has no need for these paltry smites.
Revive: Get out. Now.

III: The Gear
“But Azerus, why isn’t there any Damage? What about Attack Speed or Lifesteal or Crits? How will I do teh damage and be a ninja?” you may be asking soon.

First of all, you just implied that the MFing Shen is not a ninja. I hope that the souls of your unborn children will find peace. Secondly, the MFing Shen does not need damage to kill. The MFing Shen kills when his opponent realizes the futility of facing the MFing Shen, and proceeds to commit seppuku. Finally, your mother is a harlot.

Your first item shall be a Ruby Crystal. That’s right, a Ruby Crystal. You will choose a Ruby Crystal over the other popular items (Dorans Shield + Pot, or Regrowth Pendant) for the following reasons: It gives you the most health, which is good for living through things and for killing things alike. Vorpal Blade will give you more than enough regen. Most importantly, it can be turned into either a Warmog’s, Aegis of the Legion, or a Leviathan later in the game.

Right around when you get to level 6 and obtain your magnificent map control ult, you will be faced with a decision. Do I turn my Ruby Crystal into a Leviathan, do I get an Aegis of the Legion, or do I keep it for Warmog’s? The answer basically depends on your feel of the game so far. If you have a few kills or assists under your belt, and see yourself getting more, be inclined to go for a Leviathan. If you think there will be encounters where your team needs a boost soon, then go for an Aegis. If you think neither of those apply, then keep it for Warmog's later. It’s a decision that you become more comfortable with as you play Shen more.

Boots are basically a decision between Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi. Mercury Treads if they are more caster/disable heavy, and Ninja Tabi if they are more physical dps heavy.

Next pick up either Warmog’s or Leviathan, depending on what you didn’t get earlier. Once again Aegis is an option if you think your team needs a boost, but be less inclined to get it as you get later in the game. Obviously be smart about Leviathan. If you have less than twice as many kills and assists as you do deaths, don’t get it, as a rule of thumb. Your final core item is Rylai’s Scepter. I prefer this to Frozen Mallet because Vorpal Blade is ranged and procs the slow.

After that, have fun with whatever you think is necessary. If you want to protect those stacks then you can grab a Guardian Angel. If you want sexy regen and MR then get Force of Nature. If the other team is all physical dps, then why haven’t you won yet, but get a Thornmail. Basically get whatever you feel will help the most, but don’t be lured in by Atma’s. It only pretends to be helping you. A well played MFing Shen will have the enemy team sitting in their fountain in pants-****ting fear in under 30 minutes, so you shouldn’t get far beyond Rylai’s.

IV: Skills
Vorpal (Feint if you are getting harassed)

Get Vorpal as your first skill for the event that you get into a fight at level 1 as well as the harass, after that make Dash your first priority, as it is your best skill in both ganks and team fights. I rarely need to get Feint because my opponents soon realize the futility of targeting the MFing Shen, and only attack me when I force them to. If you feel as if you need Feint to survive, then you are doing it wrong. This means that your opponents believe they can kill the MFing Shen. It is your job to make them realize that they cannot, in fact, kill the MFing Shen. (You are encouraged to get Feint when laning against a Zilean, however, since you can shut his harass down with it.)

The goal of the MFing Shen, much like the goal of the MFing Cho’Gath, is to make the enemy team run in fear, and generally feel as insecure as possible. When they push a turret, attempt a gank, even when they sit in their lane farming, they must always believe in the back of their mind that the MFing Shen will soon come to reunite their head with their **** orifice. The MFing Shen can be at all places at any time. It is this seeming omni-presence that is the most important aspect of the MFing Shen.

You, as the MFing Shen, must also prepare yourself for the game. You must find your inner ki and channel it to reach the mindset of a true MFing Shen. You will fear nothing, you will be everywhere at once, and you will, above all, defecate on at least one enemy corpse. If the MFing Shen shows fear, then his team too will sense the bad ki created, and will proceed to act like girly-men for the rest of the game. Prepare yourself to lead the charge on pushes, initiate the ganks, and punish those fools who believe they can gank one of your teammates with anything less than the full team.

V: Game Time
The MFing Shen will not solo mid. The MFing Shen will go to one of the side lanes, preferably with a partner who can shoot things or make things go boom with magic. The goal of the laning phase is one of two scenarios: 1) You and your partner kill one or both of the enemy, preferably multiple times. This is actually the most common scenario that I encounter, which may speak more to my opponents than anything. Shen can provide very respectable burst between Vorpal Blade and Ki Strike, and after a Dash your partner should be able to finish them or get them low enough for you to pop Ghost and finish them off. However, with better opponents a kill becomes less likely, so your goal is 2) You successfully intimidate the opponent so that their farming and experience are severely limited. Vorpal Blade is a great harass, and also serves as a great way to offset enemy harassment. To be more explicit, you can throw Vorpal Blade on an opponent to harass them, and follow up with a Ki Strike if you are feeling extra saucy. If you are getting harassed, then throw Vorpal Blade on a melee or siege minion and attack it for the HoT. The threat of the MFing Shen standing between the enemy and their creeps can be enough to drive them out of experience range or force them to blue pill multiple times to avoid the aforementioned kills. Additionally, if one of the laners leaves, then seize the opportunity and make his partner pay, in blood. Right around when you reach level 6, your early game will end, and you will begin the phase that makes the MFing Shen the MFing Shen, mid game.

VI: Mid-Game
As stated earlier, mid-game is the phase that will determine whether or not you will become the MFing Shen or just some bumble**** wannabe ninja. It is my not-so-humble opinion that Stand United is the single best ability of any champion for mid-game, with the possible exception of Crowstorm, which is just ridiculous at any point in the game. A well played MFing Shen will put the fear of God into the enemy team during mid game. They want to gank one of your lanes? The MFing Shen Ults in and turns them into the ganked. They want to push one of your turrets? The MFing Shen ports in, taunts one of them to draw turret agro, and kills the player before they can say “Wait, but ninja’s are supposed to be dps and throw shurikens and stuff.” The MFing Shen then devours that player’s gonads while the souls of his fatherless children watch. They decide that this ganking and pushing isn’t for them, and they just want to farm? The MFing Shen Ults in as one of his teammates attacks the poor ****er, then taunts him so that he can’t escape. The MFing Shen then defecates on the champion’s corpse. They decide that they would like to turn the tables on this insolent ninja, and attempt to gank the MFing Shen as he is pushing a tower with impunity? The MFing Shen Dashes away, pops Ghost, and runs from the wayward souls. If the MFing Shen deems it necessary, he can pop Port to escape an attempted gank.

A good result for mid game is anywhere from 3-7 combined kills and assists, as well as having your team down all of the outer turrets. At this point, you should probably have completed your Warmog’s, you might have an Aegis if your team needed it, you should have your boots, and you should be working on getting some stacks on that Leviathan. If you have more than 5 stacks on your Leviathan at this point, and your team is ahead on kills and turrets, give yourself a pat on the back, because you just earned a gold star.

VII: Late Game
At this point, your teams are starting to move as a unit, and the game will be decided by who wins a few key encounters. Luckily, as the MFing Shen you are in a great position to ensure that your team is the one that wins these encounters. I’ve found that the MFing Shen is most effective if he does not initiate, although he certainly can if necessary. An ideal scenario for Shen in a team fight is that he completes channeling his ult just as the initiator finishes doing whatever it is he does to initiate. This gives the team two exceptionally threatening targets to deal with before the rest of your team even arrives. Then Shen put’s his kill marker (Vorpal Blade) on the primary target and Taunts as many of the enemy team as he can. If you do this all right, it’s gg for the other team. They already got hit by the initiate, they have a ****ing ninja tearing up their ass hole like it’s the wrapping paper on a six year old’s Christmas present, and those members of your team who like to damage have likely killed several people already. Just rinse and repeat with the team *****slap several times, and you will find yourself destroying the enemy Nexus in no time.

Another advantage is that the MFing Shen can be anywhere on the map prior to the initiation of the team fight. This means that you can be off on your own pushing another tower, soloing Baron Nashor because your balls are just that big (Don’t actually do that though, you’ll die), or sitting in your own fountain masturbating to the enemies’ cries of anguish, and still be there for the team fight. You should also possess enough health that you can eat a turret all by yourself unless they do something about. Combine with a TF friend to give the enemy team an impossible choice between confronting the two champions who will port away or staying with the three champions that can become a full team in under 3 seconds.

Congratulations on not being useless.

VIII: Questions and Answers

If you lost, examine why

Did your team take advantage of the gank immunity, extra lanemate, and all-around baller presence that you provided to kill all enemy champions and towers in their path?

A: Why, yes, of course! If I’m playing with friends then they know what they need to do, and if I’m pugging then I saved their greedy asses more times than Lassie saved those foolish children.

Did you get fatter than Jabba the Hutt and Rosie O’Donnell’s lovechild?

A: Most certainly! My left nut had more HP than the enemy carry!

Did you have such great map presence mid-game that the entire enemy team went into a catatonic stupor a la Sarah Palin in a debate where she can’t say the word “Maverick”?

A: Absolutely! It got so bad that at one point the enemy Tryndamere popped Undying Rage at full health just to make sure we couldn’t show up and gank him.

Did you and your partner dominate your lane like a fat kid dominates an all you can eat buffet?

A: Duh! I supplied the excess weight, and they supplied the mac and cheese.

Did you set the enemy team straight on the feasibility of a ninja also being a tank by displaying a dastardly cunningness in making them perish as they futilely wail on your impenetrable carapace?

A: Why yes, good sir! I even devoured several pairs of gonads, and put the souls of countless unborn children to rest in the process.

If you answered correctly, then you didn’t lose, your team did. If you’re lying to yourself, then read this guide, and the MFing Cho’Gath, again as penance.

roninsm 03-28-2010 06:43 AM

You fail at imitating condon. Stop trying.

The Promise 03-28-2010 07:37 AM


Originally Posted by roninsm (Hozzászólás 912709)
You fail at imitating condon. Stop trying.

I agree, but it is nice to see someone who knows that Shen is a tank, rather than a DPS as I tend to always get on my team, even at upper-mid ELO.

For the love of God stop trying to play Shen as anything but a tank. >.>

Dahras 03-28-2010 08:31 AM

Cool guide man....

You essentially build the same way that I do, though I seriously think you should consider getting the Aegis of the Legion.

I always rush it early because not only is it relatively cheap and built from a ruby crystal, it has everything you need. Health, armor, MR, a bit of AD, its got it all. Oh and its an aura, so you will become even m0re of a terror. Its so funny when people think they have JUST enough damage to kill my Ryze... and then my Aegis gives him 25% more damage reduction.... and then I taunt them... and then they die.

Karandor 03-28-2010 10:49 AM

Yeah the guide needs an aegis, nothing is better than making even attacking your allies futile as you shield them then give aegis buff for some nigh invulnerability.

Best aegis carrier in the game IMO. Other than that good guide.

Feint is ****, energy is better spent on dash and vorpal.

Azerus 03-28-2010 11:26 AM

First off, this isn't meant so much as an imitation of condon so much as a recognition that he writes a mean guide and also using a format and title that he made popular. I personally think the format is the most effective way to write a guide, and my hope was putting that title on would bring more traffic to the guide due to the MFing Cho'Gath's popularity. Aside from that I think it's pretty clear that I use a different "voice," so to speak, than condon. It was never my intention to be another condon, merely to use his guides as a foundation for mine.

Anyways, with regards to the complaints about the lack of an Aegis. The reason I don't include it is because I've found that with Shen you are going to win the teamfights mid-game simply because of how beastly he is at that stage, with or without an Aegis. I get a Leviathan instead of an Aegis because Leviathan then helps you stay strong late game after you've dominated mid-game.

Now, I'll admit that my experience may be based on the fact that I probably play in the mid-low ELO rather than mid-high ELO, but at the same time I think guides should tend to cater to lower ELO, since if you are High ELO you should probably know wtf to do anyways. Regardless, I'll edit to include a mention of Aegis.

PatrickStar 03-28-2010 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by Karandor (Hozzászólás 913377)

Feint is ****, energy is better spent on dash and vorpal.

Wait wait wait wait wait. Feint is ****? Nothing is more satisfying than Zilean time bombing me and I feint out of that sucker. Not only does he not know I'm absorbing all his suckers, but he's wasting his mana as well. This guarantees that Clarity is always on cooldown for him. However, I do agree that Dash and Blade has more potential. Taunt and Life Sap for the whole team is better at late games, but Shen's primary focus in early levels is to waste that mana and harass with Blade.

rEv3 03-28-2010 01:04 PM

I agree with the concept of the guide, but I have to defend Atma's. Since Shen is a hit-and-run (read as ninja) tank, he needs crit to make the attacks he does do that much more effective. The passive bonus stacks well with his passive, and the armor just means you can skip out on another armor item. It also makes farming up your Warmog's that much easier.

Booty Colin 03-28-2010 04:42 PM

condon is one of my favorite people in this entire community, third only to whoever keeps feeding me new champions and whoever is gonna finally effing develop TT. I say this guide was a good tribute and useful to dumb-**** shen players everywhere. props to you, i hope condon reads this(and isn't pissed off)

Excession 03-28-2010 06:35 PM

not enough ranting, swearing, and profanity imho

other than that gj

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