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treegun 03-26-2010 07:52 PM

[Guide] Shen, the TANK of twilight
Welcome to my guide for Shen the Eye of Twilight. This guide, apart from other shen guides, does not suck. YOU ARE A TANK ****ING NINJA NOT A DPS GET OVER IT. Anyway.. lets jump right in.


Ki Strike-Passive, after a 10 seconds you will deal a percentage of your HP to your target in magical damage. Reduced by 3 seconds each time a champion hits you. This is a great skill for last hitting minions and bursting champions.

Vorpal Blade- Deals magic damage and marks the target, such that if you attack it you will receive a heal over time. Great laning ability and marker for team fights. Discussed later in guide.

- Blocks the next attack up to a set amount of damage. This ability is not too bad, but it isn't that great either. Great for predictable champion damage but very weak against dots.

Shadow Dash- A group taunt skillshot. Amazing team skill, use this to your full potential. Can be used to dash over terrain. The energy cost is a bit high, so try to only feint and/or vorpal once or twice while dash is on cooldown to ensure that once you can dash again you will have enough energy.

Stand United- You channel a skill that shields the target from anywhere on the map, then you teleport to them with a shield on yourself as well. Great uses explained towards the end of the guide.


Red- Magic penetration (your burst is all magic damage)
Yellow- Dodge/hp per lvl (duh)
blue- Magic resist per lvl (...duh)
Quint- Flat HP (800 hp lvl1 wut?)

*note- If you are going Frozen mallet+atmas attack speed reds are nice

9/21/0 DO IT

Summoner spells.
Flash (op as all hell)
Ignite (Pro way to stack that levi, and assist in team battles)

Other useful spells worth noting.

Item build.

Get every game
Dorans Shield + hp pot
Merc treads/Ninja tabi
Aegis (unless covered by another player)

Great items to continue with
Atma's Impaler
Force of nature
Wardens Mail
Frozen Mallet/Rylai's Scepter

My personal favorite build order
Dorans sheild+hp pot
ninjatabi/merc treads
atmas impaler
Frozen mallet
Force of nature/Guardian Angek

Tip.. Inbetween building your armor and resists make sure to get a giants belt to boost your effective HP

Tip2.. With additional testing using atmas, i have noticed that it helps greatly as a dps boost. This dps boost is important as the current strategy to fight shen is simply to ignore him.

Skill Order.

Play style.

Early game
You should play very aggressively, and make sure your team fckn knows it. You can completely dominate a lane with your massive starting hp pool and vorpal blade+ki strike harass. A well timed taunt+ignite+vorpal+kistrike with assistance will spell death for the opponent. Past early game your farming is freaking terrible, so try and participate in as many kills as possible.

LVL 6 OHH ****.
You now have the ability to either deny kills across the map or stack your leviathan to ungodly amounts of HP. SUPPORT YOUR TEAM pull in ganks and tank **** like its your job (because it is). Use your great mobility to set up ganks as you can come from behind and taunt the enemy into assured death. Ignite is your friend USE IT.

Mid game.
With a teammate that would usually have trouble soloing dragon, such as ezreal..etc, you can make it very easy to accomplish with Vorpal blade. Try and pick a ranged champion to attack dragon from outside the cove (if you are blue team) and keep vorpal blade stacked..but make sure you have enough energy to dash out if **** gets sour. Team fights are your niche. Get a full team taunt and its GG for the opponents. Make sure you ignite the focus so that they do not get heals from those rainbow riding tarics.

Late game.
Towers... what towers i didn't even notice?? By now you should have monster HP armor and magic resist. Dive the **** out of those towers and suck up champion damage with your feint ability... who needs minions? If a group of two is trying to defend a tower against your 3 or so man push.. TAUNT THOSE FOOLS and watch them die in a rain of fire.

Energy Maintenance
I'm sure that a cursory glance at the forums will reveal the general consensus that Shen has terrible resource management. As a note, for team fights you can only afford to Dashx1 Vorpal/feintx1 if you wish to Dash again once cooldown is up. If you can skirmish lean towards that, but if there is a teamfight, do your job and tank your heart out.


Here are some pro uses for your ultimate that can really change the tide of battle.

1. Denying a kill across the map
2. Ulting in to ensure a kill with a taunt+ burst
3. Ulting a teammate that is being focused in a battle after you taunt
4. Ulting Fiddlesticks or any flash->destroy character to shield them.. and then taunt the team into certain death
5. Ulting Twisted fate or Pantheon for a quick 2v1 on a straggler
6. Have a teammate bait a loner into the brush by giving the appearance of losing a battle. Ult them as they enter the brush for a surprise 2v1 :-D
7. Ulting a far away teammate when you got a little ahead of yourself and are about to die so that you escape.
8. The opposing team has done the impossible.. and you are going to die.. shield your most useful teammate before you die to help them beyond the grave.

EDIT: Hello Summoners, I will be updating this very very old guide to reflect the many changes that have occurred in 2 years of balancing.

Jaarx 03-26-2010 08:16 PM

I salute you for admitting that Shen is a tank. Good day sir. *gentlemanly hat-tip*

treegun 03-26-2010 08:22 PM

/Equally gentlemanly hat tip

Sexual Tyrannosaurus 03-26-2010 11:52 PM

Lacking a hat, I give you a statemenly nod

Akyio 03-27-2010 02:31 AM

I was thinking about making a really nice tank, im interested in tanks that have no need for mana aka mordekaiser, and hmmmm..
what about shen items like:
regrowth pendant -> warmorgs
boots(ninja or mercury)
force of nature(?)(movement speed,great regen)
guardian angel?

im really thinking about a litle bit different build but just going completely TANK, not sure what is the best, since i want no damage, only ability to soak a lot of damage

Xocolatl 03-27-2010 03:18 AM

Any tips for controlling your resources (energy) during an extended team fight?

treegun 03-27-2010 03:22 AM

In team fights, make sure you ALWAYS have enough energy to do a dash taunt as that is your most useful skill. I must admit shen is a bit energy hungry and can only afford to dashx1 sheild/vorpalx1...wait repeat.

SaulOrNothing 03-27-2010 03:39 AM


Originally Posted by Akyio (Hozzászólás 908007)
I was thinking about making a really nice tank, im interested in tanks that have no need for mana aka mordekaiser, and hmmmm..
what about shen items like:
regrowth pendant -> warmorgs
boots(ninja or mercury)
force of nature(?)(movement speed,great regen)
guardian angel?

im really thinking about a litle bit different build but just going completely TANK, not sure what is the best, since i want no damage, only ability to soak a lot of damage

At least for me, no other item than doran's shield will cut it as a starter item for shen. If you feel you MUST rush warmogs (which I never buy with any tank ever), then I would get the ruby crystal for the extra passive damage and you can dagger the canon minions and auto attack them for extra health regen. Again, I cannot stress how good doran's shield is as a starter item on him since mana isn't an issue for him. Just make sure you are picking up aegis early (I skip leviathon and go doran's, then boots of speed, then aegis asap finishing merc treads shortly after). From there I MAY buy leviathon, but I just am not too crazy about it myself as I feel it slows my purchase of aegis for my team and snowball items just make people play differently (never in a good way).

For me, I cant see myself using an other summoner spells other than ghost and teleport.

1) ghost is a ridiculously good spell on shen. You can close a gap and get a taunt OR save and ally with your buble, taunt the opposing team off of the ally, and then pop ghost allowing both of you to get away from tight spots.

2) teleport is there to allow shen nearly total map presence. Shen's ult is limited in that he has to go to an ally. However, this does not let you stop a push at a different lane if you allies are, for whatever reason, not there to do it (maybe its a counter push or a bd or whatever). A tank that can be anywhere on the map is a very powerful asset to a team.

Again, leviathan is an item I tend to go without buying in all but the most pub stomp matches. It slows your aegis and changes your playstyle at the same time making it not worth it to me.I have trouble figuring out what to buy after aegis though. Frozen mallet/ ryalai's are nice, but not really going to help you tank well later on in the game.

+1 to the guide btw.

Akyio 03-27-2010 04:46 AM

I also dont understand what is beter then for his skills ? He has that shield that block damage, but if you put it to only level 1 its almost worthless, is it good to level up his Q, and dash, or its better to level up shield + taunt at first to get a "tank advantage"
most people as i see do him with something like full HP tank, not with a lot of armor/magic resists, and honestly i don't see that those loads of hp pay off a lot..

treegun 03-27-2010 02:06 PM

W is useless for anything but very predictable damage such as karthus's Ultimate. Having 1 rank early does not set you back too far and, to be honest, it has saved me a few times during an escape. Also, having Feint at max rank does not necessarily mean that it will absorb max damage, for the most part it is going to be absorbing poison dots and ignite tick's, which again, is why i do not level untill late game but i do pick up an early rank

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