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Jonas Sterling 03-24-2010 08:17 AM

The Xhai Meki Scroll: A Shen Guide
Howdy Folks, I strike again! This time with a quick Shen guide to aid those fellow Ninjas in the war versus the scrubs of the sea! (Sadly, LC isn't saving my guide. So I'll post it here first!)

- - - - - - - -

If you are reading this scroll, it means you have passed initiation into the Kinkou clan, and seek to rid the world of Imbalance and chaos. If this is true, let the guiding light of Virtue in this scroll be your only truth, let it come unto you to abide the laws of Equilibrium.

Ki Strike

Inner Strength, outer Wisdom: Let the Ki flow through your blade as it itself is you, leaving your opponent staggered by your sudden bursts of power. This Discipline is strong against a single or two opponents, and as you grow sturdy, the blade mirrors your power.

Vorpal Blade

Silent Pain, Hidden Calm: The vorpal edge of your balanced blade can extend it's reach, and slice into a foes life force. From there, it becomes a deep well to which you and your allies can drink from freely.


Cunning Blade, Sly Fox: It is a true skill to avoid a foe, but it is much more to instill the false hope of advantage. Become like the wind against your foes; graceful, and flowing, catching them off guard when they least expect it.

Shadow Dash

Deft Hunter, Swift Eagle: It is of the Kinkou disciplines that teach our warriors the art of walking along the shadows, and it is truly your most useful ability. When one walks along the shadows, those who inhabit them become vulnerable, and those forcing their way into your lands soon realize the sting of the Shadows; and your turrets.

Stand United

Silent Protector, Balance of Life: Extending your Ki is but a force of will, and will save your allies and bolster their ranks with your presence when they, and your foes, least expect it. The Kinkou are everywhere, all the time... we simply choose where, and choose when.

Runes suggestions would be Cooldown Quints, Magic Resist Blues and Yellows, and Health per Level Reds. Another fine substitute is Dodge Yellows or Magic Resist quints.

As a starting Ninja, all we are in need of is a Ruby Crystal: It aids us in our second purchase, and with early Vorpal Blades, we don't need the regeneration aid from items.

As you earn experience on a lane with your partner, you should be looking for 1265 gold pieces, for that will mark the end of your early-game, and allow you to return to camp for a Ninja Tabi and Longsword. This dodge, coupled with your mastery, will allow for a little more survivability while you have multiple foes taunted. The longsword will become a Phage with your first Crystal, and your next purchases should be a Leviathan and Giant's Belt.

This large sum of health will aide you in surviving head-on rushes with multiple enemies, and improve your Ki Strike spams on the more fragile of foes.

Once you have gained enough experience to enter end-game, your item build should look something like this:

Frozen Mallet
Ninja Tabi
Warmog's Armor
Guardian Angel
Atma's Impaler

A good change for an early swap would be a Spirit Visage, as the cooldown reduction (When coupled with runes) is about perfect to maximize our energy regeneration on vorpals and feints, though proves worthless when coupled with Shadow Dashing, as we never energy cap again.

Skill Build
1. Vorpal
2. Dash
3. Vorpal
4. Feint
5. Dash
6. Stand United
7. Dash
8. Dash
9. Feint
10. Dash
11. Stand United
12. Feint
13. Vorpal
14. Feint
15. Vorpal
16. Stand United
17. Feint
18. Vorpal

Vorpal is important to get to level 2 early, as the regeneration on you and your teammate on lane is essential to keep on lane, but it soon lacks the luster of Feint and Dash. Dash is very, very good group-gank control, and the cost becomes more managable as you level it up. Vorpal is good for damage spikes when combined with Ki Strike, but Feinting spell nukes can be lifesaving. You can Feint out of two seconds of Crowstorm, stopping almost 500 damage, or you could hit Fiddle for an extra 200 and heal 60 health. The choice is obvious.

Almost always run Cleanse/Heal. Cleanse helps us stay in control of the combat, and Heal can be a great bonus to teleporting into a wounded ally. It is immensely helpful in teamfights as well.

Ghost can be an alright substitute for heal, as it lets us chase through jungles a lot better. It can also widen the gap between us and a flasher if we have to run from a fight.

In a team, we are masters of Cunning and Surprise, often teleporting into the heart of battle from an allies shadow, striking at the largest group of enemy champions we can find, taunting them all onto us. We keep vigilant, and find a weak target to begin Ki Striking, since our cooldown on Ki will be less than a second sometimes. That coupled with a good Vorpal will help us stay alive, and hopefully end the enemy team as soon as possible.

When chasing, we are immensely good at keeping up with swift enemies, as we can force them to about and face us from a small distance. Our Vorpal strikes also help end the champions that would have otherwise gotten away.

When running, it is usually a good idea to attempt to flee a gank to defend a vulnerable tower, as we can focus the tower's damage onto the enemy champions with our taunt. But, if it seems you can save the lives of your team by charging in with a well-placed Taunt, then so be it; your life is worth two or three of your teammates.

We possess the unique ability of map-wide fight control, entering the fray from any portion of the map so quickly, and with such a beneficial ability, is a rarity among the Legends of the League. Not only that, our very powerful Taunting ability lets us have control over fights that will make even Rammus jealous. On top of that, we're flippin' Ninjas.

And with that, I hope you have attained newfound Wisdom from this scroll. May Balance be with you.

Please support this build as a staple guide for aspiring Shen players, and support it Here.
Comments are most appreciated, as I'd rather see quality responses than a little green number on the guide's overall impact.

Also be sure to check out Tsumerius's post on page 4, as it delves deeper into the guide and other Shen possibilities.

Edit: Changed LC Tags to bolds. :3
Added LC link.
Added Extension to page 4.

blithen 03-24-2010 08:22 AM

Wow, really great guide I will test it out shortly. What are your thoughts on thornmail on him?

Jonas Sterling 03-24-2010 08:24 AM

Coupled with his Taunt, it can be pretty nasty versus the right build. Armor gives him a whole huggy bunch of Effective armor too. It's a solid item if there's a good few carries on their team, otherwise base health will out-shine the armor.

blithen 03-24-2010 08:25 AM

:D Alright, thanks man.

gun fu panda 03-24-2010 08:52 AM

Nice guide. Not sure I like your rune build, but the rest of it seems excellent.

Jonas Sterling 03-24-2010 09:33 AM

I really couldn't decide on runes, so I just rolled with what I saw myself having issues with/not getting gear for. The Health was the exception.

Viral 03-24-2010 09:40 AM

First off, I got scared because I thought it was a toggle smurf, but then I read it and approved.

halfNakedNinja 03-24-2010 09:52 AM

-1'd he just came out dont make a guide.
seiously you havent played him enough to make a guide seeing as how he literally just came out today.
if nobody downrates this then it proves that everyone was just trolling t0ggle...

AboutHermes 03-24-2010 09:56 AM

youd be surprised at how fast peopel can test different item builds mate lmao I bought him ASAP and have already done quite a few games so.

Jonas Sterling 03-24-2010 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by halfNakedNinja (Hozzászólás 891561)
-1'd he just came out dont make a guide.
seiously you havent played him enough to make a guide seeing as how he literally just came out today.
if nobody downrates this then it proves that everyone was just trolling t0ggle...

Leaguecraft helps, and understanding the game helps more.

Please leave the thread for TC and discussion, not griefing.

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