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IS13cab516e3f5a9d78dae4 05-13-2011 05:25 AM

Rumble Guide: Rumble before I tumble!
So I noticed not many guides have been made about Rumble, which is a shame since Rumble is a very powerful champion, and I think everybody should give him a try before he gets tweaked in the next patch and might not be all good as he is at the moment.

This guide is current as of Patch v1.0.0.120

I. Abilities, Analysis & Skill Order
II. Masteries
III. Runes
IV. Summoner Spells
V. Item Build
VI. Strategies, Role & your Goal
VII. Tips & Trick - Weakness

I. Abilities and Skill Order:

Junkyard Titan (Passive):
Rumble's abilities generate heat. When Rumble is above 50 heat, he is in the "Danger Zone," causing all his basic spells to have additional effects. When Rumble reaches 100 heat he overheats, silencing himself and causing his physical attacks to deal additional magic damage. Rumble loses heat over time.

Rumble torches the area in front of him with his flamethrower dealing damage to all units in a cone for several seconds. While in the “Danger Zone,” this spell deals additional damage.

Scrap Shield:
Rumble creates a shield blocking incoming damage for several seconds and granting a short duration speed boost. While in the “Danger Zone,” the shield’s strength and speed boost increase.

Rumble launches a missile that deals magic damage and applies a stackable slow on the target. A second shot can be fired for no additional cost within several seconds. While in the “Danger Zone,” the damage and slow percentage is increased.

The Equalizer (Ultimate):
Rumble calls down a line of rockets over the target location. Enemies in the scorched area take damage over time and are slowed.

Ability Analysis:

As you proberly already can see from the skills is that you need to have your heat level above 50 most of the time, so you can get that extra damage on them when you harass and attack.

Managing your heat level is essential when you play Rumble, and you want to overheat at the right moments and make sure you don't do it at the wrong.

So the big question is when should you overheat and when is a bad time to do it? The answer to that all depends on your situation, but basically you want to have fired all your spells first before you overheat mainly you need to have fired your ultimate.
By the time you want to be overheated the enemies should be in a state where they are fleeing from you and you are just up in their face hitting them with that bonus damage, meanwhile they are getting roasted in your Q and ultimate.

A bad time to overheat is if you are already in a fight and you haven't fired your ultimate, the reason for that is it takes some time before the silence wears off, and you might have missed a big opportunity to hand out big damage if you are just running around silenced.

This doesn't mean you never want to overheat, because that bonus damage from your auto attack can give you a lot of easy kills in early and mid games. Ofcourse I'll be honest with you and say that in very late game around Guardian Angel end, you can't really rely on your auto attack damage when you overheat.

Also this should be common Rumble sense, but ofcourse avoid overheating when you are running away from the enemy, but there shouldn't be many of those situations if you build Rumble correct ;)

Skill Order:
The order you will be picking your skills in goes something like this:
W or E
E or W

You first max out your Q attack, since it will be your main source of damage. Second you want the shield/speed to be as good as possible, and last you go for the harpoon, ofcourse take your R whenever you can.

The reason why I have either W or E at level 2 and 3 is because it all depends on your situation in the game, and if you think you have the upper hand in a lane you might be better with getting your harpoon so you can go for an early kill.
Ofcourse if you are in a difficult lane with a lot of ranged enemies, you better stick to your shield.

II. Masteries:

In masteries I go for the same build which Phreak also picked in his champion spotlight: 9/21/0, not that anything else is worse, but getting these masteries really works in synergy with how Rumble works.
You want that Archaic Knowledge in the offensive tree since you will be handing out a lot of magic damage, but in the end you basically want as many of the defensive masteries simply because you will be standing in the middle of everything when fight breaks out.

This is something I'll go into depth with down in the Strategies point, but Rumble is a melee champ and even though your Flamespitter does have a fairly big range, you need to be close to the enemies to hurt them good. Thats the reason why you want a lot of defensive masteries.

A last note to remember is not to pick anything like Strenght of Spirit in your tree, since Rumble doesn't use mana.

III. Runes:

I always see runes as a personal choice and at the end of the day many things does work for Rumble overall, so I can basically only desribe which runes I pick and why:
Marks: Magic Penetration
Seals: Flat Health
Glyphs: Flat Magic Resist
Quintenssence: Flat AP

The reason I go for this is it offers me survivability but also that early AP and Magic Pen so I can get some first blood and early kills. These runes works really good for me, but almost anything can work in the same way. So if you pick Dodge over MR or Armor over Health shouldn't really make a big difference overall.
My runes are very offensive and I do see some other guides where they go for some more defensive runes, but thats up to you.

IV. Summoner Spells:

I run Flash and Ignite as my summoner spells. Again this might be a personal choice, but try to hear me out as I explain and justifies why those 2 spells are so good compared to anything else.
It is possible to go for Ghost, but why would you really want that? Rumble have 2 abilities which can slow, and as soon as you get Rylais Crystal Scepter your Flamespitter will also slow, so I simply can't see why you need an entire summoner spell to catch up on them even futher, you should already be in their face without Ghost with all that slow Rumble have.

I'm not scared of saying that Flash is the most powerful summoner spell in the game at the moment, and the reason for that is at tournaments they even comment when people have used their flash, why? Because it is a game breaker. If this was Monopoly, Flash would be your "Get out of Jail" - card, simply because Flash can safe you from almost any bad situations but also offer a good way to catch an enemy and land a kill.

As second I go for Ignite because at level 2 there is a good chance to land a kill if you are hunting them down with that 50 heat level Flamespitter, your harpoon and a ignite to finish them up. You can easily argue that Ignite will be useless in end game, and I also agree that in late game Ignite just becomes a Heal and Regen Reduction debuff, but if Ignite is able to secure you 5-10 kills in the start, does it really matter that it might become redundant in the end?

Other summoner spells that also work would be: Teleport, Heal, Cleanse and Exhaust.

V. Item Build:

This one is a little tricky with Rumble, but I'll go through some of the core, situational and alternative items.
First I want to show which items I go for in my Rumble games and also explain in details why I pick these items:

The start:
Doran's Shield or Boots+HP pots
Hextech Revolver or Haunting Guise
Mercury's Treads
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Guardian Angel
Force of Nature
Sunfire Cape

I used to go for Ruby Crystal but I have started using Doran's Shield more, because it gives me that extra time in the laning phase and I don't have to worry about getting too low on health. I then start to build Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and by the time I have that I become the ultimate slow champion and nobody is able to get away from Rumble at that point.
Most of my games end around this point where I have 9-11 kills, but if the games drag out I start to get more defensive items, because when you enter late midgame and endgame you need some defensive items to be able to survive standing among all the enemies.
This is where I go for Guardian Angel, ofcourse if there are champions like Ashe, Caitlyn, MF or some other auto attacking champion I get Thornmail, and Banshee's Veil if there are 2 AP carries.
At this point just get the items you feel for, since Rumble can have all kind of roles in a game, so you need to build him for the situation.

So to summarize it all your core items will be:
Mercury's Treads
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Guardian Angel

Situational items can be these:
Banshee's Veil

Last I want to place some alternative items, which I also get for some of my games:
Rabadon's Deathcap
Void Staff
Abbysal Scepter

VI. Strategies, Role & your Goal:

Level 1-5:
These levels are very crucial for a Rumble, since you can't afford dying at this level. Going for firstblood or an early kill before you hit level 6 can be very dangerous and you need to carefully execute it.
Basically you will just be last hitting mobs and try to keep your heat above 50 and get some free hits on your enemies, as soon as you hit level 2 you can either pick Electro-Harpoon and try and get that first kill(s), but if you are in a lane with 1 or 2 ranged champions who are very agressive, then just pick your shield and safe your health until you hit level 6.
A last note at this level is that if an enemy gets a bit too close, and you manage to hit the person with both harpoons, then just go full out with your Flamespitter, Overheat and place that Ignite. It's rarely I see any people survive from that amount of damage if they don't Flash away from it.

Level 6:
As soon as you hit level 6 you kill the enemy champion(s) in your lane, it doesn't matter if it's 1 or 2 of them, you just land that ultimate and kill them. It might sound like a very bold statement from me to say it like this, but in all my games I've had with Rumble I always manage to kill the enemies as soon as I hit level 6, even the games I loose.

If that ultimate is aimed correct and you hunt them down with Harpoons, above 50 heat Flamespitter and your Scrap Shield to Overheat, it's rarely I see enemies survive to that.

Level 7-Level 11/13:
These levels are where all the fun goes on, you will basically be running around in different lanes being a bully and desecrating everybody with your The Equalizer (Ultimate). With most my games if everything goes like I said, I normally end out with 9+ kills as soon as I finished Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Now I know that so many kills might sound like an overstatement or that I'm braging, but I'm not wrong here and you definitely haven't seen Rumble's full potential then if you think it ain't possible, you become like a beast and everybody will hate and fear you when you show up landing those rockets.

Level 15-18+:
When you start to enter end game you might suddenly hit a big survival wall and at this point you will notice that a lot of the big snowball champions and gear dependent farmers will actually start to hurt a lot, and you might even be struggling with gold. This is where you need to get your defensive items to still be competitive and feared by the enemy, and this is normally where I stop getting anymore damage items.

Your Role & Goal:
When you read this you might already be wondering what your role is as Rumble, well you are basically classified as a tank-mage. Which mean your role is to stand in the center of action handing damage out to everybody around you, and still being able to walk away like a boss.
In early and mid game you will doing massive damage but that will wear off over time, and for end game you will most likely turn out to be maybe not the tank but a really good initiator and a tough champion who can take some beating.
The only skill which will still give the edge at late game is your ultimate, and it is very important you land that ultimate correct in end game.

VII. Tips & Trick - Weakness:

In this last point I want to go through some of those experiences I have gathered as Rumble and also try to break down his weaknesses.

The Equalizer (Ultimate) How to use it correct and how to screw it up:
Your ultimate is a very powerful spell if you use it correct, but it also takes some games before you really get the hang of it and learn when to use it and when to wait a little with it.

Let me show you the basics of your ultimate with some mspaint skills:
This picture here shows the correct way to land your ultimate, the big red dot is Rumble, the 3 blue are enemies and the arrow is your dirrection for the ultimate. If you land it this way your enemies will all get hit by it and take damage right away, and they will be really slow so you can easily catch them.

This picture here shows the wrong way to cast your ultimate, never and I mean NEVER use your ultimate to cut somebody off. You basically waste your entire ultimate's potential damage if you don't land it on top of them, and the whole idea of playing like you were Anivia walling them off is just stupid and won't work with the same effect, they are just going to step into it anyway, but you just missed out a big damage as your ultimate lands.

Some last notes is that your ultimate works really good on narrow paths, since it's not really possible for your enemy to run to the sides when they are on it, so they will have to keep running in your ultimate.
Another trick is that when the enemy is doing dragon on Summoner's Rift, a lot of times will they basically stand in a perfect line just for you to land your ultimate on top of them and go in and waste them.


Last here in this guide I want to talk a little about some of Rumble's flaws and weaknesses, now you might be asking why do I want to share the weaknesses with people. Well the way I see it, in order for you to become a better Rumble player you need to know what will make you die and loose the game.

Facing against ranged or champions with stuns can be really devastating for Rumble, and one of his arch nemesis is Ezreal. The reason why Ezreal is such a good counter to Rumble is because he is able to harass at a big range and also able to escape if Rumble attacks with the ultimate. All though Kassadin might be of the same, it's not as bad as Ezreal since Kassadin still needs to get closer to auto attack.
Other ranged champions like Ashe, Caitlyn or that new champion Vayne are also really good counters against Rumble, aslong as they stay ranged all the time.
This is where us Rumble players also can learn something, because sure Caitlyn might be able to shoot at us at range but as soon as we slow her down with Harpoons and Ultimate those 90. caliber nets wont get her anywhere.

Also champions with stun can be a good counter towards Rumble, sure champions with stuns is mostly good against anything, but it hurts Rumble more than a Brand. Why? you might ask. Well Brand can still deal massive nuke damage when he gets out of the stun, all though Rumble can do the same with his ultimate, at the end of the day Rumble is a champion who deals persistent damage over time.
So when you get stunned in a fight situation you will already fall behind in damage as Rumble and it might not be that easy to catch up against the enemy.

One thing I'm noticing also when I play Rumble is that he is terrible to creep with, sure you can just stay in your lane trying to last hit those minions, but I am a person who belives that using the ˝ of a game just last hitting minions is a waste of all your damage potential. In the end it becomes a break or fall with Rumble, either you stick to getting gold or you go out and kill those enemies. If you end up being able to do non of these things, well then you already lost the race and it is very tough to catch up with Rumble in gold.
For the people wondering, no his Q attack is not good at farming, all though you might think it's like Mordekaiser's Siphon of Destruction, it's not. Most of the time your Flamespitter is very random against minions in damage, and it's not really reliable to last hit with.

Final Words:
Thank you all for reading this big wall of text, and if you made through it I hope you enjoyed the read and agree with the points I make in this guide. I do want to mention that this is my first guide ever for a game, so I'm rather new in making guides. Also ofcourse these statements and points I make in this guide is my personal view and experience as a Rumble player, and here last I want to show a picture of how your stats can look when you play him good:
I play on the Europe servers all though I post in here.

Also if you don't mind I would like some feedback in this guide, what I can improve or if you just have other experiences with Rumble which you would like to share.

- #1 Edit:
Like some in the comments mentioned using the harpoon to last hit mobs ofcourse works way better, and I've also had situations myself where I had to focus on doing that since I was facing 2 ranged champions in sololane.

-#2 Edit:
I have added some new item picks and some more thoughts as I've gotten more experience with him and seen him in tournaments.
With the lastest patch Rumble got a big nerf on his ultimate. I already expected that to happen so it doesn't surprise me, in the end the spell is still really good and can still create some chaos but you will most likely have to follow up with the Flamespitter.

Also I want to share this video with people who want to see some decent Rumble gameplay from the Season 1 Tournament:

Aspenn 05-13-2011 08:16 AM

Nice Post for a guide.

"For the people wondering, no his Q attack is not good at farming, all though you might think it's like Mordekaiser's Siphon of Destruction, it's not. Most of the time your Flamespitter is very random against minions in damage, and it's not really reliable to last hit with".
Wish more players read this. :)

You should list his bugs as of now.

bluZe 05-13-2011 08:17 AM

no ranked games?

IS13cab516e3f5a9d78dae4 05-13-2011 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by bluZe (Hozzászólás 8832239)
no ranked games?

I have tried ranked games with him, but my rank ain't really that great since I don't play that much of it, so I can't comment much on it.

Infernal Lupine 05-13-2011 04:50 PM

Rumbles Poor Q against minions is because it does half damage against them.
Best to last hit with the harpoon if you can without overheating.

Flash and Ghost work well as a gap closer or chasing people down with the Q.

Hextech Revolver is awesome with its Spell Vampirism.
Hextech GunBlade is also equally awesome with its trigger.

I R Orc Peon 05-13-2011 04:56 PM

His attack animation is a pain in the rear to work with for last hitting imo.. could be I just need to adjust.. but since I pick E for my first skill I use that for last hitting and harassing. Much more predictable for last hitting and keeps me out most enemy harassing.. I did get my ass handed to me by a rumble starting with Q and Dorans Shield to my E and Pendant of Regrowth.

Basicly he pushed my lane before I could do anything about it and Q can put you into the Danger Zone on its own. So while I would still pick E over Q as the first skill almost every time, if Im ever against another solo Rumble I will take Q..

And about Ruby Crystal as first item.. its not for noobs :P And I will probably end up starting wiith it over a regen item eventually.. but right now I get hit too often when I harass and dont have enough regen .

I R Orc Peon 05-13-2011 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by Infernal Lupine (Hozzászólás 8845431)
Rumbles Poor Q against minions is because it does half damage against them.
Best to last hit with the harpoon if you can without overheating.

Flash and Ghost work well as a gap closer or chasing people down with the Q.

Hextech Revolver is awesome with its Spell Vampirism.
Hextech GunBlade is also equally awesome with its trigger.

I usually go will of the ancients.. but I have tried the gunblade in a few games.. its **** expensive though.. but Spell vamp is awesome... unless they have a lot of ignite and disable..

Infernal Lupine 05-13-2011 05:04 PM

Ive been flipping between the Amplifying Tome first followed by Shield. Sorc Boots.
Or Starting with Shield, Amplifying Tome, Hextech Revolver,

His W makes not needing boots right away so giving him lee-way to build power first.

Infernal Lupine 05-13-2011 05:12 PM

Bugs: Rumble likes to get stuck on minions, his or opposing side. He gets cornered and pathing confuses because of his size, which makes him bounce in place , usually at the worst time.
Havent seen it this week, but sometimes his Ult launches but never lands but you still have the CD, which is annoying. I think a Stun timed right, prevents the damage part of the Spell from landing, but you still get the CD, not really fair. :/

Grav 05-13-2011 05:12 PM

I have been using him a lot on 3s. I generally start amp shield and a hp pot though sometimes boots/ward/pot or dorans ring, depending on the enemy team.

I either rush guise or revolver first depending on enemy team. Then sorc boots, either chain mail or negatron depending on enemy team, then either rylais or finish abyssal. You could also get sunfire first. I find with just chainmail and negatron and the vamp (you actually get a lot combined even early) you are very tanky. I like this build because it can go in many directions and adapt easily.

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