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Zealot644 05-10-2011 03:14 PM

This 6300 IP Bull**** Needs To Stop

And so the time begins again where this thread is revived. Keep it bumped and relevant because after seeing champions like Yorick released for 6300, I can only assume Leona will be the same. Dont worry guys, I'm still here ^^





According to some Riot may not just stop at closing the thread, and they may infact ban me. I fail to see how a thread with even these topics would demand a sudden ban without warning. Customers arent happy and that should be adressed. We arent being rude here by stating our anger and concern, nor are we being rude for trying to get a legitimate complain acknowledged.


Originally Posted by CorruptedIdeal (Hozzászólás 10794130)
To anyone saying that supporters of this thread are complaining, think again. This is an instance of the consumer (us) telling the producer that we think its prices are unreasonable and that we may take our money elsewhere, where it will be better spent. Take HoN, for instance-- $35 permanently unlocks all content. In LoL that's enough for a hero pack. I have already invested $35 in this game and would like to enjoy more features without having to empty my wallet.

Riot will listen to your voice, so speak up. If you think paying $5 for one champion is unreasonable, say so.

BUMP THIS THREAD IF YOU SUPPORT IT. **Thank you everyone who understands for getting this up to over 4300 upvotes AND OVER 290K VIEWS!. Get this seen!**

Riot...Can we please have some acknowledgement of this post? It was written out of anger and I feel it should stay that way (Customer service should be one of your top priorities. Angry customers happen) so I will not be changing the content of the post, I hope that despite the choice of words (I tried to keep it fairly clean too) I ask you to read and consider the content. Thank you.


We have had a red post, but it was about Leblanc price bug instead of what this post is actually about. WHERE IS A RED RESPONSE TO WHAT REALLY MATTERS? (Still like you, Riotchris :P you just dodged the question)

I see threads on the front page just like mine with 9 replies and 10 views, guess which thread got an on topic red response from TRYNDAMERE... http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=765328

Another @Riot thread (Haters claim Riot ignores that style) that has an almost instant response http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=764771

And another http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=766076


BEFORE YOU BEGIN. TL;DR: Whether I use IP or RP to buy a champion right away, or whether I wait for a free week or not, it is STILL 6300 IP or 975RP when the time comes. Every two weeks.

Promises of cheaper champions? http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=458424 Four months ago...I think its time dont you?

Honestly, every two weeks you come out with a new champion. That's cool and all but the problem arises when you constantly price them for way more IP than I can farm up in those 2 weeks. Sometimes I would like to be able to finish my rune page or get started on another, but I would also like to be able to play new champions too.

Seriously, can we release some champions that dont break the bank? Comon Riot, you guys are normally in my eyes a great company but this constant overpricing is stupid. It even costs more RP to get champions based on the price, which costs EXTRA real money as if you guys didnt get enough already. Rune and Quint prices are a little high on some of them I find too.

Replying the same garbage to the majority of you is getting to be too troublesome. Obviously you are too busy being ignorant to realize how badly Riot is treating you as customers. It doesnt matter if I have to work for something in a free to play game, and it doesnt matter if I have to put in real money to buy something I want as it supports the company. What DOES matter though is that said company is now becoming greedy with champions. Every two weeks they release another champion with the same price tag that allows them to charge the insane amount of RP that they do. Its only $5 right? Sure, but think about iTunes in that the "its only $1" mindset really adds up and starts to gouge your pockets.

All I am really trying to say by making this post is to open your eyes and stop being sheep. You deserve a break as much as I do when it comes to overpriced champions. Riot even said they would release champions in different price ranges, promised us tons of features which would obviously be made with the money you support them with, but they have lied to you...Should you not be a little bit angry? Or are you just going to feed them because of your own incompetence? New servers to handle patch day loads? Nope. Where the hell does your money actually go, or when will this stupidity end?

Yours truly, a pissed off guy.

P.S. Love the IP Gain nerfs (Like, 70 IP a win bro, or about 115 IP for a 75 minute match...) to force us into buying RP more. Real sneaky like. Shhhhh.


Originally Posted by Tenisyn (Hozzászólás 8961155)
They charge 975 RP for 3150 champs also. See Mordekaiser, Sona, Shen, etc.

EDIT: To please a greater audience and my own interests...Magma Chamber? That's free and more wanted by the community than overpriced champions.(Id hope...inb4 12600 IP cost to play it) Or how about some better servers that can handle the increased loads of patch day? This is insane.


-- http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=748459 --

And another good point brought up by Krom.

Originally Posted by Krom (Hozzászólás 8878258)
Dabba... sorry bro, but you're arguing it wrong.

At release there were 40 champs.

Of those 40, 4 were 6300ip. Thats 10%.

They stated a looong time ago that 6300ip champs were going to be the exception to the rule. (I was in beta, trust me bro) And looking at release this holds true.

But fast forward to today and...

76 champs total. Of those 22 are 6300ip. Thats 29%. Their representation has now tripled. 450ip and 1350ip have remained almost unchanged, no new releases at 450ip and only Poppy at 1350ip. And there is now a new tier of 4800ip champs.

It gets even worse if you don't count the original 40.

36 new champs. Of those 18 are 6300ip. THATS 50%!

Half of the new champions that have been released since launch have been 6300ip!

That is not what they promised. Padding your numbers by counting release champions from over a year and a half ago that did adhere to a diverse price range where 6300ip was not the norm is beyond disingenuous.

One brought up by Theral dealing with Riot ignoring this thread

Originally Posted by Theral (Hozzászólás 8890319)
I'm sure they're reading it. As I said before, myself in this group: Some of us just want a response on why there have been no new 3150 champions, and that's completely ignoring the no new 1350 or 450 champions.(I said new, not discounted older ones, before someone points it out.)

I just want a response that actually addresses the issue at hand, rather than just gloss it over and say "In the future we'll release lower priced champions." That doesn't cut it. I've paid for things in this game; not much, I'll admit. (I purchased the Champion's Pack at Target) I will pay for RP in the future, but not unless this issue is addressed.

I won't sink money into a company that completely ignores a major issue that the customers brought up to discuss. They're ignoring the issue.

Perfect example: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...=744680&page=5 Scroll down, and guess what? A red response valid to the thread linked.

Gasp. They do read the forums! And they do respond with relevant comments pertaining to the threads they read. Except here. (Unless you count pointing out a pricing bug.)

A post from Naeleen detailing how champion pricing should go

Originally Posted by Naeleen (Hozzászólás 8892452)
I hope Zealot644 keeps track of the replies in this thread. I'd very much like him/her to include my words in the initial post.

It is indeed true that since the IP rewards got reduced (about 25-35% for normal/ranked games and over 150% for custom games!), a casual player that plays 5-8 games every day barely manages to collect 6300 IP within 2 weeks. It only becomes enough to purchase a new champion, and such puts this player's plans on purchasing runes/rune pages behind (if any). I do not acknowledge this as the "smooth gameplay" Riot staff have been "struggling" for.

The champions' RP prices are very disproportionate. I suggest that they should strictly follow some sort of analogy. We can't have a 3150 IP and a 6300 IP champion cost 975 RP both. Don't you see that there's something wrong with this picture? I do buy RP too, like many other players. But I am very reluctant to buy a newly released champion with RP if he/she does not cost at least 6300 IP. I pity the RP I'd spend for a 3150 IP or 4800 IP champion, because both prices would be 975 RP and thus I'd rather purchase that champion with IP. Champions should follow a 975/745/490/210/70 price pattern, analogical to the 6300/4800/3150/1350/450 IP prices (give or take 10-20 RP for each price tier anyway).

Furthermore, the prices on most of the runes are quite ridiculous. We more than need 9x rune bundles (or 3x quintessences) (still purchased with IP of course), with a noticeable discount compared to purchasing them all separately.

A lot of stuff were promised, they are already designed but they purposely delay their implementation, because they enjoy the profit from skin and champion sales at the moment. It is pure mockery on their end, to have made promises since November 2010 (yes, that's approximately 6 months ago) and we saw barely 20% of what was promised come true so far.

A humorous thread on if an old champion was released today... http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=754298

Before you call me a Riot hater and an idiot for doing something like this, maybe I will cover a few of the things that I feel Riot has done right.

1.You made League. Amazing game. Thank you.
2. You do generally have good customer service and I -personally- think the community is good.
3. Urf the Manatee.

To Haters:

1. We buy RP. Maybe not every time, but we do.
2. We dont want Riot going broke. But if one champion once in a while isnt 6300, if it puts a multi million dollar company out of business then they had no business being up there to begin with.
3. Call me an entitled brat all you want, but I will say what needs to be said instead of remaining silent with the mindset of "nothing will change". Riot PROMISED different prices and other features. WHERE ARE THEY!?
4. Hate if you want, you only bump my thread more.


Originally Posted by Exzodium (Hozzászólás 8952608)
I really loathe how this thread has become a caustic acrimony of both sides, in no thanks to people like Dabba who fail to understand the underlining meaning of this thread, its supporters and the original post.

Dabba's paradox like posts have made what should be a great thread, seem like a dichotomy between reason and understanding. Thus in turn making it seem like any one who could possibly agree with the original post look like a stigma upon the community.

But I for one will not be treated like a pariah because some one feels the need to argue with the logic of a bean bag chair. The final response I have to those who question the supporters of this thread, is why has it not been closed if we are so wrong?

Queen Toffee 05-10-2011 03:15 PM


Octagonfox 05-10-2011 03:15 PM


DrUnne 05-10-2011 03:15 PM


That is all.

MetalGearLink 05-10-2011 03:16 PM

People still buy new champions? What is this? The older champions, the ones not released the past 3 or 4 months, are far superior to the newer ones in that you don't need the newer ones to fill the strongest roles.

Raptamei 05-10-2011 03:16 PM

Dota2 will have a flat price. Vote with your wallet.

Skythee 05-10-2011 03:16 PM

The last 1350 Champion was poppy.

Elite Midget 05-10-2011 03:16 PM

Riot expects to make a profit with every new champion. Selling new champions for less than 6300 IP means that fewer pay with RP thus fewer net Riot any cash.

PlagueBoy 05-10-2011 03:16 PM

The last "new" 1350 was Poppy in January 2010.

Ansre 05-10-2011 03:16 PM

It will only get worse.

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