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Neptune 04-25-2011 09:45 PM

Is LoL a Haunted Game?
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EDIT: 8 more people have reported the glitch, so it's not just me! I uploaded the pictures, but plz read the whole thread first.

Response to disbelievers:
Response to Red post:

Note: Some of this is second hand, I can't fully confirm it's all 100% factual.

I've got a crazy experience to share with the LoL community. It started with a graphical bug, but has become increasingly wierd and creepy. TLDR: I seriously think this game might be haunted - or something like it.


I first encountered the glitch in October. I was Kennen, running by the spot where Urf pops up, and the game froze. I assume the Urf graphic somehow caused it. I closed and rejoined, which seems to fix things. This happened two more times, with another weird effect: My champ would sometimes flicker to the Shen model after reconnecting.

It started happening again about a week later with even more bizzare effects:

  • It only occurs while running past the "Urf's Grave" spot, but sometimes happens on regular Summoner's Rift, where Urf's ghost isn't even part of the map!
  • The crash displays random words/graphics across the screen, usually from the "death recap" text (more on this later)
  • Upon reconnecting, no matter what champ I am, my character model will periodically flicker to Shen during gameplay. Often, it will be Shen's "surgeon" skin.

This would frequently happen, and became quite annoying. I kept hoping one of the patches would fix it, but after a while simply chalked it up to my older computer.


In March I went to visit my friend in California, and this is where **** gets really strange. My homeboy from high school (we'll call him "Davey") lives in Culver City. Coincidentally this is also where Riot Games is based.

We were both off for spring break, and spent the week screwing around town. We walked through a really nice cemetery (felt more like a park), and Davey points to this headstone and says "That's Joel, the Dota kid there". We've both played Dota for years, but I hadn't heard about this.

Davey says he used to be friends with this now-deceased person (named Joel), and his cousin.

Apparently, Joel had been active in the Dota community, and was rumored to have interned at Riot Games while LoL was in planning stages. He died during an operation (something with his lungs). According to the cousin, Joel's family completely blames the doctor for his death, claiming the medical records show clear signs of negligence. They tried to file a lawsuit for malpractice, but the legal stuff went on for years. Davey fell out of touch with the cousin, and doesn't know how it ended.


When I got back and the glitches started again, I started thinking "Hehe, it's Joel haunting the game!"

I wish I hadn't thought of it. The idea got stuck in my mind, and now everything seems like it's connected. The evidence is stacking up, and I really think Urf might be some kind of tribute to Joel. Let's look at some of the "coincidences"

  1. Joel's headstone (Pic #1). The grave is next to a fence, with a river on the other side. This is exactly like Urf's headstone in the Harrowing version of SR. This is too weird to be a coincidence, especially since 99% of normal headstones are just lined up in the middle of a field.
  2. Manatee = Walrus? (Pic #2) In his old yearbook, Davey found a picture of Joel with the caption: Joel "The Walrus" Fruendt. While Walrus is not Manatee, it is very **** close. Davey said he'd always sing Beatles "I am The Walrus" before a soccer match, and eventually got that nickname.
  3. Hidden names. The full name is Joel Fruendt. Fruendt. Take the first 3 letters of that last name and reverse it...Yup. That is all the evidence I need. It's f**king URF.


(Pic #3) The creepiest thing of all is the graphical bug, which only occurs on Urf's grave! It varies occasionally, but most often the word "KILLER" from the death recap is tiled across the screen over and over again. On reconnect the model flickers to Shen...in his SURGEON outfit. Maybe a dumb coincidence, but it makes me think of how Joel died.

So in this "glitch": You walk on Urf's (or Joel's) grave. The game stops and says "KILLER" over and over. Then it repeatedly shows a surgeon!


I'm seriously getting scared to play this game, the moment when I walk over that Urf spot. Will it glitch? Will something even more scary happen? Will I be haunted until the end of eternity? (Not srsly...but srsly).

That's about it. I'm sharing this with you all because it's both creepy and fascinating, and to hear if anybody else has similar experiences. If so, please speak up!

EDIT: Allright, I can't tell if this guy is pulling my leg or not. TBH I'm inclined to believe
him, even if he is a bit dramatic:


Holy **** yes I've seen that glitch a hundred times now. I'm soooo glad somebody else had it and not just me. But omfg, why did you have to tell all about Joel, Ima have nightmares now you ****! I've had this glitch and way worse scary **** happen.

FOr one thing I get a really bad sound sometimes when it happens, its like a scream, I think one of the champions death sound buy really deep and low, like its ****ing up the bass on my speakers. the first time it happened I shat bricks, and guess what? It just does it for no reason, it's happend when I don't even have LoL running and made sure in task manager.

Also this is SO ****ed up, every time I exit the LoL client, my computer open firefox to this youtube video called Malpractice 2001 DOCTOR KILLS PATIENT. Im not even JKing, here is link: youtube.com/watch?v=xaVorUGmUFI
I Couldnt understand this at all until you posted the Joel thing, now it makes since. godammit I sweat this is haunting me, I even sometimes wake up and I think I hear the scream or the video is playing by itself, and everytime I restart it's set as my homepage no matter how many I change it!

Yes im too scared now that ive seen this post this game is haunted or something crazy. l. I'm using my other computer to type this, have NEVER installed LoL on it, so if I hear that scream on my speakers now...I don't even want to imagine it.

Well, judge for yourself, and post here for anything else you come across!

EDIT 2: Thought I'd add, I had trouble uploading the pictures, especially Pic #2 of the yearbook. Every time I'd think it was uploading, but the computer just crashed. Finally got it on the fourth or fifth try. Coincidence?

John McCain 04-25-2011 09:46 PM

You shouldn't have done that...

Your Mom 04-25-2011 09:47 PM

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

BACKSTABUUU 04-25-2011 09:49 PM

Inb4this becomes an inside joke for Riot

BestVeigarEver 04-25-2011 09:49 PM

Not sure if real...

RawrJar 04-25-2011 09:49 PM

Started really good, but then you lost me.
Good try?

cooksta 04-25-2011 09:49 PM

Why do I get the feeling that you're employed by S2 games or Valve?

Creepy coincidence.

AtlaStar 04-25-2011 09:52 PM




OmgWtfNamestaken 04-25-2011 09:53 PM

Why the hell did I read this?

Now I don't want to walk past that spot. Lol

WlSHMASTER 04-25-2011 09:53 PM

holy sweet jesus this is dqlkweql;wkdwqe


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