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Fifthdawn 03-28-2011 12:16 PM

@Riot: Shaco's crit bug. Just a reminder.

Remember awhile back where there was confirmation that Shaco's clones aren't critting but is suppose to crit?

Well since you guys are working on bugs lately, I just thought I give out a reminder since this significantly affect Shaco's play if it was fixed.

I really hope a red sees this. I would really like a red reply or at least know that somewhere in a red's desk there is a Post-It note reminding RIOT that this problem still exist.
And if you guys don't plan on fixing this bug, at least say it so I won't have to check this thread every few hours and bumping every day until this clown is fixed.

Here are other bugs relating to Shaco.


Deceive would go on CD but not teleport or stealth
• Deceive would teleport you but you're not in stealth.

Jack in the Box

• The JitB activation range being larger than the fear range
• Previously jack in the boxes would fear, then take aggro of creeps. Currently, after the fear is over, creeps seem to... kinda randomly attack whatever is closest (red/blues seem to go for the closest, while their side minions seem to honestly be random).
• Should be changed to prioritize champions than minions (like heimers turrets)
• Another bug, in TT at least, the regular green ward shows JitB as if they weren't stealthed units.
• Stealth Champions can pop boxes without them activating properly.
• JitB pops Teemo Shrooms and then gains permanent vision.
• JitB have no bushvision when firing from a bush. They cannot see inside the brush they're in.
• JitB sometimes make themselves visible to enemies when planted in a brush. This overrides bushstealth.
• JitB target priority changes after fear. They focus who everpops the traps, and fears them, once fear is over THEY SWITCH targets, they switch to minions after fear dropps off the original target

Two Shiv Poison

• TSP would will not do damage sometimes midway in air even when flash is not used.
• Does not deal dmg if the target is entering a brush at the moment of casting, but the animation plays and the spell is on cd


• Clones aren't critting.
• Does not apply Two Shiv Poison passive (I doubt this would ever change).
• Does not apply Shaco's passive Backstab. Why not, may I ask?
• Clone taking neutral buff when items like Bloodrazor procs.
• Previously, Shaco could tower dive with the use of his ultimate, as through the use of it, the tower would drop its aggression on Shaco and target his clone (or other minions). As of this patch, this ability has been removed without any information/reasoning. A lot of characters have tower diving abilities, so the removal of it, especially one that requires the use of an ultimate seems a bit odd.
• Alt controlling you're clone would sometimes move you instead of the clone.
• If Shaco's clone is killed by Malzahar's malefic visions the visions will jump onto Shaco no matter how far away the clone is when it dies.
• If Shaco dies while disappeared after activating his Ultimate but before reappearing with his clone, the clone still lives, cannot be attacked, has no health bar, takes no minion aggro (Is essentially just an in game graphic), but provides full sight as the clone usually would.
• Turrets count the clone as a random minion. They aim the clone before minion somtimes.
• Tower seems to treat priority on minions and clone the same.

Items that currently do not work with Shaco's Clone

• Malady : Malady simply does not proc when used by his clone at all. Considering Madred's Bloodrazer and Wit's End do, I can only assume this is unintended.
• Sunfire Cape : As intended, clones (including Morde's) will no longer apply sunfire damage after several patches ago. However, sunfire capes are now unique, so I'm wondering whether Riot intends to reverse this.
• Guardian Angel : As known/intended.
• Others: Zhonya's Hourglass, Guinsoo's Rageblade (copies Shaco's AS/AP but can't use it "individually"), Sheen/Trinity Force / Lich Bane.
• And in some sense, you can argue that boots aren't working on his clones.

Things we're not sure if it's intentional

• Orange puff of smoke is visible even in bush and fog of war when Shaco deceives and set down JitB
• Pinging Shaco reveals the true Shaco when clone pops.
• The clone has no items and is easily distinguishable from the real Shaco or it has no buff icons or buff animations
• Losing clone control when Shaco is dead
• When Mordekaiser ult's Shaco's clone, he gets a clone.

If there are any other bugs, please let me know so I can add it to the list.
All these bugs have been taking from other users on other threads. If any of these aren't bugs or is no longer buggy, please let me know.

Credit to bug reports:

EU Smackdown


• Guinso fixed the bug where Shaco's clone isn't critting and backstabbing.

kokxx 03-28-2011 12:20 PM


Fifthdawn 03-28-2011 12:30 PM

/signed if you agree.

Everytime I try to bring up this Shaco issue, the thread never live long enough in front page.

Not enough people care since he's an older champ.

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Dig Graves 03-28-2011 12:36 PM


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Fifthdawn 03-28-2011 01:21 PM


Le Shirrif 03-28-2011 01:22 PM

/singed. FIZZZZZZZ-

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