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Zrich 03-12-2011 03:27 PM

How to play mundo?
Well i usually play TT and mundo seemsw like he does really well there so i wanted to try him out. I looked at a few guides but i just cant seem to get the hang of him. So a few questions and any tips from decent mundo users would be appreciated

1) What starting item to get? i usually get +14 hp regen pendant is that ok or should i start something else?

2) What should my first item be? (after pendant i mean) Should i make warmogs/boots? or spirit visage? or something else?

3) When do i use my skills? The w skill that does DPS while draining HP confuses me most, it seems like it hurts me more than helps me, especially at the lower levels. When do i use my ult? When im taking damage? To chase? ect. Cleaver is pretty easy, slow/harrass skill. And same with e, just do more damage.

4) What should my items be? I usually start boots/spirit/warmogs, is that ok? should i get other things? in what order? and give me a few other items to consider as well please.

5)What runes should i use?

6) What masteries? i run 21/0/9 now.

Also any general tips on how to play mundo would be appreciated.

BabyNinjaJesus 03-12-2011 03:55 PM

wow really?

you say you played a couple of games and you cant figure it out?

even mundo know how to play mundo and mundo must say mundos own name alot because mundo might forget

Zrich 03-12-2011 04:00 PM

I played 2 really, 1 vs bots (yea i know they suck but id rather test him vs bots then in a game and make my team suffer for it) and 1 actual game. And i get the jist of it but i feel like i dont have the right runes/masteries/item build mostly. /sarcasm And thanks for you're help, its very much appreciated! /end

AreYouReady2Die 03-12-2011 04:14 PM

There's several different ways 21/9;0 typically, but going harder into defense is acceptable when ur new to him you want cooldown, spellpen, armor pen mostl.

Runes I prefer mpen marks and quints, hp or hp regen seals(or crit chance), cooldown glyphs.
Most say armor pen/crit chance is better, I kill with burning agony and cleavers myself and never get to mellee because their scared to death of me, to each his own.

Build ill post in minute there's 3-4 options

AreYouReady2Die 03-12-2011 04:29 PM

Build for mundo, I don't play TT myself, I start with dorian's shield if I'm jungling, or regrowth pendant. Next I get boots 1, spirt visage, warmogs. Boots if there's tons of cc merc treads are okay but not needed, typically Ionian or speed 3.

That's standard first 3 for any mundo. Next its sunfire for me, since I'm MPen, if your playing physical get atma's. For mr I use Abyss scepter 60% of the time, if there's a high magic threat from madrid's, or a ap player FoN is far better, but I focus on magic damage, so 12 extra aoe damage a second and mpen makes me nasty.

If there's a yi/olaf/renek/tryn/ashe etc high threat physical get thornmail or abyss/fon if its magic.

My deadly ap build where there's plenty of tanks.. And people talk trash until I'm 25/5 k/d is
Spirit visage, warmog, abysss scepter, hourglass(armor high ap, and you can phase out), void staff or deathcap.. Burning agony does INSANE damage..

The thing about burning agony is it reducess CC effects when on, you charge in? Turn it on when you expect to get nailed and stunlocked!

Never forget mundo's ABC's of success.... Alway's B Cleavin!(Corporate mundo)

Mpen makes cleavers deadly, and burning agony, ult whenever ur under 80% hp and don't expect to need it soon. Ap only boosts burning agony

AzureFlame420 03-12-2011 05:02 PM

get mogs first getting spirit visage first keeps u squishy

LoveYuRi 03-12-2011 05:12 PM

Ok first just Q if you havent notice that.
Q is your main skill and you should max it out first

I like using E after because it gives a REALLY high AD boost, and its only a flat hp cost.

W i max last because its like a sunfire cape but it does drain a lot of hp, I only keep this on once i finish my build and have 160 hp regen per 5 second.

Skill order

Start with Regrowth pendant
Merc or beserker greave or CDr boots. All 3 are good imo.

After get spirit viasage>Giants belt>thornmail OR FoN> then Warmog.
Why not warmog after spirit?
Well giant belts early game is pretty much all you neeed for Hp. FoN and Thornmail both have good effects to help you survive in a teamfight. FoN gives you hp regen too.

After all this i usually get some damage like IE and stuff or Atma for more damage just for the hell of it.
But if the other team is actually decent and doesnt suck, i would build more Resistance MR or AR.

AreYouReady2Die 03-12-2011 06:55 PM

If your mpen, r>q>w>e one level of e..

Once you have warmog's you can use w more, the higher level, the higher your cc reduce when active, and it eats runners fast.

I get w first with dorians shield and kill ghost camp then wolf camp in 3 seconds or less for level 2 before minions reach top and bot towers.

Gevem 03-12-2011 08:43 PM

Personally I start boots and 3 hp pots I think(not sure if that correct number you can buy). Then I max q first and then w. basically poiint in w anytime you cant in q unless you can put point in 2. after that I rush spirit visage. Once I have that, I build either armor or Mr depending on enemy team, and become a scary tank from hell. Not tank as in oh you cant attack teammates cause of my skill not letting you, but oh you cant attack my teammates cause your to scared to come near me. That usually how it works. The reasoning for the w is to increase farm drastically. Sunfire as well if possible. This allows you to just walk in lane and farm. This allows for over iteming other players by quite abit accept for maybe sivir. Just how I play him. Not saying its the best or anything. Just often do awesome if I have a knowledgable team.

Oh also To explain boots, its so that you can run in and throw cleaver and get out without being hit while harassing usually.

XTreeX 03-12-2011 10:19 PM

Hmmm This a fair question-
im sorry i can only answer 2) and 3)
2) I personally think you should make Mercury Treads if there are lost of CC's
or Spirit Visage cos it helps your ulti,_ If there are lots of physical damage champions then go warmogs
3) As for when to use skills. -Farming is Mundos forte .cleavers are your best friend. your pendant should cover the neccesarry health providing you arent getting heavily harrased.
Use your cleavers to slow an escaping enemy.

Burning agony can help reduce CC and should be used in conjunction iwht murcury treads. Mundo is a cc and damage soak , not a tank. Only use this skill using team fights and onyl in later levels when u have the hp to support it. Scream MUNDO! and run in

As for your Ult use it when ur under 70%
use masochism when your pushing turretes

hope i helped :D

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