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NJlegionICEDtea 03-11-2011 03:04 AM

Real Nid Guide
First off i have seen some terrible nid guides in this section of the forums so i would like to give a general idea of the best build (Which is straight AP) dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

First, there are different items you get at the start depending on laning situation. When i mid i always get ampli tomb first to rush straight meja's soulstealer because the fact i can not get boots right away and still chase people down because the movement speed bonus in the utility tree. Second item should be the spell pen boots because with your spears mid to end game makes them deadly as Sh!t. The next set of items is totally up to the opposing teams and your team comp, a few suggestions would be.

If your team doesnt have any cc (snares, slows,stun, etc) after mejas and boots get rylais and its pretty beast with your traps i must say and no one can escape a pouncing nid with rylais.

If the other team has alot of heavy melee dps or armored tanks with some MR i would suggest :void staff,rylais to kite (if you are good at it :p), and abyssal is pretty beast in most games because it lowers the opposing teams MR and with void staff it helps to get through those people stacking the resist.

Now my build is Mejas, Pen boots, Sheen ,Lichbane, Deathcap, Zhonya's. It really is the most damage and ap because i always get fed which keeps me at 20 stacks of Meja's. Lich bane is amazing because it procs everytime you use a ability which is bout every second really good in any game really. I use deathcap because of the amazing AP is gives you one of my favorite items it is a must(unless you dont do well in your games to grind it) Zhonya's is really for the ap also and saves me incase they try to gank me and flash is down for the ninja kitty escape. Like i said it is the build i go with alot of people go rageblade i hate rageblade with a passion waste of gold imo.

Now going to summoner abilities,
I recommend ghost and flash people i play with talk **** till they see how amazing it is in the game ghost helps you insure that no one is going to try and run from you ( also good for GTFOOOO of ganks) the next one flash IS A MUST it gives me SOO many kills and it saves me from dying ALOT i assure you try it you will love it. I really dont use any other ones so if you find a combo thats good for you then do it this is just my play style.

Now to tree build i like to go 9-0-21 that is because you get the extra dmage with the 9 points and the 29 in utility tree allow you to get everything you need to play nid and the extra run speed and cd reduction is really nice also the skill to have the creep buffs is awesome because you can keep blue forever and never oom and ALWAYS HEAL so you never have to go back to base and waste time not farming or ganking.

Ok now we go into nid skills,
First off it totally is different for what lane you are in. When i mid i q,e,q,e,w,r and thats only because i am a boss with spears and a little heal is really all i need also one level for trap helps you not get ganked when u trap bushes and spot a incoming gank. But lets say you are in a lane with melee? i like to get w which is trap so trap harass them because i can only sometimes get a good spear every know and then. But if they are ranged go spear to make sure they dont get brave. But no matter what always get heal and max it out to help your teamate out and push the lane early and fast.

Umm..thats bout it first guide i have ever done but let me know what you think and if you are going to leave negative comments at least address them nicely..thanks:)

Warrrrax 03-11-2011 04:46 AM

Wow, that is awful. Writing skills for the loss.

You say that AP is the way to go, but dont even bother to explain why. Thats not a guide.

Doran's Ring is a much better start as it adds much needed health and mana regen to keep up with your heals. It also adds 15 AP which makes your heals much more efficient. You cant assume that you will always get blue buff.

I love how you just assume that Soulstealer will be maxed out every game. Cuz that ALWAYS happens in medium to high ELO games...

And 3% move speed from utility tree lets you chase people down without boots? Cuz nobody else would EVER consider the utility tree right?

Lichbane is good but requires high amounts of AP obviously. It is also inefficient by itself and only procs every 3 seconds. It no longer procs for each separate skill cast.

Using Spear when laning only works against complete morons. It is incredibly slow and they will be expecting it. It also comes straight at them. You cant even get the angle on them like in top or bottom, nor can you take advantage of the brush.

I agree with Rylais Scepter. Without it, Nid doesnt have the survability needed to use cougar effectively. Rylais bulks her up a lot, gives her 5 slows, and a good chunk of AP. It is a great general purpose item.

Rageblade is a very efficient item. I personally do not use it anymore, but it is easy to keep up and provides 93AP for 2300 gold. That means you get 32% AS and +40dmg or whatever for about 400 gold worth which is ridiculously good.
Even though AD/AS aren't your main stats, getting that much for so cheap when you DO use them is worthwhile.

NJlegionICEDtea 03-11-2011 05:24 AM

It's funny because i never said elo games at all this might just be a generalization guide? dont go saying things when you don't even read correctly also. So thanks for your fail input but enjoy ur 1200 elo and KEEP IT UP BOIIII because i go 3kd with nid every game if not higher and yea i can assume i will get blue buff because i always control the blue buff lol. you are awful so stfu you white trash inbred kthnxbai

NJlegionICEDtea 03-11-2011 05:28 AM

I also love that you are a virgin and double space every sentence

omgwtflolbbl 03-11-2011 05:56 AM

Any build that considers a snowball item to be essential is almost automatically bad. The only exception to this may be Kassadin given his amazing mobility that even Nidalee can't compare to as long as Kassadin has mana - especially if you're going to try to take advantage of Lichbane procs, as you'll be putting yourself in danger every time you do.

NJlegionICEDtea 03-11-2011 05:58 AM

o noes you disliked something WUT DO I DOOOO riot you fail n e g r o e sss

omgwtflolbbl 03-11-2011 06:03 AM

I rather enjoy your clear inability to take criticism.

RagnarVonBloodax 03-11-2011 07:50 AM


It's funny because i never said elo games at all this might just be a generalization guide?
So it is guide that is only good against bad players? Is that really a useful guide?

Fluffyburrito 03-11-2011 08:10 AM

The guide is barely readable.

Seeing as how you've only played 4 ranked games, let me assure you Mejai's will be a pretty bad choice. It takes 6 stacks (3 kills) to be as effective as a BLASTING WAND, which is cheaper and builds into far more useful items.

Starting with an amplifying tome is also not a good choice... a doran's ring gives you only 8 less AP but gives you 100 extra health and mana regain.

You say rageblade isn't a good item but fail to say why. Don't call it a waste of gold unless you are willing to use actual logic to back it up. Nidalee is one of the best champs in the game to get rageblade for, as cougar form lets you spam enough attacks to get it at max stacks.

Also, it is almost never worth upgrading to lich bane unless you have some AP to back it up. Getting something like a death cap or rylai's first to boost your AP is a lot better of a choice.

Warrrrax 03-11-2011 08:13 AM

There needs to be a way to report offensive threads...

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