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Rhylol 03-09-2011 08:46 PM

3 doran's blade ashe
a friend of mine recently called me a scrub and will no longer play with me because about 90% of the time i start 3 doran's blade lvl 1 boots on ashe, i was informed by many skilled players that triple doran's blade is the most effective way to build ashe for early to mid game fighting, while taking early madred's rush and other nice items out of the picture at the moment, can a some people comment and why some are so ignorant about this build for ashe?

dyl 03-09-2011 08:54 PM

Doran's Shield is actually an infinitely better starting item now that you can't take potions with you.

LoveYuRi 03-09-2011 08:56 PM

its ok but i rather just go with something else. Yes it gives lifesteal hp and little damage but youre better off building into something better.

Cenerae 03-09-2011 08:56 PM

Here's the misconception a lot of people have - they see top players buying several Blades and assume that this is done every game.

In reality, this is not the case. If you have to recall but you only have around 850 gold on your first trip, you will buy your boots and have 500 left over. Now you can either do nothing with that 500, spend a little on some potions and a ward, or buy a Doran's Blade (and possibly a pot/ward or two depending on how much is left). You buy the blade as a short term investment - it will help you win your lane more than buying nothing will, but mid-late game you're going to ditch it for better items.

If you recall and have 1850 or more, or perhaps if you recall with 975 or more (though this is rarer), you will want to buy your BF sword (or pickaxe) straight up and ignore getting any Blades. This is because you farmed well, so you can skip spending gold on weak items and go right for a more important thing.

However, if you continue to have a hard time in the lane and you can't farm properly, then the next recall you may buy another. And a third if you're -still- farming badly (though given you probably started with a Doran's Shield, 4 Doran's items is far too many...). More than this is a bad idea, and usually you won't end up with more than one. If you're finding it difficult to lasthit, then I recommend practising it for a while. Get used to the speed of Ashe's attack animation and projectile, and work out roughly how weak minions have to be before you attack them. It shouldn't take long before you have a decent idea of the timing you need, and then you can apply it to actual games. The only other way you'll end up farming poorly is if you're outclassed in your lane, but this shouldn't be happening too much.

Sir Kriedemann 03-09-2011 10:04 PM

I use to do the same thing, however i call it an investment, i dont really see it as a silly thing to do, it will give u more practice in learning survival with Ashe, however once u get better, you wont need to use them as much or buy as many

mojozhu 03-09-2011 10:26 PM

If you get doran's you better force a fight at dragon as early as possible. Once the game flows on it's use is significantly decreased.

ltE9sLTvE7KEt7RT 03-10-2011 04:21 AM

3 DBlade boosts the powah of your early-mid game exponentially. a proper team is going to be getting into fights early on, and if you dont suck at last hitting the gold u spend on them will barely affect you. if you rush a bf sword, yes you will be strong, but a good tm will ez take you down.

ltE9sLTvE7KEt7RT 03-10-2011 04:24 AM

also 3x blade is a safety net for the game too. once u got 3 blades u have super strong survivability in lane

blades are also not a commitment. u dont HAVE to get 3 of them, you can get 2 or 1, EVERY GAME IT DEPENDS. why restrict yourself when you can spend cheep gold for strong benefits that wont tie u down at all. obviously if u get fed by noobies get BF sword but if game is stale or difficult multi blades (2 or 3) will be best

Warrrrax 03-10-2011 04:42 AM

Theres nothing wrong with Dorans items. For 475 gold, they provide 800 gold worth of benefits. This is better than almost all other items ratio-wise and doesn't diminish lategame.

The problem is with SPACE. For some champs, they tend to get the lower order items first then do completions. Some do the opposite.

For example with AP Sion, I usually take 3 dorans rings. They give me lots of mana regen, much needed health, and fast AP which I can't get elsewhere. From there, I build a Deathcap and then a Lichbane (plus boots of course). So the 3 slots taken aren't such a big deal. By the time I need space, its over 30 minutes later and I only lose 240 gold.

For some champs though, I wanna get my giants belt, my negatron, my chainmail before I complete anything to toughen up. I also carry pots and wards. In this case I would be pretty careful about my slot usage and multiple dorans wouldnt be appropriate.

I think it would work ok for Ashe. Im not an expert by far, but most people get a BF Sword -> Infinities Edge, then work on Phantom Dancer. Hence, having 3 slots taken by Doran's blades isnt awful. Youd have 1 boot slot, 1 pot slot, and then after the 3, save for the BFSword, then save for the IE upgrade.
Youd dump the pots by then and have room for a Zeal then a phantom dancer upgrade. Youd have to hold onto some gold at times, but its doable without too much issue.

By the time you are ready to sell a dorans, it has served you well.

go boots pots 03-10-2011 04:42 AM

when i play.. i organize a build so i never waist money.. assuming your holding 4 items ( 3x blade 1x boots of quickness).. now how u supposed to fit a phantom, blood seeker, & infinity x 2..? u gonna pawn a blade.. and feel like a crack head..

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