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Jesse Perring 02-02-2010 10:40 AM

READ ME - Patching Problems
We're aware a number of players run into complications during the patching process. If you are experiencing problems, please review the following launcher troubleshooting page before posting on the forums. Most common issues with the launcher can be solved through the knowledge base.

Launcher Troubleshooting Index

Re-downloading and reinstalling the game from new setup files is the most consistent way to resolve launcher errors. Please use this guide to reinstall the game.

Reinstalling LoL

If you have ever altered files inside of the League of Legends directory, you must reinstall the game or revert to the original versions of those files. Do not repair your installation using your setup file.

Custom skins are a common cause of patching errors. While we don't recommend using these skins because of the patching complications they create, if you do choose to use client-side skins, you must revert to the original skins before patching the game. If you do not have the original files, the only reliable option is to reinstall the game from scratch.

If you continue to have problems with the launcher, please post a description of your problem, and attach a copy of your patcher_lib.log to your post (please do not cut and paste). I try to address the people that need help on patch days, but you may need to send an email to support@riotgames.com if you don't receive help after a day or so.

Log Information

A temporary alternative to patching problems may be to use our standalone client.

Pavlo 02-02-2010 11:04 AM

re-installing doesn't seem to help much here, it seems like it doesn't want to download the latest version at all.

karna 02-02-2010 11:29 AM

Yeah!!! I have the same problem!!!

Jesse Perring 02-02-2010 11:31 AM

Sigh....description...logs....want to help, but cannot...

Bummla 02-02-2010 11:33 AM

hi there,

for everyone who had problems with the patch before and now having patching problems:
the patch-problem-solution from the december patch was by deleating several lines in the "launcher_config". if u still have copyed the old launcher_config, put it back into the lol-folder. now there are several updates an than: IT WORXXX :)

Spirebarrage 02-02-2010 11:36 AM

02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Solid LauncherLib [] initializing...
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Add App[League of Legends Lobby] Exe[C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Air\LOLClient.exe] to Windows Firewall
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Add App[League of Legends Game Client] Exe[C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Game\League of Legends.exe] to Windows Firewall
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Retrieving dynamic path[http://l3cdn.riotgames.com/LOL.Produ...SourceURL.xml]
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Retrieved dynamic path [http://l3cdn.riotgames.com/LOL.Produ...SourceURL.xml][http://l3cdn.riotgames.com/]
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Patcher_AddPackage([LOL.AirRuntime],[http://l3cdn.riotgames.com/],[C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\]) successful
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Attempt to retrieve package [http://l3cdn.riotgames.com/LOL.AirRuntime.package]
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Version retrieved [LOL.AirRuntime] 2/2 [AirRuntime.01_15_2010_01]/[AirRuntime.01_15_2010_01] type [PACKAGE_TYPE_INCREMENTAL]
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] [LOL.AirRuntime] State change [PATCHER_STATE_IDLE] to [PATCHER_STATE_ALLTASKSCOMPLETE]
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Patcher_RemovePackage([LOL.AirRuntime]) successful
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Patcher_AddPackage([LOL.Patcher],[http://l3cdn.riotgames.com/],[C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\]) successful
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Attempt to retrieve package [http://l3cdn.riotgames.com/LOL.Patcher.package]
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] Version retrieved [LOL.Patcher] 8/8 [LOL.Patcher.01_14_2010_02]/[LOL.Patcher.01_14_2010_02] type [PACKAGE_TYPE_INCREMENTAL]
02/02/2010 14:36 [INFO] [LOL.Patcher] State change [PATCHER_STATE_IDLE] to [PATCHER_STATE_ALLTASKSCOMPLETE]

Pozdrawiam 02-02-2010 11:36 AM

Can you send me this file? I deleted it.

Jesse Perring 02-02-2010 11:38 AM

Bummia, that will not necessary solve your issue; the updates to the patcher cannot skip versions. If you've edited the files in the League of Legends folder, you should reinstall the game from the latest setup file.

Reinstalling LoL

Jesse Perring 02-02-2010 11:40 AM

Spirebarrage, what problem are you experiencing? The log you cut and paste is a successful patching log. Please attach the log and describe the issue, thanks.

Pavlo 02-02-2010 11:42 AM


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