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Šhingetsu 02-19-2011 05:16 PM

[Guide]Mordekaiser the mettal psionicise (AP build)
Experience level: almost at level 30 on veteran (the thing you choose at the start).
Morde gameplay: pretty much win unless laming against crazy early games. This build only fails when someone feeds massively and you end up being tanked 3v1 or 4/5v2 with all of them having flash and or exhaust.
Thus build is also dependent on the player being able to preform the advanced strategies andnthe base strategies as described below.

Release notes: I can see my post has some bugs. Try to understand it anyway XD.

Introduction: Mordekaiser is a natural at destroying many creeps at once. As will be mentioned later, his 3 skills are good at that. But Mordekaiser is also very good in single combat. Here I will explain to him why and how to build Mordekaiser AP.

Table of contents

1. Mission or What To Do
1.General: walk around pushing like a maniac and destroying the pitiful players that come on you.
2.Lane: destroy waves of creeps close to instantly. Push the tower without letting your creeps get distracted by destroying the incoming waves.
3.Team play: You are not a tank. But you still save your teammates in fights, as well as get the kill after saving them, and dont let them teel you you are KSing, because u saved them.

Never forget the runes, masteries and ss.

Blue: CDR, why? you need to be able to use q and r quickly enough to ensure your shield stays, as well as having a fast ult is nice
Yellow: Magic Penetration or HP, I prefer Magic Pene, but HP is fine too because you dont actually have enough.
Red: This is a definite Magic Penetration, boosts yellow, or compensates for it if you took HP back there.
Quints: CDR, yes again. You can also take AP in quints, but we're gonna have enough ap out there.

Masteries: 25/2/3
The 2 of defense go 1 in mr and 1 in aromor.
the 3 in utility go in time spent dead (just in case there)
The rest are up to you, but are fairly obvious.

Summoner Spells: Personally I like Exhaust and Flash. Ignite is also a good option to boost your ult.

3.Skills Overview

(Q)Mace of Spades: You will be surprised, but this skill is essential. It is good in farming, as it hits four targets. But it also is good in the bushes fighting an enemy. Why? It does double damage if there is one target. Thus it allows you to do actual damage to multiple heroes, or mass damage to one.

(W)Creeping Death: You're gonna wow on this one. You DONT HAVE TO, always use it on yourself. A good example is shooting it out on a buffy creep early game wen hes close to an enemy hero. The result is incredible. Instead of backing, the enemy attacks the creep, takes time killing him, and constantly loses hp! You get to deal some damage on the enemy, absolutely free. Of course you use it on yourself wen taking on a creep wave alone, wen getting buffs or when ganking/being ganked.

(E)Siphon of Destruction: This is gonna be one of your main spells (heck your main). This spell does equally large damage to everyone in a cone! On top of that it gives an extra boost to your shield. If you aim it right you can hit up to 15 creeps with it, you can snipe enemy heroes at a range. Finally you can use it in bush fights (YES AGAIN!), as it does pretty good damage to everyone, and once again renews your shield.

Ultimate (R) Children of the Grave: This is just epic. With your AP build, the % rate on it is boosted. and you gain 20% bonus AP while it's active. Say you are being ganked, use it on one and your shield suddenly becomes unbreakable.
Secondly, you are in a 1v1, and you almost have him, but he flashes out. Ult and he dies.
Third over, you can kill one with it, switch to the next target, and use the ghost to help you.
Finally the ghost is a great pusher / meat shield.

4.Skill order:
  • E (multiple targets, range snipe and creeps)
  • Q
  • W
  • E
  • Q
  • R
  • E
  • E
  • Q
  • E
  • R
  • Q
  • Q
  • W
  • W
  • R
  • W
  • W

  1. Sorcerer boots

    Why? Magic Penetration, duh.
    Hp pots (keep them at 3)
  2. WotA

    Why? Your spells cost HP, but they are powerful. Getting WotA will give you the AP you need, as well as spell vamp that will cancel out the hp you use to cast the spells
    Keep going with the pots, get the gun first.
    When done with WotA, no need for hp pots.
  3. Morello's Evil Tome

    Why? Because you need an item that gives AP and cdr. This one doesnt cost too much, so even if it gives mana regen, it has the features you need.
    Start by getting the cdr item, it's what you came for
  4. Void Staff

    Why? More Magic Penetration. Yes you do need it. Here it's in %. It also gives AP.
    Start with the bigger AP item.
  5. Abyssal Skull

    Why? Lower enemy magic resistance. Really, you wanna get deep inside. It's all necessary as to make your skills have a biiig effect.
    Start with the AP item again.
  6. Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    Why? This can seem weird. Why NOW? Well because Magic Penetration is your priority. You have exhaust to slow people. Now that you got your stuff, it's time to think about... What will I do now? I'm too slow. Since late game, a few people tend to get PDs and stuff. The answer - Easy, Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
    Here, get the big wand first. We dont care too much about hp, the wand gives us AP that keeps the shield up.

Use your (Q) and (E) to hit the creeps. When you can, (E) on the champion at range. They hate that.
Use your (W) on creeps close to the champions (enemy). Read back to see why.

Team fights:
Don't initiate. You have to get your shield up. The moment your team goes in, use a good old (E) in the middle of the fight, is considering your mass AP and magic pene, you dont get a kill, continue with a (Q). Then keep spamming all your skills, save the ult though. When you see someone running with VERY low hp. Just nuke him with your ult, and use his ghost and your AP bonus to obliterate the rest of the enemy team.

Brush Encounters: So simple. If they are 2, (E), (Q), (W on self), (R) on squishy (mostly cuz the squishies do more damage, generally) and keep smamming (Q) and (E).
If its a 1v1, Do the same thing, but save your ult. When he starts running away, put a sniper (E) and finish him with a ranged (R).

Problems: Any1 running too fast? Use Exhaust. Any1 gonna kill you? Flash over a ramp or something. Wasted ult? Don't waste it.

7.Advanced tactics:
The scout: Those bushes, always so tricky.
Want to scout them? Don't use wards. Simply fire an empty (E). If you see your shield jump. Guess what, someone's there.

Catch me if you can: Instead of (Q) on heroes. (Q) on creeps close to heroes. You get a bit more range on them, so they cant hit you, but the damage is pretty much big anyway, thanks to MP and AP.

The friendly tornado: I mentioned this already. Use (W) on Creeps or Friendly heroes that are going closer to the enemy. Why? It damages them, AND makes them live linger, letting them damage longer.

Microing the Ghost: Most mordes waste the ghosts by killing a ryze, and sending him to attack a tower. *facepalm*.
Use your ult on the enemy dps, because he will be so much better as a ghost! You can also use it on a character with a heal, as those will heal wen the time comes (YAY free heal). Use them to attack the person you are attacking if they are more fed then you, else attack others so they keep out. Or use them as a meat shield to go and tank the tower.

Thats it guys.
Please comment
Please criticize
Ask any questions ^^. I'll be happy to answer.

DestructiveForce 02-19-2011 05:47 PM

A completely different view on playing morde with some okay tips ftw.

I'll give the items a test run before I critisize too much, but I personally play much differently. I go with high regen to negate the health costs per ability. Morde's all about wear and tear - so mass harass and stay in the lane. If you can't hit anything, you're a sitting duck with low hp. Getting something as simple as FoN, Sunfire, and RCS with some boots and you can off tank for the team and deal serious damage in team fights. Anytime you're at 3/4 you back up and heal up - wear and tear as mentioned before. I've done many carries with this build. Loads of fun.


VoiceofTreason 02-19-2011 05:56 PM

I am not a fan of your build and I am not trollin to troll. More of a test than show of your build would be a video that might help convince people that this build works for you. Normal playstyle for most mordes would not work with this build.

Great job on being active and making a guide. You might post your experience with the game at the start of your guide, that's always a good start for someone new reading your guide. Just because you're new doesn't mean you shouldn't try!

Šhingetsu 02-19-2011 07:38 PM

@destructiveforce yeah, here the point is that thanks to WotA you regen the spells automatically, and with the other AP items you deal mass damage, keeping your shield up. And to make sure no one escapes your ult (and boost other skills) you have magic penetration. This build is all about hitting the guy to death pretty quickly. It's also a pulse gameplay, you deal mass damage with skills, then you wait for cooldown.

@voiceoftreason I see what you mean, I'll try making a video, although it lags... Sooo... Bad...
Btw, edited to add experience info in the beginning (I'm not new!!! Lol)

NightRaith361 02-19-2011 08:05 PM

when play ap morde i build a rylais, sorce shoes, then stack gunblades, u do an epic amount of damage and wen u ult someone u cant die. but like i said i dont play ap much and wen i do its just for laughs cus people will be like thats a fail build but then u pwn them mid/late game and end +15/-10 and a good amount of assists u will always win 1v1 and 1v2

Šhingetsu 02-19-2011 08:10 PM

That's pretty much the idea. Only instead of stacking gun blade (losing on it's unique, and losing because pple can just tank on it - reason why 1400 AP karthus doesn't always win), here I get decent AP as well as a MASS of magick penetration - at end game my magp is around 20|50% no runes. (the 20 is flat amount, the % is in %)

GeordiLaFTW 02-28-2011 08:51 AM

Tried the build for the most part. I like Rylai's and I like the Gun, but I prefer building into Hextech Gunblade over the tome. The slow/nuke is actually pretty neat.

I also prefer ignite over ehxaust. Great for punishing gankers once they over commit. They drop your hp, but once you've got your shield up you're in good shape. Ignite + ult and a parting E have gotten me lots of kills for minimal effort.

NickPham 02-28-2011 10:37 AM

Erm, yea Rylais should prolly be in there somewhere. Skip the void staff. You are packing a whole lot of flat penetration with your other items, effectively lowering the value of void because it applies after flat penetration.

Redenbacher 02-28-2011 11:51 AM

Mpen Marks, Sorc Shoes, Abyssal Scepter, and Void Staff is a completely contradictory build.

Most champions are not going to have 150 MR, even with 1 MR item, they'll only have about 87 MR. With Sorc Shoes, Abyssal, and MPen Marks, you've got 50 flat magic penetration. You're paying all that gold to take their remaining 30 MR, and reduce it by 12... there are much better item options.

Also, you have MR from Abyssal Scepter, but no armor. How are you surviving in teamfights with this build? Your only survivability is granted by Abyssal and Rylai's - which you get last. Mordekaiser is smack dab in the middle of every single fight, and needs to survive the AoE hellstorm (and focus, if you're doing your job) to do anything useful and get that pet. With no armor, you're asking for a bruising. I highly recommend prioritizing the Rylai's a much higher (You have no CC, and this will keep enemies in range of your W and Q), and replacing Void Staff with Zhonya's Hourglass, if you're hell bent on a balls-to-the-wall AP build.

Checking bushes with E late game is not a good idea, since it puts you well within range of CC to be obliterated before you can even say Creeping Death. Buy wards. Lots of them. You're the best ****ed farmer in the game, stop being stingy.

Of all of this, I appreciate the incorporation of Morello's Tome - I hadn't thought of that yet, and I'll have to give it a try.

As for WotA, have you done the math here? 20% Spell Vamp is reduced by 33% effectiveness on AoE spells, which ALL of Mordekaiser's spells are classified as (yes, even his ultimate). That means you're only getting 6% spell vamp per target, and you must hit at least 3 targets to receive the full benefit. On your 225 damage Siphon, that means you're only getting 45HP back (if you hit 3 targets) on a spell that cost you 72, so you're not completely recuperating the losses. At 200AP, you can only get 76HP back from hitting at least 3 targets... I think there are better items to spend money on.


xlXS0uLXlx 02-28-2011 12:05 PM

ive tried AP morde and those items are actually really good but i quit playing him because people would always blame the loss on me (not sure why when there was other people going 1/12 seriously) saying hes not good or AP morde just sucks in general which is not true AP morde has ALOT of power but i havent tried out the WoT to keep the costs of spells down which i will try. Hopefully no more foolish teams But as to your CD reduction Runes i dont see why you get those as you can spend points in your masteries and you have a very quick 4 second CD on Siphon of Destruction and with all the CD reduction you get on the items all your spells go off relatively quick making you a sustained nuke so if you could just give a better reason as to why for CD reduction Runes that would be nice

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