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PiousFlea 08-16-2009 11:23 AM

[Suggestion] Postmortem
One feature from FPS's like Counterstrike that would be incredibly helpful in LoL is the postmortem report.

A lot of times you die really suddenly and wonder, "What just killed me"? It would be nice for the game to do something like this:


You took 1501 damage over 5 seconds.
Top damage sources:
Tristana - Attack 795 damage
Ryze - Overload 392 damage
Ryze - Rune Prison 250 damage

08-16-2009 11:47 AM

Yeah that would actually be very useful.

Solid Snake 08-16-2009 07:46 PM

Or some kind of amalgamation of what skills killed you.

Therox 08-16-2009 07:59 PM

you got my vote! would be very very useful

Mokorr 08-21-2009 11:00 PM

I agree that sounds cool. It needs to be visible what is killing you and how much you are inflicting

KonaKona 08-22-2009 12:44 AM

I wouldn't mind just having a combat log ^^

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