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Sagee Prime 02-08-2011 01:50 PM

Nidalee has bugs! Didn't you know?
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Of course you know about the bugs -_-

So again here is the list of current bugs now can you please pick her clean of these? If you read and upvote/downvote reply to this thread and or bump it.

I shall bump this thread till these are all resolved!!!

Also see my Reddit thread

(Feel Free to Bump with me!!!)
A list of videos that are being compiled can be found here:

Highlighted in red means it is fixed

Javelin Toss:

When tossing Javelin toss immediately after transforming from cougar form you will toss it behind you instead of at the selected destination.
- Hard to reproduce but common (this bug has returned)

Javelin toss animation goes further than it can hit meaning it visually touches the target but doesn't actually hit. - easy to reproduce and common - Fixed

Javelin Toss along with pretty much any other skill shot will become invisible if certain requirement s are met when casting them. - Can be moderate to easy to reproduce by moving your champion just as they are in the casting animation of the ability. (move Nidalee just before the Javelin leaves her hand when she swings it. if timed right the skill will fire off but then disappear.) - Fixed

Javelin Toss doesn't damage stealthed champions anymore. Try hitting a teemo who is stealth. - Fixed

Javelin Toss isn't making sound when it passes beyond the line of sight. - Since patch
- Fixed

Javelin Toss fizzles out sometimes dealing 0 damage but clearly hitting a target and making the contact noise. - Since Patch 3.8 and 3.9



When transforming immediately from cougar form and trying to lay a trap Nidalee lays them directly below her instead of where your cursor is. - Hard to reproduce but common (this bug has returned)

Bushwhack doesn't deal damage to invisible targets.(twitch and eve not wards) - Hotfixed

Bushwhack no longer deals damage. - v1.0.0.130 - hotfixed

Bushwhack no longer grabs enemy aggro. - v1.0.0.130 - hotfixed

Bushwhack is still shredding armor and MR of Baron and Dragon. - v1.0.0.130 - hotfixed

Bushwhack doesn't always reveal the area for placement like it should or it removes FOW but doesn't show enemies that are in fact there. - moderately difficult to reproduce and common

Bushwhacks no longer reveal any stealth units that activate them. (twitch, eve, teemo shrooms, JitBs, etc) - hotfixed

Bushwhacks effecting enemies who have negative defensive stats(armor and Magic Resist) adds more defensive stats instead of subtracting them. A good solution would be to have them subtract from the absolute value of the enemy defensive stats. - Remscar - Fixed

Bushwhacks can be placed in walls. These should act like wards and other trap abilities for consistency when it comes to walls. - Fixed as of Patch 4.1

7)The Buswhack Visual debuff particle disappears before the duration of Bushwhack wears off.

Primal Surge:


When directly transforming from cougar form and trying to heal Nidalee immediately heals herself. This is kinda ok unless you are trying to clutch heal an ally. - Hard to reproduce but common

2)When switching from cougar to Human form and casting Primal surge on Nidalee or an ally Nidalee will deal the damage for swipe and the heal at the same time to the target. If swipe has more damage than Primal Surge has heal then the target takes damage. - fixed

3)Primal Surge now fizzles out on cast or suffers a 1 to 2 second delay. The heal an animation goes off but target will sometimes not be healed or the heal will happen after a short delay. - Since patch 3.8 and 3.9



1)Takedowns cast time and animation have been slowed drastically since the Diana patch. - Diana Patch - Fixed

Takedown does less damage than it should if it crits. basically takedown is a damage multiplier that multiplies your attack damage + 40/70/100 damage from leveling cougar by a number ranging between 1 and 3. it does x1 if the enemy is full hp and the lower their hp is the closer it gets to x3. If you crit. however it is almost the same thing (ADx2). Basically a critical strike cancels out takedown hp multiplier to were it does more damage than a basic attack because it still takes the +40/70/100 but it does less damage than a crit because both multipliers break. - easy to reproduce - Somebody Ninja Fixed this and never put notes on it. So yeah it is fixed :D

3)When using Flash in conjunction with Takedown death recap will show flash in the place of takedown if a target is killed immediately after a Nidalee flashes and hits an enemy target with takedown for a killing blow.

If a unit dies while Nidalee is in the middle of the takedown animation the animation will stop short, the ability will not go off until she hits another target or it wears off, and Nidalee will freeze up and be unable to auto attack for a brief duration (1-2 seconds)

5)If Nidalee throws a basic attack in human form and quickly switches to cougar and uses takedown she can apply takedown from range instead of melee.


If you transform from human to cougar form you will pounce backward if done immediately upon transforming. - Hard to reproduce but common

If you are chasing and or running from enemies and you spam pounce chances are you will pounce backward might be due to spam clicking on target while spamming pounce as that is the only time it seems to happen to me. - Hard to reproduce but common

Nidalee will sometimes get stuck inside objects and terrain such as walls near Blue or minions and sometimes even champions. Getting stuck inside champions almost always results in death as your abilities become locked and the enemy can still attack you but you cannot attack them. - Hard to reproduce not common

Nidalee is also unable to pounce over walls as effectively as she was on release. She will often pounce into the wall and just smash her face against it and go nowhere or do the infamous backwards pounce. - Usability problems

5)Nidalee will often pounce in place moving nowhere often when she is spamming pounce and clicks while chasing and or running away. She is still targetable and can be attacked as though she never moved so it doesn't look like a delay like you would get from lag. - Hard to reproduce but common

Nidalee pounces in the direction she is facing so if anything just so happens to get in the way she will pounce in whatever direction she happens to turn to. - detrimental Usability problems

If she engages an enemy in the process of jumping a wall she will pounce to them instead of over the wall. - Usability problems


Swipe sometimes fires backward.

2)Swipe does not gain increased damage from Ability power at all. - Fixed

3)When switching from cougar to Human form and casting Primal surge on Nidalee or an ally Nidalee will deal the damage for swipe and the heal at the same time to the target. If swipe has more damage than Primal Surge has heal then the target takes damage.

Aspect of the Cougar:

1)Nidalee Now consistently drops commands after using any of her cougar abilities. - Diana Patch - Not fixed but happening less consistently

2)Multiple skills in cougar form have random tool-tip errors all the way from abilities saying they do 0 damage plus the AP scaling to there being level 1 text on a level 3 ability last one being the rarest. - Hard to reproduce but common

3)If you happen to get disconnected from a game while you are in cougar form and you restart the client. You will more than likely come back and be surprised to be in human form even though you were in cougar form. Your Ult icon will be a big red question mark "?" and until you change form at least once you will be a swiping pouncing biting human form of Nidalee.
- requires D/C and restart of client in cougar form - This appears to be fixed

4)Buying recommended items in cougar form doesn't removed them from the top of the shop menu. - Courtesy of
Mattnumbers - Fixed

5)When switching back to human form within the brush Nidalee's running animation for her passive deactivates. This results in her running with her regular animation till her passive buff expires.

5)When Nidalee transforms into cougar form she will sometimes be "visually perma cougar" meaning she can use human form abilties while in cougar form but still appear to be a cougar and her basic attacks will reflect whatever form she actually is in. - Since patch v.

6)When Nidalee changes forms she can damage anyone, including herself, right after changing forms. To reproduce one merely needs to activate swipe and Aspect of the cougar at the same time with the target you want to hit with the bug under the cursor. What will happen is primal surge will activate and apply both swipe's damage and primal surge's heal to the target and since swipe has higher base damage you will do more damage than healing. This can result in team kills for Nidalee but does not grant gold. - Appears to be fixed

7)If you change from human form to cougar form while recalling it will transform you and cancel your recall, however, if you do the reverse from cougar form to human form the recall progress bar vanishes but the recall and animation continues and will teleport you back to base. - Slight inconsistency

General Inconsistencies or Unwieldiness and QOL suggestions:

1)When on the purple team sometimes you will get the old recommended items for Nidalee: Dorans Ring, Mercury Treads, Sheen, Trinity Force, frozen Heart, Infinity Edge. - Fixed

2)Cougar form attack range is 100 instead of 125 shouldn't this have been updated? - This was fixed in the Syndra Patch

3)Javelin Toss visually misses/hits when it shouldn't when tossed diagonally or horizontally. Being north of the skillshot it misses when it appears to hit and being south of the skillshot it hits when it appears to miss. She skillshot hit box is on the ground with a shadow that leads with it if you have shadows turned on while the particle sits high up on the Z-axis. Because of the angle the game is viewed at the Z-axis height distorts the visual location for the skill.

4)Bushwhacks can be placed into walls and off the map or places where pathing prevents you from walking. wards cannot be placed in these locations and neither should traps. Suggest giving them a hit box like wards that doesn't allow them to go into terrain like walls.

5)This is a problem with all champions with an attack modifying ability. Nidalee will drop whatever her last target was and strike the nearest target if she uses an ability and follows up with take down. So if you pounce to a target and click on them and activate takedown chances are you could blow a killing blow on a minion if there is one nearby. happens with siphon strike and devastating blow as well. Make it so that this abilities automattically makes Nidalee target the nearest enemy champion within a certain range when no other enemy champions are in range but have attack moves and command moves override it. - easy to reproduce

6)Nidalee's pathing in both human and cougar form is terrible. Her cougar form has a torpedo shaped body and a long stiff turn radius so she ends up not being able to turn around when things are on her sides. She often gets stuck in objects and glitches out unable to move or attack for small periods of time and clusters of enemies make controlling her cougar form abilities almost impossible in allot of cases. I suggest giving her the ability to ignore unit collisions at least in cougar form. This will allow her to turn around at all times even in the clustered areas and allow her to flow freely with her cougar abilites when in a clustered fight.

When Nidalee pounces at stationary targets she will sometime do no damage just because her pounce goes just far enough to where the target is outside the aoe. Suggest making pounce do damage while passing through enemies rather than on landing. - easy to reproduce and common

For those that think bugs are a balancing factor I will direct your attention here:


Potential Solutions
For Nidalee's usability issues, like aiming her pounce and swipe, we can easily maintain her difficulty level in aiming these abilities and using them for escapes by allowing her to ignore unit collisions so her torpedo shape doesn't throw off her forward aim. This maintains the current feel without having random variables throw off your control over Nidalee (Example: Minions running into Nidalee's movepath at the last second before you pounce causing a 90 to 180 degree shift in the direction you were intending to go).

Nidalee's Pounce and Swipe can also be made to work Like Riven's Q(Broken Wings) in that she will use them in the forward direction(the direction she is facing) but if you highlight an enemy target with your cursor she will automatically use these abilities in that direction allowing Nidalee to hit intended targets quickly and without a need to wait on her very slow turn speed in order to re-aim the ability.
A list of videos that are being compiled can be found here:
*More Nidalee Threads:

Sagee Prime 02-08-2011 01:56 PM

RIOT Replies:

02-09-2011, 05:36 PM

Originally Posted by Morello (Hozzászólás 6083430)
Good resource. Will get to it when we can! We're sorting out long-standing TF bugs currently.

We're gonna try to get some of these ol bugs fixed at a higher priority. We have some more manpower to do this now :)

IE, if Classick doesn't personally bring me lunch each day, he has to fix them! :P

02-10-2011, 08:39 PM

Originally Posted by Morello (Hozzászólás 6113537)

Originally Posted by Quintessence (Hozzászólás 6113211)
you say this like you have never seen my thread before when in reality you have 2 posts in it from months ago.

So we hired people. When there's more work to do than can be reasonably done, you get more people so you can.

02-10-2011, 09:02 PM

Originally Posted by Morello (Hozzászólás 6114060)

Originally Posted by baysidebLue (Hozzászólás 6113681)
Don't get us wrong - we understand the pile of things to do and what its like to be shorthanded.

It's the fact that many of the threads did not receive a single reply. Soooo are you guys aware of the bugs or did you just not read the thread? All it means to us is that we need to keep making new threads

Seriously, you could've said "we're aware of her bugs, but it'll realistically take us about 3 Neptune years to get to them", and that would have given many of us (me, at least) closure. :D

Essentially, I don't have a great ability (or time) to keep track of threads. It's not outright ignoring people on purpose, it's the fact that my time on the forums is limited and I grab what I can quickly :P

02-17-2011, 02:06 PM

Originally Posted by Morello (Hozzászólás 6303841)
Apparently, these bugs are nasty. Guinsoo's been looking at fixing them this week, but there's some difficulty.

02-22-2011, 03:43 PM

Originally Posted by Morello (Hozzászólás 6447582)
I think Guinsoo worked out the TF bugs this patch, and we can look at the Nidalee ones now.

02-23-2011, 03:21 PM

Originally Posted by Morello (Hozzászólás 6475233)
Unfortunately, one of the bugs caused a quagmire and we had to push it back one more patch. Unsure how this effects Nidalee bugs at this point.

05-11-2011, 08:48 PM

Originally Posted by Morello (Hozzászólás 8788038)
Blargh. Been busy with non-live stuff - will follow up with Guinsoo.

06-01-2011, 09:26 PM

Originally Posted by RiotLykaeus (Hozzászólás 9507223)
As an FYI, This thread is not forgotten - I actually have been testing fixes for some of these, when we get them to where we want them we will get them out to you.

06-16-2011, 04:42 PM

Originally Posted by RiotLykaeus (Hozzászólás 10029911)
Can you tell me which ones have been fixed and not fixed? :) (its a game, some of these are fixed)

07-16-2011, 10:50 AM

Originally Posted by RiotNyandalee (Hozzászólás 11504850)
Fear not guys! This thread is very close to my heart and I'm completely for fixing the bugs on Nidalee! I sincerely apologize for how long everyone has waited for these fixes =(

I wish I had good news to bring but the wait continues. I just wanted to come by and say that this thread is not being ignored.

08-17-2011, 04:12 PM
This is a reply after Nidalee got hit with the sustain nerfs and my thread got moved from General Discussion and into the bugs section of the forums.

Originally Posted by RiotNyandalee (Hozzászólás 13035241)
There is no reason to repost this to General Discussion. I personally review the Bug Report forums daily (along with many other individuals) and I assure you they get the attention they require.

I understand the frustration regarding Nidalee's bugs... I bring them up every chance I get here at the office. Everyone is well aware of the issues.

08-17-2011, 04:45 PM

Originally Posted by RiotNyandalee (Hozzászólás 13036477)

Originally Posted by Udub (Hozzászólás 13036004)
Why haven't they been fixed before they nidalee changes then?

Completely valid point. I would have loved to see her bug fixes come with the changes. However, with the scope of the sustain changes, it would have been inappropriate to leave Nidalee's heal as is. The alternative would have been nerfing her heal and waiting to buff her till the bug fixes were ready... I personally feel like that option would have been a poor choice.

PlayerFour 02-08-2011 01:58 PM

Of course she has bugs; she's a cat.

Mooser69 02-08-2011 01:59 PM

First one for Javelin toss and primal surge drives me out of my mind! Especially when the enemy team comments on it >< Fix her pleeasssee!

Prettyfox 02-08-2011 02:02 PM

I've noticed a few of these. The Javelin Toss doesn't bother me, because you should be taking time to aim it anyways >.<

I've never gotten stuck inside any sort of object. I've also never noticed pathing errors, then again, I click everywhere because Auto Pathing sucks in general.

Never had a problem pouncing walls besides the ones that you can't. I've never pounced in place.

WalkingOnWater 02-08-2011 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by SurrealSilence (Hozzászólás 6055616)
I've noticed a few of these. The Javelin Toss doesn't bother me, because you should be taking time to aim it anyways >.<

Was watching TreeEskimo one time, he was prowling behind baron as cougar while the enemy team was fighting it, popped out of cougar, threw a spear at it, he had an excellent chance at stealing baron, but alas, the spear flew behind him. Many times you could be chasing someone in cougar, or you're fighting them in cougar and they run off, then you pop out and you have no time to aim your spear exactly, but if it was to fly in the direction you aimed, it would've hit. Sad times :< oh well! Still buying Nidalee when I have the IP anyways ^_^

Sagee Prime 02-08-2011 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by SurrealSilence (Hozzászólás 6055616)
I've noticed a few of these. The Javelin Toss doesn't bother me, because you should be taking time to aim it anyways >.<

I've never gotten stuck inside any sort of object. I've also never noticed pathing errors, then again, I click everywhere because Auto Pathing sucks in general.

Never had a problem pouncing walls besides the ones that you can't. I've never pounced in place.

You sir need to play more Nidalee.

Siegfryd 02-08-2011 05:16 PM

Most of these bugs are just general bugs that affect more than just Nidalee, Kassadin for example.

Morcaar 02-08-2011 05:35 PM

Shameless bump. I just bought her, and especially the pounce bug is annoying... Riot, Pretty please? :)

Psybeerian 02-08-2011 05:41 PM

I've played dozens and dozens of Nidalee games and I'll still end up pouncing the wrong way at least a couple times a game.

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