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Trace Bullet 08-13-2009 07:30 PM

Totally new to LoL/DoTA, need some advice
Topic says it all. How do I not suck at this game, thus not earning the anger of my teammates?

Also, can the community be a little more tolerant of newcomers? I don't want to hear "****ING USELESS" every time I play. How about telling me how to help?

Rageweaver 08-13-2009 07:47 PM

Right, I played DotA years ago, shortly after it was released and gave up pretty quickly. Just didn't like it. So the good news is you don't have to have played DotA extensively to get into this game. Saw the news about this ages ago and immediately fell in love with it. So as far as I'm concerned don't even compare it to DotA.

General tips for a new guy (which I was a while ago):

Try out lots of different champions. (It's a beta, you get to know how to play them and against them and you'll find the ones you like and which ones you don't)

Buy the recommended stuff from the shop for your character. Don't try and get cute/have a plan/take suggestion just yet. It's recommended for a reason and it'll let you get used to the characters you're played. Try and figure out the more complex stuff later.

Try to get killing blows on mobs. This gets you gold.

DON'T RUN AFTER CHAMPIONS UNLESS YOU CAN KILL THEM!!! Help your troops kill their troops rather than running after a guy on 75% health. You'll either get ganked or he'll get away.

IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT KILLING THE CHAMPIONS!!! Towers and inhibitors are really important to get rid of as well so don't ignore them and attack that 100% health champion who's attacking your troops from range every time. Sometimes yes, but not all the time.

DON'T DIE!!! Ok that's an obvious one, but the longer you're in the action, the more experience your champion is getting, the less your opponents are getting.

If you're getting attacked either back off or fight back. Don't just carry on hitting things (unless it's a dying champion or a virtually dead building) coz you're the only one getting damaged here.

Listen to your team. If they get you killed, well that's their fault, not yours. Learn from their mistakes as well as your own.


Play the game. You'll get better the more you play and learn that these tips are only very general guides for a beginner and by the time you're a bit more experienced you won't even be thinking about them anymore.

Hope that helps a little bit.

Teirdome 08-13-2009 07:56 PM

Start with practice games. I'll be sadly honest, I lost my first practice game... A 1v1 vs. Nunu. Truly embarassing.

As a new player, focus mostly on staying in the fight and working on your positioning. For itemizing, start with health regen.

If you're a ranged character, focus on staying on the same side of the minions as the Champion you're laning against and hitting them a couple times to try to keep them from focusing minions. If you start under 75% health, try to stay on the opposite side of the minions. These aren't how you're always going to want to play the game, but it's important to get in good positioning habits.

Last-hitting is one of the most important skills you can work on when learning. It's a bit easier if you left click on minions to see their health, then right click to kill them when they get low.

I would suggest starting with Tristana. She's really boring to play, but you can work on last-hitting and lane positioning.

MikeTyson 08-13-2009 08:12 PM

****ing useless

KuraM 08-13-2009 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by Teirdome (Hozzászólás 48317)
Start with practice games. I'll be sadly honest, I lost my first practice game... A 1v1 vs. Nunu. Truly embarassing.

i have no idea why you would start with a practice game, theres rarely enough people in practice to fill a full game when the matchmaking is up. You wont get better by 1v1'ing a cpu, because half the game is teamwork. Alot of people are all like "do this as ranged n that as melee and this as a caster" but its total BS, alot of the champions can be played how you want (example, my favorite is AP Rammus, and i go on average 6-9 kills and 0-2 deaths with tons of assists most every game, even though hes primarily a tank), and thats what makes it fun.

For stuff like game mechanics, items, what champions can do what, summoner skills, and tips n tricks to play better all come by playing, there is no guide that will make you better if you cant get into the game and figure stuff out for yourself.

possitioning habits like the previous nub suggested is total BS, since games are dynamic and you always need to adapt (amumu cant bandage through creeps, ashe's ult however wont touch them). Getting into a habit in a game like this is asking for defeat (aside from skill and item builds, although you may need to adapt vs pure caster teams with more magic res, and etc), since your basically telling the enemy what your about to do, and they can counter and use it against you.

rambo 08-13-2009 08:37 PM

you have to believe in yourself anything is possible

Jozrael 08-13-2009 08:41 PM


Do you have vent?

Log on, head to Larias' teaching channel. One of us will gladly help you :)

Larias 08-13-2009 09:56 PM

Hopefully I'll be around more this weekend!

WinterAyars 08-14-2009 12:26 AM

...Larias has a teaching channel? Okay, i want in on that...

Teran 08-14-2009 02:48 AM

Here are my suggestions...

Start off playing a ranged character, melee are much harder to play well and most are at a severe disadvantage early game. Look at the various guides posted here and see if any of the play styles catch your eye.

Next, when you play focus almost purely on survival. Getting kills and ganking feels nice but dying costs you far more than a single kill gains you. Observe what your opponents do and play cautiously, itemize for survival early on. The more you are in the game the faster you can learn about it.

If your team starts yelling at you and calling you names, ask them what they think you should do to improve. Sure you might get a lot of bad advice but some people are jerks because they think you're a bad player, not a new player and a lot of people will actually lighten up if you tell them this is your first time playing as a champion or you're brand new to the beta.

As was previously mentioned, play some practice games. Get used to last hitting creeps. Find a skill and item purchase order you're comfortable with. Open up a few rune slots and put health regen / 5 in (very helpful for the survivability point). I'm not talking about public practice games, put a password on it and put some bots in it and go test things out, get the fundamentals down.

Understand tower (and creep) agro. It works like this... the towers will shoot at whatever is closest to them and stick to that target until...

1. The target dies.
2. The target moves out of range.
3. The tower dies.

Note at this stage as far as I can tell the tower does not differentiate between creeps and champions except that if it starts attacking a creep, it will always switch to another creep after its target dies until there are no more creeps, at this point the tower will switch to a champion and shoot until the champion dies or moves out of range. If the target is shooting your champion, it will not switch to any creeps that come into range unless you move out of range and force the switch. All this stuff is common sense, this next part is where a lot of folks new to LoL can get really messed up.

The tower (and creeps) is/are aware of what is going on around it/them. Unless negated, a champion will "call for help" whenever he/she is attacked by another champion and this will trigger all towers and creeps within a certain radius to switch targets to the enemy champion. If you attack the enemy champion back they will "call for help" and their creeps will change their focus to your champion. You can reset creep agro by running a little ways and tower agro by running out of range. Be aware that unless you play as Evelynn (who as far as I know is the only person who doesn't cause "calls for help") any time you attack an enemy champion you will likely be receiving more damage than just their retaliation.

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