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Xalerwons 01-11-2010 11:24 PM

Alistar + Blitzcrank Item Build Discussion
I usually do a 2-4 man premade and go with a duo lane of Alistar + Blitzcrank.

What are your suggestions for an optimum build order?

Alistar usually goes
Mana Manipulator
Boots of Swiftness (or Mercs)
Innervating Locket
Banshee's Veil or Rod of Ages

The game is usually over by the time Alistar gets his innvervating locket.

Blitzcrank goes
Sapphire Crystal + 2 Hp Pots
Mercs (or Boots of Swiftness)
Phage > Trinity Force
Infinity Edge

Usually we'll push the enemies to the turret and take it down by ~10 minutes. And then we'll abandon the lane and gank middle and push that lane's turret down. Shop > repeat on the 2nd side lane as a 5man group at this point and push up to their inhibitors.

The Blitz item order is pretty vanilla but I was wondering if there was a better guide specifically for laning with Alistar. And as for Alistar, I've found innervating locket to be far too good to pass up as many people on the forums suggest.

Bait 01-11-2010 11:25 PM

i wrote guides for both.



Xalerwons 01-12-2010 01:13 AM


Originally Posted by Bait (Hozzászólás 503353)

I'm looking for suggestions that are specifically tailored for this duo laning combination. More of an aggressive pushing playstyle to win by 30 minutes.

Slide 01-12-2010 08:04 AM

Personally, I think the locket is incredibly overpriced and not as usefull as it seems. If its working for you, I can only assume you are playing in a very low ELO bracket. There is a VERY good reason pretty much everyone says to skip it. What it does for the cost is terrible.

Even on someone like Alistar who can spam spells very quickly, it does not add as much to his effectiveness as getting almost any other item.

The object of a Blitcrank + Alistar lane is to feed the hell out of blitzcrank. All Alistar really needs to do this is a chalice for mana regen. Once you ave your chalice, I find the most effective items to buy are ninja tabi followed by sheen.

Chalice and tabi take care of armor and magic resists (plus adds a little dodge for some more mitigation) Chalice lets you spam your spells all day long and sheen is by far the best item to increase alistars damage. He has a terrible attack speed but good damage. Sheen is the way to go.

Once those are complete its pretty safe to build trinity force or, if more tanking is in need, a Frozen heart as Alistar can really use everything it gives.

Try that out and you will have a MUCH better time at it. ID love to know how you came up with that Alistar build. The build I listed is tried and true. Many of us Alistar players use it or a slight variation.

Lastly, I understand banshees veil (though alistar doesnt actually need it) but what is up with RoA? ESPECIALLY so late in the game that it wont have time to power up? Alistar is a poor farmer. Ive found that even in games your doing well (doing well as alistar means you have many asists, not kills, your no carry) you wont be able to complete more then about 7k of items. I find using the build I listed the game is over before trinity force or frozen heart has been completed.

Using Alistar as a healer is a waste of his potetntial. What Alistar does best is feed his lanemate. If laning ends and your lanemate hasnt gotten at LEAST 3 kills, your doing it wrong. ESPECIALLY if you lane with blitzcrank. Pulverize, headbutt, rocket grab and power fist shoiuld lead to a lot of kills every game. Do your part and ensure Blitz gets the last hit. He will be far scarier then you late game if fed and can snowball much faster.

I know you love your locket, but give this a try. Im sure youve seen the build before, but there is a **** good reason we all suggest it or something very close. Weve played a lot of Alistar and at many different ELO levels and came up with this build.

The main problem with locket aside from its rediculous price, is it doesnt offer anything to the team that is worth that kind of money. If you really want to play an AoE healer, play Taric. You wont even need a locket. Which is a good thing. Locket is terrible!

zanitonium 01-12-2010 12:19 PM

this is a dumb idea, you're feeding yourselves (the tanks) and leaving your dps to get shreded. Split the combo up for laning, feed your carries, and then when you all come back together for the 5 man you'll wreck.

also, your build for alister is a horrible.

Good alister build requires 4 items, 5 max.

Finish with Frozen heart.

xDARCx 03-18-2011 07:20 AM

Alister and Blitzcrank is an awesome combo

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