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InfinityKage 12-15-2010 12:29 PM

"How about a drink?" A Singed Guide
O.K. So. I've never made a guide before and the reason being that i never thought that i was the authority on a champ. Sure i was pretty good with some champs but there was always someone out there better then me so why not let them write the guide, right? But with the newest champion rotation i decided to try and play Singed. It was almost instantly in love with him. He was just perfect for my play style. And I don't mean to toot my own horn here but I have never seen a Singed play as good as me. I usually have about 8-18 kills, 4-8 deaths, and 12-22 assist. Even in a bad game I at least break-even with my K/D ratio. Even better if you count the assist. I looked at some Singed guides and some were pretty good but non really played and built him like i do and the way it works for me. So I thought "I guess I'm the one who should write a guide". So here it goes.

First his moves.

Empowered Bulwark (Innate): Increases Singed's health by 2.5 for each 10 points of mana he has.
It's not gonna be something that puts him over the top but it does help. I put this ability to it's full effect in my build with lots of mana items. This will be discussed later.

Poison Trail (Toggle): Leaves a trail of poison behind Singed, dealing damage to enemies caught in the path, lingering for 5 seconds.
Cost: 13 Mana per second
Area of Effect: 20
Magic Damage: 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+0.3 per ability power) per second
His bread winner and the source of most him damage output. Half of his combo. Pop this when you run into fights and when you run away and use Fling to land opponent in the cloud and position yourself to make then stay in it as long as possible. Your mana items by mid and late game will let you keep it on almost always. Until then you will have to count on Clarity, mana pots, and timing to keep you in the game. More info on it later.

Mega Adhesive (Active): Throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed for 5 seconds.
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Range: 1,000
Area of Effect:
Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 Mana
Slow: 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 %
Could be a useful move i guess but i never really use it. Some people swear by it in the Fling/Poison Trail combo, but with the boots, Ghost, and his ult at his disposal I have never had a problem with catching my target. So use it if you want or don't if you don't but either way learn this last and max it last.

Fling (Active): Flips an enemy behind Singed, dealing damage to it.
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Range: 100
Flip Distance: 550 (estimate)
Cost: 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140 Mana
Magic Damage: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+1 per ability power)
His other bread winner. Does a respectable amount of damage with a great ap ratio(1 to 1). Use this to set up an ally kill or just to put someone in your Poison Trail. Can also be used to throw someone in the range of your tower for a couple hits if that too close.

Insanity Potion (Active): Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him a flat increase to these combat stats: damage, attack speed %, ability power, armor, movement speed, health regeneration per 5 and mana regeneration per 5 for 25 seconds.
Cooldown: 100 seconds
Cost: 150 Mana
Enhanced Stats: 35 / 50 / 65
A.K.A Hulking out, Super Saiyan, Limit Break, Infinity Rush,etc... This ult rocks. You move faster, hit harder, moves do more damage, and you are quite a bit harder to kill. (Not to mention some mana regen as well, but that does not really matter much with your mana items in this build.) And it last for 25 freaking seconds! I'm not for sure but i pretty sure that is the longest super buff in the game. Even Dr. Mundo's Sadism only last for 12 secs. 25 secs is a long time to run around wreaking havoc all pumped up. Use it to start a battle, end a battle, run away, chase, attack a tower, etc...

O.K. So now for the Skill build. I don't know the exact levels to learn what exact moves but basically its Fling, Poison Trail, Fling, Poison Trail, Fling, Insanity Potion, Poison Trail, etc..., picking up Mega Adhesive only after you have maxed all your other moves. Why Fling first? Well you are not going to be harassing much a level one. And if the enemy does get froggy then Fling them to your teammate to make then hurt and if they get stupid and cocky and get too close to the tower then Fling them into tower range for a quick and easy First Blood. I have only been playing with this guy for like a week and have already racked up 3 first bloods with that move.

On to item build. Always start with boots, health pot, and 2 mana pots. The boots will help you pull of your combo as early as level 2 and your mana pots and clarity will let you keep pulling it off with your health pot keeping you in the lane. After that go after These items in this order. Sapphire Crystal, Boots of Swiftness/Tear of the Goddess, Boots of Swiftness/Tear of the Goddess(whichever you did not get before), Catalyst the Protector, Glacial Shroud, Innervation Locket, Archangel's Staff, Rod of Ages, Frozen Heart, Lich Bane, and finish with Trinity Force. I've never actually made it to the Trinity Force. Now if you can count you will have realized that that is more then 6 items. What i do is when it is time for the next item i sell the cheapest/least useful thing in my inventory. Easy as that.

Runes: It is kind of personal judgment here. I'll tell you what i use but really it is your choice in the end. I generally go for AD per level and Attack speed runes. Mostly AD per level. For Seals i grab health regen and health per level. Mostly health per level there. Next is Glyphs. I try to get AP per level across the board. Then for my quints i grab CDR and gold/10 secs.

Masteries: For my masteries I go full tanky with 3/24/3. Grabbing all of archmage's savvy and Perseverance. With resistance, hardness, spirit, evasion, harden, scars, ardor, and tenacity.

Now the game plan. It is kinda hard to explain because you have to have the reflexes and judgment but the basic principal is this.

Early Phase: Run in with your Trail on and grab an enemy with Fling. Toss them on your Trail then run away if they still have high health or stay and fight/run in front of them if they have low health. Take care for the enemy champ's teamates and don't forget to use your teammate to your advantage. Repeat for most of the early phase while buying items when you can and pushing the enemy's tower.

Mid Phase: At mid phase you should start trying to push some towers and run between the lanes try to help your teammates with ganks or counter ganks using your fling/poison combo. Try to be in every battle. With your speed and health regan from your items and your ult you should be able to try to show up every time your team attacks or gets attacked. Continue to buy your items of course.

Late Phase: Team fight time. It's your job to initiate. Try to grab the guy that is at the forefront of the team skirmish and throw him back into your team. Of course have your poison trail on. When you get that good toss use the opening and confusion to start the team-fight with your team at the advantage. Pop your ult in the chaos and keep that poison trail going. Fling an enemy whenever the cd refreshes. Use logic of course and try to push the teams towers and inhibs when you have the opening.

So. What do you think? Let me know if you have any suggestions.

MeoDea 12-15-2010 12:37 PM

Id just like to point out that you included in your guide getting an item (Innervating Locket) that was removed from the game.

InfinityKage 12-15-2010 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by MeoDea (Hozzászólás 4748635)
Id just like to point out that you included in your guide getting an item (Innervating Locket) that was removed from the game.

When? New patch?

Alexious 12-30-2010 11:13 AM

Well, the basics of it worked for me... starting with boots and pots, then straight to tear is a good base. But then I rush RoA. After that I go FoN or come back for Arch depending on the opponents. Where you're flat out wrong is your masteries... you need the 9 in offense for the extra magic pen. All my kills and assists were coming from the poison and extra Ability Power.

I think you have a good basic idea, I just think you build too many low level items before finishing some things off. Hell, in testing this I hardly ever got past boots/Arch/RoA. I played in tank-style and kept trying to feed my carries and not die. I seemed to be roughly even on K/D and then I racked up tons of assists.

Next I'm trying the boots of mobility instead of swiftness... they will NEVER get away then. XD

Teemo Kanye West 12-30-2010 11:39 AM

Mega Adhesive is actually a great skill, well worth putting 1 point into it at lvl four I think (Should have 2 in poison 1 in fling) as the 50 extra damage you get from from another point in fling at lvl 4 is not equal to having a 24% AoE slow that can can be used defensively and offensively extremely well.

Nevrus 12-30-2010 12:34 PM

The difference between a great singed and an alright singed is Mega-Adhesive Goo. Any idiot with ghost and his ult can fling whoever the hell he wants. But tactically placing it so that the enemy can't escape OR catch your team is vital. Put it on a corner that an ally is round or an enemy must round, put it in a narrow jungle pass or ramp, force aggressive harassers back by pretending you're about to rush them with goo on them. Its uses are many! If you avoid it, the rest of your team will not be able to keep up with runners as quickly, and a lot of gank attempts that could have easily been foiled will kill teammates because you were too proud to get the goo.

tl;dr: Mega-Adhesive Goo is awesome, and if you don't use it, you suck.

DTrick 12-30-2010 01:16 PM

this guide is no bueno.

Items get catalyst, boots 1, mejias, turn Cat into ROA, Merc treds, then get ABBySAL or BV or Rylies.

check my profile for inspiration.

DTrick 12-30-2010 01:18 PM

You should rarely if ever melee attack a champion with singed.

DTrick 12-30-2010 01:23 PM

also spell order is:
poison/fling first (fling for early gank if not get poison), Fling/poison (what you didnt get first),
poison, Mega Ad.

then Ult>Poison>Fling>Mega Ad.

InfinityKage 01-01-2011 08:09 AM

Just to let everyone know. This guide is old. I have completly changed my stratagy since this, but am too lazy to redo the guide. So disregard it. It will be forgotten into the sands of time.

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