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ScholarZero 08-06-2009 02:06 PM

[Guide] Things Champions will do to Kill You
This guide is intended to go down the list of all heroes and give new players an idea of what those heroes can do. This is not intended for high level play, but rather as a guide for someone who is unfamiliar with an opposing champion to know what those heroes are capable of. I'm pretty expert at dying, so I guess that's my qualification.

A secondary goal is that this guide will be polished/correct to the point where it is useful for all newbs when the game goes full retail.

Perhaps during the loading screen, you could have this open in the background and get to know your enemy - if it worked for Sun Tzu, it will work for you.

I am nowhere near good/experienced enough to write this guide myself, so any contributions and outright contradictions are appreciated. The main posts will be edited and proper attribution given.

Alistar (Minotaur)
Excels at pushing lanes. Can even push towers fairly early in the game. High Hit Points. Low damage.
In Lane - His skills can help his teammates kill, but can have trouble killing 1v1. Don't try too hard to harass him unless you can do lots of damage quickly, he will heal it all over time with his third ability.
Gang Fights - Low priority target in most gang fights, he can take too much damage. Just pay attention to your position, and keep him between you and your other enemies.
- He has a stun that knocks all enemy units within melee range into the air around him, which are then stunned on landing. This doesn't do a great deal of damage, but it can help set up kills. It can stop channeling abilities (Nunu, Fiddlesticks, and Karthus's ult, particularly).
- His second skill (almost his signature move) is a headbutt that knocks you about half a screen directly away from him (stopping if you hit a wall). It can be used from about 5 character lenghts away. The key here is to avoid being between Alistar and the rest of his team (or a tower), or else he can easily headbutt you right into them. This does not stop channeling.
-He has a heal that he can use after an enemy minion dies, that heals him and his allies in a small area. It is not very strong, but can help keep his creeps alive. This is one of the main reasons he is a strong pusher.
- His ult makes him take significantly less damage for a brief period.

Amumu (Mummy)
Usually pretty quiet early (until he makes level 6). High health, moderate damage.
In Lane - Don't hang out near your creeps when he is there, he has a strong AOE nuke that can be activated after taking hits. Try to pace around rather than stand still to avoid a surprise bandage toss. Can be tough to push against. Harass occasionally.
Gang Fights - Low priority in a gang fight, but try not to wad up with your temmates if you haven't seen him ult in a while. Focus him down if he's alone, otherwise just try to avoid him.
- His first ability is a bandange that, if it hits, does damage and drags him to the hit unit. This does not auto-hit, so with foresight you can dodge it. Keep some of your creeps between you and him when laning. If he hits you, your creeps will start hitting him, charging up his nuke (his third ability). If running from him, the instant you see him stop to use this, change directions to try to dodge. This ability has a range of about 6-7 character lengths.
- His second ability slowly ticks away the HP of anyone nearby. Usually people don't use this ability until later in the game. The best counter is staying away.
- His third ability slightly reduces his damage taken, and after he has been hit a certain number of times he can unleash a melee-range AOE damage attack. He will use this to farm, and later in the game to do damage when getting attacked. This is why you don't just stand next to your creeps early, but he can't use it too often in the first few levels.
- Ultimate is an AOE centered on himself that does damage as well as binds heroes to the ground for about 3 seconds. There is a big yellow circle of doom around him when this is happening. If Amumu is in the middle of your team, he is probably about to use this.

Anivia (Ice Bird/Articuno)

Annie (Little Girl)
Strong nukes. Low HP, and no built-in escape mechanism. Be careful when she has little blue swirlies around her, that means her next magic attack (whatever it may be) is going to stun. This comes up every 5 spells she casts. If she's past level 6, it will be her ultimate, and it will hurt bad. Can kill 1v1 if she catches you unaware.
In Lane - If you're in bottom or top lane and she disappears, she's probably over in the grass right next to you. Check the grass, but if her lane partnter starts coming your way, run immediately. Some people put a clairvoyance ward there to counter this behavior. Try to harass her. She is squishy, and has no reliable way of escaping if you focus on her.
Gang fights - She is a high priority target in gang fights, but not above physical DPS. Assume that her ult is available at all times, and don't bunch up.
-Ability one - She has a targeted nuke that deals damage. Fairly standard.
-Ability two - Cone-shaped burst that is usually used to farm. Stay away from your creeps to avoid unnecessary damage from this cone while she's trying to farm.
-Ability three- I'm not sure exactly. A shield that absorbs magic damage, I think.
-Ultimate is an AOE nuke that turns into a creep that can attack independently of Annie. Most Annies will try to hit with this when they're blue-swirling, so that it will stun and Tibbers (the summoned beastie) will get some free hits on you, then they roast you and fireball when you're trying to run. This skill is usually used to initiate a fight.

ScholarZero 08-06-2009 02:07 PM

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ScholarZero 08-06-2009 02:08 PM

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Glithen 08-06-2009 02:38 PM

I love the idea and will make my own contributions to the heroes I enjoy playing. Might I suggest a better laid-out format, though?

Champion (Nicknames, abbreviations)
-Vitals (High speed, attack rate, nuker, ganker..)

-Passive Synopsis
-Q Synopsis
-W Synopsis
-E Synopsis
-R Synopsis

-In Lane - What the champion will do while laning against you.. early-mid game tactics..
-Team Fights - What the champion will do with in a 2v2 or bigger battle.. mid-late game tactics

-Things to Watch For - things to be careful of that aren't necessarily going to kill you (Zilean's ult, Singed's glue)

-High HP, high move speed, support role

-Empowered Bulwark (Passive) - Increases HP by 1 for every .3 mana.
-Poison Trail (Q) - Deals steady DPS to all units around, requires mana per second
-Mega Adhesive (W) - Throws a spot on the ground that slows move speed if they are caught in it.
-Fling (E) - Throws enemy over shoulder and deals damage when they land.
-Insanity Potion (R) - Increases damage, attack speed, AP, armor, move speed, and HP regen for 30 secs.

-In Lane - Singed is not a threat unless you get thrown by him. If he moves towards you, move away. Be prepared to be flung, nuked by teammate, have a Mega Adhesive thrown at you, and get beat on by Singed. A common tactic is to Flash in and fling, so to avoid dying, be sure to have an escape route. Fling will throw you behind Singed, so be aware of positioning if he runs towards you and you cannot get away.
-Team Fights - Singed is not a big threat in large team fights except to initiate them (by throwing you to his teammates) or by chasing you (if you get caught in the Mega Adhesive, you will die). His damage output is nothing to write home about, even with Insanity Potion, unless your entire team is clustered around him, so he will probably not be the first target; just keep in mind that he tends to have a very, very large amount of HP. Just be aware of your positioning and his positioning and avoid an inevitable fling, and you will be fine.

-Things to Watch For - Mega Adhesive slows your movement speed by 84% at Rank 5, so if you get stuck in it, you will not be moving anywhere. Couple that with his incredible move speed and Fling, you will probably lose a 2v1.

Floatzel 08-06-2009 09:40 PM

typo in singed. his empowered bulwark gives him .3 HP for every MP

nice singe mirror scholar

Snuggler 08-07-2009 07:40 AM


Brief - An AP based spell caster who excels at clearing large groups of creeps, freezing opponents in place and offering protection to teammates (or self) with a fantastic magic protection shield.

She has lower HP, but can dish out quite a bit of damage to multiple Champions if she can stay alive long enough to use her moves to full extent. Paired with a tank is a combination to watch out for playing against Morgana.

Dark Binding (Q) : This move fires in a straight line, with decent range, and will freeze the first enemy it reaches (can be avoided by staying behind your creeps). Dark Binding will prevent you from moving for several seconds, but will not inhibit you from attacking. This is deadly if other enemy champions are around.

"Corrupted" soil: (W): I can't remember the real name. :D This is her bread and butter move that creates an Area Effect on the ground (large black circle) that causes a DOT for as long as an enemy creep or champion stands in it. It does significant damage at higher levels. A common strategy is to freeze your hero with Dark Binding and immediately place this AOE spell on you while you are frozen. It is also used in conjunction with her ultimate.

Shield(E): Morgana has a defensive tool that some people QQ should be her ultimate. It is a magic prevention shield that lasts for several seconds and protects against magic attacks. She can cast it on herself and can save her allies by castingthe shield on other champions. It is a saving throw in many situations when you think you have her beaten.

Ultimate (R): Morgana's ultimate can be devastating if she closes in to your group of heroes. Within a short range of her, she will send out tendrils of damage to all Champions within her radius. The spell performs several large ticks of damage and does an extra burst at the end if you are within range for the entire 6 seconds. In large group combat, she will follow behind the tanks, run in, shield herself, and clean house.

As a solo fighter, her HP is a limiting factor in her fights. She is not stealthy but is great at pushing lanes because of the speed she can clear out creeps. In a group setting she is deadly when played correctly.

NÍvÍrmore 08-07-2009 09:33 PM

Nunu (Yeti)
-High HP and tanking ability. Strong slows and AoE.

-Visionary Nunu has a chance to cast his next spell for free.
-Consume Nunu's Yeti swallows an enemy minion whole, killing it instantly and replenishing a portion of Nunu's health.
-Blood Boil Increases a friendly hero's attack speed and movement speed for a period of time.
-Ice Blast Nunu fires a ball at a single enemy, dealing damage to it and slowing its movement speed.
-Absolute Zero (Ultimate) An AoE slow, that when channeled will deal LOTS of damage.

-In Lane - Will take advantage of high HP and free spells. Will constantly damage and slow you.
-Team Fights - Nunu will usually cast blood boil on himself or a high DPS teammate and will cast his AoE ultimate.

-Things to Watch For - Make sure to have a stun or escape route when dealing with Nunu, he can be very fast and slow you down! Also make sure to watch for a snow storm around Nunu, witch will show his ultimate.

Thanks Glithen for the layout, it's great!

08-08-2009 01:24 PM

Zilean (Chronokeeper)
-Cooldown King. Long Survivability, and Good Harasser

-Timebomb Zilean casts a bomb on you that explodes after 3 seconds
-Recall Zilean cuts 10 secs on all his cooldowns with this ability.
-Time Warp Zilean slows an enemy by 65% or speeds up an ally by 65%
-Chrono Shift Zilean casts a 12sec buff that revives the target if killed.

-In Lane Careful about Zilean harassing you with Timebomb. If you are low on health and he is around...run away. His timebomb gives you 3 secs to get frustrated before he kills you.

- Team Fights Never think that you have killed someone for good when Zilean is around. He could easily have casted Chronoshift, and BAM! that champion is back to life and ready to fight.

-Things to Watch For- Just remember that Zilean can pop out of nowhere to place a Timebomb on you. Also know that with his Recall ability, he can easily spam Timebomb. If a Timebomb is placed on a target already with Timebomb, the first Timebomb instantly explodes.

Also if your ally has a Timebomb on him.....get away from him. It has splash damage.

From Ryoshi (Zilean Expert)

Mazer 08-09-2009 07:28 AM

Should probably talk about Zilean's time warp a bit too since it is extremely useful both offensively and defensively. In conjunction with recall, you can do some cool stuff with it.

Zareidriel 09-14-2009 08:02 AM

Champion - Jax (Also "Hax", "Jax the Axe", "Relax, it's Jax", "Watch your backs, it's Jax", "The King of Snacks", or "The Grandmaster of Arms")
-High attack rate, high dodge, high damage, probable carry, oftentimes tank, occasional farmer, and definite champion killer/assassin.

-Passive Weapon Mastery - Not really anything to worry about; he gets 15% more attack on his weapon items. Jax doesn't really go for weapon damage anyway.
-Q - Empower - Not too much of a problem either, or, more specifically, nothing that can be done about it. Usually not a problem until late game, as Jax usually gets this last. Does extra damage and AOE on physical attack.
-W - Leap Strike - Jax's combat-initiating AND combat-ending technique, but not his bread and butter by far. He leaps through the air and does damage on landing, good for chasing.
-E - Counterattack - One could say this is Jax's bread; whenever he dodges, he can use this move. It stuns for a small amount of time, AOEs, and has a fast cooldown (about 3 seconds?)
-R - Relentless Assault - And finally, Jax's butter. With this passive ult, Jax gains greater attack speed with each successive hit, and does extra damage every few hits. Be wary if he has been hitting things for some time, and then goes to attack you.

-In Lane - He'll try to bait you to overextend yourself for the first 9 levels or so, and if you do, he'll Leap Strike to beatdown. You'll probably die, so be wary.
-Team Fights - If the team is attacking a certain champion, Jax will probably attack that champion; otherwise, he will go for whomever looks easiest to kill. If that person is you, retreat is probably recommended, at least temporarily.

-Things to Watch For - There's no one crazy thing to watch out for with Jax; but he will almost always beat you in a 1 on 1. If you need to fight him, try to bring a friend or else be a high-damage magical nuker that can kill him before he can begin to attack. A late-game Jax will have a lot of HP and damage, and if he built his character right his dodge chance will be around 50%, so magic is suggested if you have it.

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