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HeftyUpTop 05-09-2013 10:04 AM

UserKernel and Me
Hey all,

Moved back home from Uni and been having lag troubles ever since. Pretty sure it's my wireless connection, but something that was happening there I noticed here as well. When I start up Mac LoL, it opens 3 programs> LoL Launcher, LolClient and UserKernel.

Well, UserKernel is always Not Responding. Not sure what impact this had on my game play, but between the three programs that remain open and the fourth that opens on entering game, Mac LoL gets my computer pretty hot.

Maybe there's several issues going on here and UserKernel has nothing to do with it, but if someone knows why it's constantly Not Responding that would clear one of the possibilities up for me.


HeftyUpTop 05-13-2013 11:47 AM

Anyone know what UserKernel is actually supposed to do even?

Dataslave 05-15-2013 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by HeftyUpTop (Hozzászólás 37691150)
Anyone know what UserKernel is actually supposed to do even?

UserKernel displays the initial League of Legends splash screen, and then sits in the background consuming almost no resources, and facilitates communication between the launcher and the game client.

It shouldn't be not responding normally, though many people on older OS versions report it happening.

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