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Poruku 11-11-2010 02:52 PM

Join the protest! Fire up the forums!
UPDATE: Nice job everyone! We had some great support! Ionia is now one step closer to its freedom!

Join myself and many others as we Fire Up the Forums on November 21st!

The monk from the Sojin Monastery is suffering as we speak for the change that Ionia deserves, so to show our support for Ionia and the monk, on November 21st, we're going to light up the forums!

Every time you post in the League of Legends forum (Where ever it may be!) include this in your post:



Wanna know why I'm linking people to a fire place? READ HERE!
Let the monk know that the word is spreading and so is his fire! Let everyone know that Ionia deserves a chance!

(Make sure to post here to show that you'll be participating!)

Keiran Darkwill 11-11-2010 02:54 PM

For noxus!

A Bad Idea 11-11-2010 03:15 PM

A noble effort. I think I might participate in this, seeing how little support Ionia gets on the forum.

KarrieBear 11-11-2010 07:38 PM

Great idea.

As a summoner, I am still unsure about my city-state alignment, but a human is suffering and I would like to bring awareness to this pressing issue on Valoran. I will join in protest on the 21st.

((How about a counter-statement for Noxus? The 21st is a very good day to drum up protest for this conflict... that's all I'll say...))

Fulgr1m 11-11-2010 08:00 PM

Yeah I'll get in on this, Ionia needs some support! We have enough Noxians and Demacians as it is!

SonicTheHedgedawg 11-11-2010 08:12 PM

FOR IONIA!!!!!!!

(Time for Soraka to don her warior muumuu)

K D Bonez 11-11-2010 08:14 PM

Although I am here to speak as a Noxian, if you think about this situation of yours, your in the wrong. If you remember correctly, the Monk has requested no help from any outside source, Ionian or otherwise. Just because you plan to have a Rally of some sort, will it really matter? Now, speaking as a Noxian, by all means help him and ruin his cause.

Now, onto a topic of other inrelivance, why would you set something on fire because someone who can magically regenerate themself did it?

-General Kalis Drekval Bonez, Summoner/Noxus High Command

((also, off-topic, what IS your affiliation KarrieBear?))

ZFjzeqgp3enl4IRT 11-11-2010 08:35 PM

Noxus will crush Ionia under its boot, I'm confident in the superiority of our champions.

NinajFridge 11-11-2010 08:38 PM

The sands will conquer all given enough time. And time is a luxury that i indeed possess.
And Kalis. So what you are saying is that a monk set himself on fire for no reason. The mind's of you all astound me.

Nin-aj Fridge - High Nomad Of the Shurima

Ponies Gonna Pwn 11-11-2010 08:38 PM

I and many other summoners of the Freljord will aid Ionia in their coming challenges.

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