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EpsilonIV 04-03-2013 02:16 AM

Clicking issue.
Sometimes when I start a game, i try to click on something (i.e. the shop, or putting a point into an ability). I click it once, but nothing would happen. Eventually, I realized I had to double click sometimes in order to open the shop or cast a spell. The problem is fixed when I rejoin the game but I don't want to go through all that.

Dataslave 04-03-2013 09:17 AM

Try rebooting, and launching LoL immediately, with no other programs running. Do you still experience this issue?

EpsilonIV 04-09-2013 05:54 PM

I have skype running most of the time. Instead of relaunching LoL, quitting skype was enough to fix the problem. Thanks.

risend 04-10-2013 05:32 AM

I get this sometimes too, I use a lot of skype as well. Usually cmd + tab between applications does the trick for me.

Impawsible 04-10-2013 11:22 AM

Sometimes when you have stuff in the background, you cant tell if League is the current window selected. So you end up clicking the store trying to buy something and it doesnt work.

RSisCOOL 04-13-2013 08:57 PM

tab out of LoL and tab back in thatll solve your problem.

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