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MrLevian 03-23-2013 11:16 PM

DirtNap Gaming 5v5 Tournament!
Dirt Nap Gaming: 5v5 Tournament Month 1

Dirt Nap Gaming is proud to announce the reinstatement of our monthly 5v5 tournaments. This tournament will encase a 32 team bracket, with up to 9 people on each team roster.

Sign-ups will are opened Today and end April 15th.
Tournament will commence on April 19th

We’ll be offering to the 1st place team 25$ of RP per player and 2nd place team 10$ of RP per player respectfully. Prizes will only be handed out to the 5 players in each team that "played" in the finals match.

Also A MVP will be voted on for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams each who will win a 10$ rp card. Special thanks to the community member Tine Sionnach at Gaming World Entertainment Network who made this possible!

For more information on rules/regulations for the tournament look further down
this post.

To sign up, simply make a reply post with your team name and roster and who the 1-2 team captains are. Teams will be added to the brackets as they sign up. After the brackets are full we will continue to have a list of fill-in teams that will be updated to the cut off day for sign-ups. In the case that a team is not able to play we will look to the first team in the list to fill as needed.

If you have any questions or concerns please PM the following people on http://www.dirtnapgaming.com/community

Nicket (Community Director)
Lea (Community Director)
Sarf12 (Tournament Staff)
MrLevian (Tournament Staff)

Team Speak Server: ts.dirtnapgaming.com

Team Speak Download: http://www.teamspeak...?page=downloads

Tournament Bracket: http://challonge.com/dirtnapmonth1

Dirtnap Gaming Official Website: http://www.dirtnapgaming.com/community

Gaming World Entertainment Network Website: http://gw-en.com/

Tournament Format

Number of maps: 1

Number of teams: 2

Server choice: Top seeded team will chose who will
host the game

Game Type: Custom-Tournament Draft Mode

Map: 5v5 Summoner's Rift

The winner of the match: is the first team to destroy the
enemy nexus.

Bracket Format: 32 Team Style Single Elimination


http://challonge.com/dirtnapmonth1 All preset match dates are displayed in this bracket.

Team Captains will be giving a week's advance to set up the first match time and date and complete it.

The semi finals, finals, and third place matches, will be streamed and shout-casted, and as so will be set to a later date. Depending on the number of viewers and people in Team Speak, prizes can and will be handed out.

Team Format

To be eligible to play in the tournament you must have a
minimum of 5 registered members on your team. Players must be registered with a
team before the start of the tournament. Once the tournament has begun, no
players may be added to your teams.

The standard number of players is 5. If a team cannot
field at least 4 members, they must forfeit the match unless both teams agree
to proceed.

The maximum roster you may have is 9 players.

Name on Team Roster should be same name as your in game
name in league of legends. No other names can be used. It is up to the opposing
team members to check rosters to account for all people playing. Screenshots
must be taken by each team captain in case of any dispute. You are not required
to hold them if no disputes arise.

Each Team is required to have a specified Team
Captain able to be on TeamSpeak. This is needed to report matches and file
disputes. Important tournament information such as matches, seeding’s, any
breaks in play will be told on Team Speak and in most cases will be posted on
the forums.


1: Be respectful of your team and your opponent.

2: No talking in all chat with the exception of the team captains.

3: For captains no foul language, harassment, or trolling in all chat. All chat is for
captains to communicate if any issues arise.

4: Each team is allowed 1 restart of the game. In the case of a restart the game is to be
remade, and the same bans and picks are to be used. Admins can be called in if
needed, but in the case of disputes screen-shots will have to be provided to
make a case.

5: After a match is done a Team Captain from each team is to report the match in the
specific thread according to the round the tournament is in. Once both captains
post the results, the brackets will be updated with those results to reflect
the current standings.

6: Have FUN

7: At in anytime you have any questions about anything regarding this tournament refer
back to this post or pm an admin at any time.

8: While in Dirt Nap Team Speak please abide by these rules

Respect your fellow Team Speak members.

Sexual Harassment is not tolerated in Dirt Nap Gaming.
We believe that all Gamers have the right to game Harassment Free.

Discrimination of any type is not allowed. We accept
people from different walks of life. Consider your audience; some may be
offended by what you say.

Hacking is a ban-able offense. Under
no circumstance is any team allowed to use a Hack.

9: When we have teams that don't show up to play their matches ,a coin toss online will determine who moves on, unless we have 1 team show up but the other did not then that team will be awarded the win and move on.

Dispute Filing

If you have a dispute please pm a Tournament Admin on the website with this following

Disputed Team:

Disputing Team:

Reason for Dispute:

Evidence for Dispute:

Additional Comments: (limit to brief description)

Once a admin see’s this we will promptly get in touch with you and resolve the matter as fast as we can. If no evidence can be produced the dispute will be thrown away and the disputing party will be notified. In the case of a dispute being genuine, admins will converse and the proper action will be taken. Usually a warning followed by a dismissal from the tournament if needed.

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ArĂ­a 03-24-2013 12:43 AM

Hm. I wonder if this would work under general discussion as well

MrLevian 03-24-2013 01:13 AM

Idk. Nicket just told me to post this in this section, but yea.....you can basically talk about anything there.


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