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DG TheFeedski 03-22-2013 04:24 PM

Riot, Enough is Enough. Myself & The Community Want Answers.
Hello everyone,

I am making this post today to hopefully get some long wanted answers for myself and the Dominion community. Before I get started, let me explain exactly who I am (considering this is the GD forum, not the Dominion one).

My name is William, AKA TheFeedski, and I am the creator and owner of a website called DominateDominion; a site that offers Dominion resources and weekly tournaments that are streamed and casted. When I created the website well over a year ago it was out of pure enthusiasm for the mode with the goal of bringing in new Dominion players by offering resources for the mode and offering a competitive environment for the current player base (since we have no competitive play at the moment).

Now that you know a bit of who I am, let me vent my frustration of why I and the Dominion community want and why I feel we should get some answers from Riot…

I could drag this out and make it a massive post with how I really feel, but long story short, we feel neglected. We don’t get updates, but the worst part, is we don’t hear anything from you guys either. I think the easiest way to do this is to go in chronological order…

When Dominion was announced, a post was made on 08-22-2011 titled “You know what excited me the most about this?” with the body stating

“Theres no tier list. Fresh metagame to explore with goofy builds, and nobody can argue with any of it.”
With a Red, Deathstryker78, replying with

“we fully expect that once the players get Dominion, we'll see all kinds of crazy team builds, and we'll be watching closely to ensure we keep the game mode as balanced as possble.”
Awesome, a new map getting released and they plan to watch for balance issues, unlike they did with the old Twisted Treeline. I was excited.

On 9-04-2011 another post is made asking

“I was just wondering is if there will be a ranked for Dominion when it comes out, idk if this has been answered all ready but was just wondering maybe could get a Red to post or if someone knows because I think they should.”
Which had Brackhar responding with

“Ranked will not be enabled at launch as we want people to feel out the game and get familiar with the meta. The implementation is complete though, so the intention is to turn it on after the rapid learning cycle is over.”
Fair enough, I don’t blame you. A completely new map to the MOBA genre and surely people aren’t use to this play style, I wouldn't implement ranked right away either! However, there have been countless (over 100) tournaments both on NA and EU to date with the top players in Dominion (you can tell when elo was visible with JabeBot & lolmatches) and they have all had similar metas for quite some time. The meta is figured out, the learning cycle is over. I digress, let’s move on…

Another post is made asking Brackhar “so how long will this “rapid learning cyle” be? A month?”. Brackhar’s response being

“Depends on your guys, really. We want to turn it on when you guys feel that things are ready for ranked play, both in terms of the map balance and general awareness of how to play the map.”
(we’re ready, by the way, and we have tried telling you that for a long time.)

Moving on…

After Dominion’s release a post was made stating

“So far, I'm loving Dominion. Especially because the changes in the map, namely not needing to farm, make characters like Ezreal that much more fun for me to play.

I was wondering what the odds are that we will see a Ranked Dominion play in season 2.

Not happening for sure?”
With Brackhar responding with...

“Depends on how things shake out balance wise really. The implementation is done on the back side, but we want the map to have a chance to mature enough before we flip the switch.”
So at this point, we know the implementation is done on the backside, they are just waiting how things shake up. After many months of not hearing anything, myself and a large part of the Dominion community thought we might possibly be getting ranked for Season 2. They said they want the map to mature enough, we all figured it was mature. High elo had the meta (which let me add, is still in effect today) with Revive, knew what champions were strong, knew what to look for in champions to fit certain team compositions, etc.

After not receiving word of ranked for quite some time, a story was written by a Dominion player which read…


“Once upon a time, many players were excited about this new game mode called "Dominion".

Yet at it's launch there was great despair, for it's problems were many!

Lo! Brackhar looked down from on high and said: "Let the rubberbanding be fixed! Let Gunblade be nerfed! Let Gold and Exp gains be reduced, so that carries may no longer dominate! Priscillas? What a mistake! Get that thing right the heck out!"

And the players looked, and said "Dominion's in a pretty good place now."

And Brackhar looked down again, and said "I must away! But ranked will be turned on when you mature, someday."

And so, they played and they waited, expectant for ranked - but instead they got silence!

But then, a light appeared! The valiant Jabe, riding his mighty Jabe-steed, found that if a bot were to look at your profile, it would know your Dominion normal Elo. He gifted this great power unto his creation, the all-knowing "Jabe-bot".

The players rejoiced! While they did not truly have a ranked mode, they could compare their skills, and strive for self-improvement! A golden age of Dominion Elo-lightenment was born!

But then, the dark Tuesday of march 20th, the Evil Yordle Lulu came to the League. And in her Fae madness, she stole the gift of Dominion Elo from Jabebot! The players could no longer see their ranks! Fear and anger ensued, as the players floundered around without his knowledge to guide them!

Is this the end of Dominion as we know it?!?


Now, I get it - I really do. Riot has learned the value of playing the silence game after disappointing the community with the Magma Chamber project, and the stealth rework. Riot doesn't want to say something that could be interpreted as a promise, and then fail to follow through - us gamers are a notoriously hard to please bunch.

What I'm trying to say here is not "RIOT U OWE ME EXPLANASHUN!!!1" or even "Y U NO RANK DOMINION!?!". I am saying that I need some reassurance that dominion has not been forgotten if *I* am to continue playing it seriously.

Are you working on Dominion currently, Riot? Do you have a plan for it? Can we get our Dominion Normal Elo back in the meantime? I'm sure since it required a bot to view, showing us our Elo wasn't intended - but still, how did it hurt you to have this information available for us while we waited for ranked?

Look at all the openness and communication that Riot engages in - Xypherous explaining his newest champ (70+ posts worth!), Devs communicating left and right about upcoming changes and balance goals (Seriously, I could read morello-posts all day), Lyte talking matchmaking and Tribunal - Look, you guys are the best and most open **** game company I've ever seen.

But there's one thing you haven't talked about - Dominion. We lost our Elo, and I feel that helped the community a heck of a lot. Now I don't know how the rest of the community feels, but I know how I and a few of my friends feel - and it really feels like we're the unloved stepchild of game modes…”
First Red, Tamat, replied with

“I appreciate all the time you've spent creating this thread, and the maintenance that followed. I can't really get into or speculate about any of our plans for Dominion, but I'm going to send this thread off to Brackhar so that it's on his radar!

Additionally, I'm going to need to move this to the Dominion subforum. I know you want it in GD for visibility, but the Dominion subforums are there for a reason pal!”
At this point, the thread gets moved to the Dominion forum like many past ones have. Dominion isn’t allowed in GD, but SR sure is… Doesn’t seem fair in my books. This is a GENERAL discussion. If it were strategizing for Dominion, or talking about builds for Dominion, by all means I see it reasonable to move it to the correct forum, however, that’s beside the point so I digress…

In the same thread, Montag posted

“The question of ranked in Dominion is bigger than just flipping a switch and turning it on. Our ultimate goal is to create a really solid experience for players, and before we make changes to our services we always evaluate how it will affect our players first. Since a lot can still change with our plans for Dominion, the live design team isn't really comfortable talking about specifics yet.

Our goal with Dominion has always been to create a powerful and engaging game mode that pushes the envelope of the MOBA genre. There are lots of ways to approach that, and we don't want to talk about something you might not actually see in the game. That's never a good experience for you as a player.

That doesn't mean we're sitting still, though; it just means we're keeping our work behind closed doors until it's strong enough to be examined and scrutinized. I appreciate how passionate you guys are and that you took the time to post your concerns in this thread. Sorry for the "no comment," but I hope I've at least given you some insight into how we think about problems and how much we care about our players' experiences in League. (Hell, they put it in my title.)”
So now it’s no longer just flipping a switch, there is much more to it. On a side note on the remark of “Our goal with Dominion has always been to create a powerful and engaging game mode that pushes the envelope of the MOBA genre.” You did a good job, and I think you could attract a whole new audience of people with this new MOBA genre. In fact, one of my old admins got back into the MOBA genre ALL because of Dominion. I’m sure there are plenty of people who are also tired of the old MOBA ways and would love Dominion but have no idea about it.

Moving on…

10-30-2012, Yegg states

“We don't feel like adding ranked is the right way to support Dominion right now. We'd prefer to focus on growing the community first through supporting the map in other ways, and then we'll look at adding another queue.”
Fair enough, League is the most played game in the world and is very successful; surely they have reasoning for it. They are a successful business after all. But here is what irks me… What have you done to help grow the community? I honestly can’t think of anything. You dedicated Nome for the map, but he doesn't even play Dominion… I have spent the last 46 of my 48 Saturdays running and administrating a tournament for Dominion to keep the mode going and trying my best to grow it. The two Saturdays I had off were for my Grandfathers death and my 21st birthday. Other than that, I have turned down friends repeatedly to dedicate my time for this mode. I’ve gotten to the point where I want to give up. I feel I will look back on this in a couple years and just shake my head with all the opportunities I missed for trying to grow this mode with little to no response from Riot.

But here this is what the final straw was for this post…

October 29th, 2012 and AMA was done on /r/LeagueofLegends by the team who worked on Elise and the Shadow Isles map. In response to a question about the new TT, Morello stated

“You'll definitely see some changes to TT as we continue to make sure it's smoothed out on the rough edges (Level 1 teamfight snowballing is a concern) so it has deep replayability like SR.”
In response to THAT, someone said

“I remember hearing similar things when Dominion came out. After a few minor tweaks here and there you guys haven't really touched it. Do you plan to do more with TT than you did with Dominion and is there any support for Dominion coming soon? Also what are the odds of seeing soloqueue ranked on TT/Dominion or draft mode for TT?”
and Morello responded with

“Yeah - we've had a bad support structure for this in the past. We've fixed that now for this launch :)
Dominion will need heavy work before maintenance, but it'll get some too after that”
So after that, we wait… Next thing you know… The announcement of the Howling Abyss queue!

So when will Dominion actually get some love, or alone, some answers? At this point that’s all I’m really asking for. I just want answers. You have had contradiction after contradiction, just tell us the truth… If you don’t want Dominion to be competitive and you want to keep it casual, I understand that completely. But don’t keep us lingering. If you don’t want it to be competitive let me know and I’ll stop wasting my time right now and enjoy my life on the weekends. I’ll stop putting money into a website to provide resources for new players. I’ll stop it all. Just please, give us the truth…

Sources (in order of quotes):







Moons 03-22-2013 04:31 PM

Maybe try Dominion forum?

FatMii 03-22-2013 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by NoirTheBlack (Hozzászólás 35878038)
Maybe try Dominion forum?

Read the post before making such an ignorant reply. Thank you.

KaWraith 03-22-2013 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by NoirTheBlack (Hozzászólás 35878038)
Maybe try Dominion forum?

Not sure if trolling or just ... oh wait... maybe both.

DG TheFeedski 03-22-2013 04:33 PM

I would like to thank whoever for the instant downvote. You obviously had enough time to read the whole thread.

FatMii 03-22-2013 04:35 PM

GD and Reddit are both extremely hostile towards Dominion.

Lol Cry More 03-22-2013 04:36 PM

Oh no, we're not doing this again.

Remember when black people wanted civil rights? We gave it to them, then all of a sudden they want my bike, my TV and my girlfriend. If we give you ranked Dominion you'll just come back asking for our Bloodthirsters and our Banshee's Veils and everything. No!

InPopplesWeTrust 03-22-2013 04:39 PM

My name is Barack Obama and i support this thread!!!!

KaWraith 03-22-2013 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by FatMii (Hozzászólás 35878161)
GD and Reddit are both extremely hostile towards Dominion.

Riot doesn't stick up for Dominion either: and they created it. Morello quoting someone who said "dominion sukz" and not even making any sort of pretense of protest is a great example.

Timekeeper 03-22-2013 04:42 PM

The community wants answers, Riot. We don't want silence. There are other games we could choose to play, but we give our time (and at times our money) to you. This thundering silence that deafens us is not the way to treat a segment of your population. You're wrong if you're reading these threads and thinking that simply ignoring them will make the problem go away.

Tell us what you intend to do to Dominion. We're certainly listening, but will you have the courage to speak?

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