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Critkeeper 02-25-2013 09:22 PM

Team comp strategy for winning games at lower skill tiers.
Please don't instantly downvote, I'll make this as short as possible:

My target audience is for people who are fairly average at the game, like I am (bronze, silver, and maybe gold league), or for most unranked people and people who aren't level 30 yet.

You can google for the following terms if you don't know what they mean, they will be used throughout the thread.

Tanky dps
Ad carry
Crowd control

A standard team of 4 people designed more or less to protect and assist the ad carry. The whole team not including the ad carry does around same amount of sustained damage total, as an ad carry does. (I'm taking this from after game match statistsics, which i regularly overview at the end of my games. There are obvious variations and exceptions).

CASE 1: standard team with an ad carry


can stack damage items for multiplicative scaling, ensuring that if your team can protect the ad carry for a sufficient amount of time, the team can deal more sustained damage than other sorts of team comps.


If the ad carry is assassinated, the team loses around half of their sustained dps (depending on how many items that carry had of course).

The team is only functional as a unit. The ad carry needs the protection of at least 2 champions (most of the time) in order to function. So the ad carry isn't independent. The entire team is dependent on their ad carry for sustained damage, and the ad carry is dependent on the entire team (more or less) for protection.

CASE 2: 5 bruisers, tanky/dps-ers, atleast a couple with dunks or assassination tendencies (for example, jax, darius, nocturne, jarvan IV, diana)


Damage is split up between 5 people. If one dies, it only reduces the team's sustained damage output by roughly 20%.

Everyone is much more independent, making split pushes extremely easy. Whereas the ad carry and her team has to travel as a unit to maximize their effectiveness, the 5 bruiser tanky / dps-er team never even needs to gather all in one place in order to win a game.

Because everyone is much more independent, nobody needs to expend valuable crowd control to protect anyone else. You can just save the crowd control for securing champion kills and damage chunks.

You can afford to lose 2 tanky dps-ers to kill their carry, and still win the team fight after it turn to a 3v4 because you have more combined damage, durability, and independence than they do.


It doesn't work when the enemy team comp is selected specifically to peel for their ad carry and the people playing are actually skilled enough to peel for their ad carry.

If you aren't in higher gold divisions, platinum, diamond, or a professional, a team of 5 bruisers/ tanky dps-ers will win out over a standard team because of how difficult it is to peel 5 people diving at the same time, with the same durability, doing the same damage on your one ad carry. Ad carries have hardly anyway to deal with the warmogs and frozen heart rush anyway, let alone 5 of them.

Theungry 02-26-2013 05:58 AM

I think it CAN work to go all-bruiser, but it can also be shut down pretty hard by teams with strong area CC and traditional ranged damage.

It's another valid comp, but it's not a new meta where it's a mistake to have an ADC.

M3GaL0d0n 02-26-2013 07:29 AM

You under value your support. Wut is yer issue? Supports and assassins aren't even mentioned once in this guide... And don't make excuses because you said, "Assassination tendencies," ...Back to the drawing board. Figure out the other roles on the team before you write guides on team fights. All the various roles in the game are important, make good use of them all, flexibility is the key to victory in a fight.

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