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Burning Rose 10-20-2010 06:57 PM

[Olaf] Blood and Thunder! Victory at Sea!
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Hello fellow Berserkers. Since you're here, I can only assume you want to hone the fine art of screaming loudly and smacking things with an axe. Well, you're in luck! Professor BR (No, not that kind of BR) is here to help, and he's brought a friend! I'd like to introduce you all to Olaf. Say hello, Olaf.

Thank you, Olaf. Olaf here will be assisting me for the duration of this lesson.

Today we will learn how to rune Olaf, how to mastery Olaf, how to build Olaf, how to jungle with Olaf, and how to get Double, Triple, Quadra, and even Pentakills with Olaf.


Thank you, Olaf. We all know how much you love Rock and Roll, but that's not the Pentakill I meant. I'm talking about rushing into a team of five people and eating their carry in four seconds, then turning on the rest of them as they scatter in terror and blow all their CC on you, leaving your team to mop them up. I'm talking about running out of the jungle with red, blue, and black runes circling your chest and hearing "First Blood... Double Kill" in the majority of games. I'm talking about the best of Mundo, Tryndamere, DPS Sion, and Master Yi all shoved together in one badass bearded manslaughtering machine. This is why you're here. You want to learn how to rage. Not Udyr's fancy-pants eco-friendly rage, and not Tryndamere's slow-to-boil rage. I'm talking full-on, balls to the wall bashing your face against the enemy team until they all die and you run off to go kill something else even when there's nothing left to kill.

Now that that's been taken care of, let's get down to basics. We're going to assume already that you know Olaf's abilities.

(I) Part One: The Build
This is the part where you all expect Jungling Masteries and Runes, right?

Not yet, Olaf. Right now they have to hear about Masteries. You'll wanna go 21/0/9, picking up improved smite instead of a point of AP (because it does nothing for you) in Offense, as well as one point in the longer neutral buff durations in Utility. Make sure to take Improved Ghost in Utility. I know you're thinking "If we're jungling, why 0 points in Defense?", but it will work, and help you more for the rest of the game.

For Summoner Spells, you want Smite and Ghost. Smite is basically essential for jungling, and Ghost is amazing for so many things throughout all stages of the game, especially for a melee carry. If you really don't like Ghost, you can maybe replace it with Exhaust or Flash, but Ghost is very, very highly recommended.

For Runes, you're going to want Armor Penetration marks. There is no changing this - always Armor Penetration. For Seals, I prefer Mana per 5 per level because they remove almost all your mana troubles for the entire game, but if you're having particular trouble with casters you can trade them in for Magic Resistance. Glyphs are up to you, but I prefer CDR per level. As for Quintessences, Movement Speed is your friend. You won't need flat HP since you'll be jungling, but if you really do want even more ArPen, you can take that instead.

For Items, you'll start with a Red Elixir and 5 Health Potions. You'll eventually build a Phage, and then depending on how you're doing, turn that into a Trinity Force if they lack burst and you're doing well, or a Frozen Mallet if you really need the slow or the health. The Items after that largely depend on the enemy team: If they have a lot of squishy characters, Youmou's Ghostblade is your friend. If they have a lot of Physical, you'll love an Atma's Impaler. If they have a lot of Magical, pick up a Negatron Cloak and make it into a Banshee's later. If you've taken both an Atma's and a Ghostblade, get your critty-face an Infinity Edge.

Against a very, very CC heavy team you may pick up Mercury Treads, but you generally need them far less than most characters because of your ultimate. Unless they're a team like Annie/Sion/Taric/Amumu/etc., you'll probably be better sticking with Boots of Swiftness. If you're feeling really ballsy, you can take Berserker Greaves, but I usually find that the movespeed means way more in the mid-game than the Attack Speed does. Near the end of late-game, if you want to trade out Swiftness for Greaves it is often a decent idea, since in the teamfights the extra movespeed typically means far less than it does for ganking, but you can't ever really go wrong with Swiftness on Olaf.

You will level your abilities thusly:
1 - Undertow
2 - Vicious Strikes
3 - Reckless Swing
4 - Reckless Swing
5 - Reckless Swing
6 - Ragnarok
7 - Reckless Swing
8 - Undertow
9 - Reckless Swing

And then continue on that way, maxing Undertow, then Vicious Strikes, taking Ragnarok whenever possible. If you're confused about starting with Undertow or leveling Reckless Swing first while jungling, you're about to find out.

(II) Part Two: The Jungle
Let's check in with olaf for a brief introduction. Olaf, why do you think you like the jungle so much, despite being a sea-borne viking?

*Double Kill*
*Triple Kill*
Looks like he's busy. We'll come back later.

First rule of Jungling on Olaf: Reckless Swing is never used for Jungling regularly. The only time you should even ever consider using it is if you're worried someone's trying to steal your Golem/Lizard and you need to burst down the ends of its life. Don't use it at all during the early levels. It's amazing against players, but very wasteful and often counter-productive while jungling.

Second Rule of Jungling on Olaf: Save smite for when Vicious Strikes is up. The Spellsteal does affect Smite, which can make the difference between getting lizard and golem or having to go back before you finish lizard.

Third Rule of Jungling on Olaf: Manage your Health Potions to keep you low, but not dangerously low. If, while jungling, you go above 50% Health, you're doing it wrong. Your passive is one of the main reasons you jungle so well; use it.

Fourth Rule of Jungling on Olaf: You must have good map awareness. You'll spend most of your time while jungling at very, very low HP, and you'll be very vulnerable to ganks. You have to watch the lanes while you jungle, both for gank opportunities and for possible ganks on you.

You'll start off at the Wraith camp. Make sure your mid stays away from the exp range. Don't use your elixir yet. When they spawn, Smite the big one, and throw an axe to hit all three remaining wraiths. Don't worry about picking it up; just kill them with auto-attacks, and pop a health potion during the fight.

Next, go to the smaller Golems camp. NOW you pop your Red Elixir. Kill them with Undertow and Auto-attacks, making sure to throw Undertow to a position that hits both of them but doesn't require you to move to pick it back up. You should level up after one of them dies. Take one level of vicious strikes and use it to finish off the other Golem.

Now go to the Big Golem. Make sure to follow Rule #2 (your smite should be up by now). Throw Undertow to hit the Golem without you having to move to pick it up; you don't need to be able to also hit the small lizards, but if you can feel free to. When you kill it, you should hit level 3 and be at around 200 HP. This is good. Take your first level of Reckless Swing, but make sure to follow Rule #1.

Now, go kill the Wolves under Golem. With Golem, your cooldown on Undertow should be a little less than a second when you pick it up - spam this as much as possible while you have golem, using the same methods as earlier for throwing targets. Go to the Wraiths and kill them again, then back down to the small golems again. You should be level 4 by now.

Sometimes, you'll have to go back to base before you can take Lizard. Othertimes you can barely take it and slink off with 50 HP and double buffs to go heal and buy items. Judging whether or not you can do it takes practice. If you're not sure, go with the safe option. Losing your Golem to Lizard because you were reckless is terrible.

True, Olaf, but not that kind of Recklessness. If you go back before Lizard, buy a health pot or two to top you off after you take it. Either way, try to make your first item boots. It makes it far easier to get your first gank off.

Now, pick a lane. If you still need to take Lizard, it'll probably be the lane closer to Lizard. If not, pick the one that's most overextended, or the one where your teammates are most prepared to help you gank. Pick the one that looks best. You'll probably have to use Ghost to gank the lane, and you'll have to get good with Undertow (it simply requires practice). Make sure to coordinate with your teammates before you go in. Even something as simple as marking your target can make all the difference in the world.

Now you go back and continue jungling some. There's no reason to go into enemy territory - your own side + ganks should be able to keep you levelled, and often a lane will need to be covered. You shouldn't have any problems staying in only your side of the jungle, and it's much safer.Try to take Dragon in a couple of levels (The one weakness of this E-focused build is that it lacks heavy dragon control; feel free to experiment, but usually I can only manage to take Dragon safely by level 8 or 9 with Golem buff up.), looking for ganks here and--

Oh, sorry Olaf. Rule Number Five for Jungling as Olaf: If you don't gank, everyone hates you. Technically, this is a rule for jungling with any champion. If you don't gank and just stay in the jungle, your team invariable hates you. This in itself is not a problem for Olaf - the problem is you hitting level 6 without a double kill. Tsk tsk tsk.

(III) Part Three: Everything Else
Once you can land Undertow reliable and know how to jungle, and once you have a feel for what items to build and when, and once you've gotten the hang of mashing the hell out of your abilities (They have very short cooldowns), there's not much else to learn about Olaf. Teamfights are about how you'd expect - run into the enemy team, pop your ultimate, and rip their carry apart. You will need to develop a sense of good timing and positioning for that, but much like Undertow, it will come only with practice.

Not everyone can master their rage the way you do, Olaf.

Remember that Ragnarok is purely defensive - It doesn't increase your damage at all. If you're fighting someone with no CC who's not in danger of killing you, there's no reason to use it yet. And it has a short Cooldown, so never be afraid of using it to escape.

Now Olaf, I didnt mean to--



I think I managed to get away from him for now. We're going to have to wrap this up quickly, however, because I know he's close.

Remember, as a final lesson, that you should be unstoppable. You should bring fear to your enemies. They should say "For the love of god Olaf, stop eating my team!" If they are, you are doing your job right. You don't have to be the star carry, or even end the game positive, as long as you scattered the enemy team in terror and took a beating and won it in the end.

Thank you, and stay Angry!


(PS: My Picture Editting Program likes to mess with the screenshots, so they look a little funny.

PPS: If you know the reference the title of this thread is making, you are a pervert and a comrade.)

Burning Rose 10-20-2010 08:48 PM

The actual guide has now been done. Commence Face-rapage.

sawzall 10-21-2010 02:24 PM

Enjoying the Guide. Could use more talent tree info. Such as, do you get 2 points in 'Sorcery' and 'Offensive Mastery'?

Also, what's the earliest he can solo Dragon? I did it at 9, but it was very easy. I noticed too, shortly after getting lizard and it was time for a gank...Golem buff was up. Hmm, it may be b/c i didn't use Smite via Vicious Strikes...I'll have to pay more attention to it.

Boots being situation, which do you use most?

willbwow 10-21-2010 02:45 PM

enjoying read

Burning Rose 10-21-2010 02:54 PM

Updated the Guide with some more Jungling and Item info.

Covenant 10-21-2010 03:47 PM

Could use some discussion about where you're itemizing towards.

I'm also not sure why you don't start at blue golem. You can erase it from the face of the universe in no time at all, and race through the jungle in a blue-fueled frenzy so fast that you burst out of the jungle when your 2v2 laners are still at level two. Level 2, partially weakened enemies against Level 4 doublebuffed Olaf? Sounds like doublekill to me.

Red elixir is kinda overkill. With 21/0/9 you can get through fast with armor and be safe, then build it into a razor and kill Dragon at level 5. You may not get to it until level 6 though, you'll be too busy killing people.

Burning Rose 10-21-2010 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by Covenant (Hozzászólás 3589841)
Could use some discussion about where you're itemizing towards.

I'm also not sure why you don't start at blue golem. You can erase it from the face of the universe in no time at all, and race through the jungle in a blue-fueled frenzy so fast that you burst out of the jungle when your 2v2 laners are still at level two. Level 2, partially weakened enemies against Level 4 doublebuffed Olaf? Sounds like doublekill to me.

Red elixir is kinda overkill. With 21/0/9 you can get through fast with armor and be safe, then build it into a razor and kill Dragon at level 5. You may not get to it until level 6 though, you'll be too busy killing people.

I don't like Armor because I don't like Razor on Olaf. He doesn't like Madred's or Wriggles very much, so I don't really see the point.

I don't start at Blue Golem because I need both Q and W to be able to kill it when I don't have masteries or runes set up for jungling.

HMS BUTTPEE 10-21-2010 04:09 PM

I know what the title of this guide is referencing, and it is amazing.

I am laughing so hard right now.

Covenant 10-21-2010 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by Burning Rose (Hozzászólás 3590012)
I don't start at Blue Golem because I need both Q and W to be able to kill it when I don't have masteries or runes set up for jungling.

But you are jungling, shouldn't your masteries or runes be set up for it?

I play 21/0/9 with basically the same runes and I safely kill the golem with just one level of Vicious Strikes and Smite. I don't see how it could be out of your reach, or why getting Q second and W first is that much different than the reverse.

If you don't like razor or wriggles or armor, then what DO you build towards?


Ahh, I see now. Well... good luck. DPS Olaf has a nasty habit of imploding upon contact with the enemy. Blind from Exhaust means no hits, no lifesteal, and often no more Olaf. It's more fun but very team dependent.

Eddy01741 10-21-2010 04:16 PM

Why Trinity Force on Olaf? All the AP is going to waste (literally, none of his abilities scale with AP), crit chance ain't great on him, and thus all you get is a teeny bit of attack damage and the 150% damage proc for around 4000 gold. That gold could have bought you a brutalizer+ghostblade.

Otherwise decent guide, not sure about red elixir in jungle, I'd go either cloth armor and 5x hp pot build into razor and wriggles, or doran's blade x2.

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