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ZioticX 01-02-2013 11:44 AM

lee sin jungle
What should I build when jungleing with lee sin and what should I prioritize?

Ronyk 01-02-2013 12:05 PM

Get a wriggles lantern and boots. From there, you should decide what role you want (or need) to fill in your team. Lee Sin's best three rolls are Assassin, Tank, and an off-tank bruiser (my favorite).

Trinity Force is a good item no matter which build you'll be using, and a must have for the assassin. Other assassin items include Last Whisper if your opponents are onto you and build armor, Infinity edge, and I recomend either the bfsword/quicksilversash item, or the damage/attackspeed/Tenacity item (name escapes me on both).
The Off-tank bruiser's main three items (at least for me) are the phage, the hexdrinker, and the brutalizer (all eventually upgraded to the Frozen Mallet, the Maw, and the Cleaver).

If your team needs you to tank (don't forget to initiate!), look at the enemy team comp. If the comp slides either towards the magic or the ad too much, build resistances for those. Aside from that, a good tank build for lee sin might look like Warmogs, Bulwark, Randiun's (or sunfire cape!), Atama's.

Hope that helps.

StrmCkr 01-02-2013 04:20 PM

below is a copy paste{in quotations further below} from other threads ive commented and wrote on answering the similar lee sin jungle question


Get a wriggles lantern
lee technically does not need wriggles while jungling imo: its a personal choice to use it or not -- yes it has great synergy with lee's tool kit for a free "flash" via ward hoping every 3 mins.

for me i rather rush Blood thirster / brutalizer and punish people on quick burst ganks.

however it depends on how comfortable you are with lee sin's tool box and your team mates awareness of the map for you to get in and out safely
{which is y most people prefer tank/sustain over pure nuke}


technically build order should reflect how you are doing in game: if they are doing heavy damage build defensively ie chain mail for atama's

if they are casting spells periodically for poking damage chose higher health items and Regen {parts of warmogs}

if your doing well, keep the advantage by ramping up lee's damage to maintain pressure then build defensively for the mid- late game.

personally i don't like playing lee as a "true" tanky dps,

lee sin: is one of the hardest champ in the game to be exceptionally good with, this being said lee is considered god tier jungle by many.

i do recommend hundreds of games to get familiar/ proficient with using his tool set.

Lee Sin doesn't actually "carry" a team on his own, this is a common misconception when playing lee:

Lee is a counter-reactive champ that plays positionally, without wards, team mates or objects to safeguard onto lee has limited mobility for juking/kiting. These are what make lee a strong carry, by using his team he creates plays that can lead to a victory.

get used to spacing out abilities to maximize his energy regen & life-steal/spell vamp from auto attacks
E(1-2) -> E(1-2) -> W (1-2) -> W(1-2) -> Q(1-2) -> Q(1-2) ->> repeat

Practice landing his Q for effective ganks.
Practice Ward hoping and firing skill shots.
Practice W or QQ'ing & flashing behind target via minions/wards to set up a E-E -> R
Pactice combo burst's & escape - QERQW

there is alot more then this to learn with lee sin's tool box and very unique combinations that he can do: ill leave u to find those out, and continue on with my typical setup.

0|21|9 mastery {flash smite}
9|21|0 mastery (exhaust smite}
21|9|0 mastery (smite, flash/exhuast}

these are designed to maximize jungling auto attack damage and ad spells damage
6 flat Armour pen marks
3 flat ad marks
3 flat ad quins
9 scaling mr glyphs or 9 flat mr glyphes
9 flat armour glyphs

item lists:
support, peeler, initiator
wriggles, mercury treads/nija tabi, frozen mallet, Ruby sight stone, Black Cleaver, Runic bullwark

build order: Wriggles -> boots - > phage ->Brutalize -> sight stone -> Aegis of the legion -> start upgrading

Trinity OFF tank-- my own build
Black cleaver/last whisper,Trinity force/frozen mallet, Randuin's omen,Blood thirster, maw of malmortius, mercury treads/ninja tabi

build order: Brutalizer -> vampirc sceptor -> boots -> Bf Sword -> phage -> warden's mail -> hex drinker -> start upgrading

Nuki sin ---my own build.
Mecury treads/ninja tabi, Black cleaver, blood thirster, last whisper, infinity edge, Trinity force,

notes: { if they don't have heavy Armour swap black cleaver for blood thirster or soto if u can hold stacks }

tanky dps
mercury treads / ninja tabi , Randuin's omen, Trinity Force / Frozen mallet, Warmogs, maw of malmortius, Atama's Impaler

notes: --- build order & items: are not set in stone these are typical orders i use in games

2Pain4 01-02-2013 05:27 PM

AS a lee sin jungle main, I personally rush wriggles and boots. This then leads to a quick Bloodthrister if I get a few earlier kills or phage if no kills but team doing well w/ assists. If team is slightly losing, I rush for aegis to initate better so I can feed my team rather then myself since I am not fed enough to carry. Then a frozen mallet and atma's impaler or cleaver. I personally think Tri force is too expnesive and works its magic when you actually have the whole thing and bot nits or peices whereas the gold can used to buy better items at that point.

Hasuobs 01-03-2013 06:33 PM

My personal build is:
Machete+5 Pots> Boots> Wriggles> Phage> Merc. Treads> Frozen Mallet> Brutalizer> BT> Cleaver> GA.

Skill Order

iDpark 01-04-2013 01:02 PM

These cookie cutter builds.
try stuff out, cookie cutter builds are nice, but you may need to adapt to the enemy team.

Lee sin excels at Ganking. He's good at counterjungling too. Don't sit in your jungle till teamfights.

Typically, you want to get wriggles, and then build a phage. His passive works well with phage, learn to use it.

Build like a bruiser. Damage and Defense balanced around what your team needs.

Thorston13 01-04-2013 07:56 PM

Wriggles is not a needed item, but i'ts a must buy due to Lee benefiting to the fullest potential of the item.
You might want to add the sightstone because with a lee a Ward is much more than a vision tool.
Look at your team and see who is behind, what is it lacking, lee can cover pretty much every role an AD might fit into, so building teamwise is your best bet.

And the guy that said "Nuki skin it's my own", its called Carry Role and you go for that when your ADC is a total derp.

StrmCkr 01-04-2013 08:06 PM


And the guy that said

"Nuki sin" --it's my own
, its called Carry Role and you go for that when your ADC is a total derp.
ive been running this build since his launch in season 1, it is pretty much my own build :P not to many other people in those time lines, where comfortable running lee as a nuke over tanky dps. {moving more towards ad caster in season 3}

i've also run it in ranked games when im just bursting apart multiple targets even when my team mates are feed from ganks, it can be used to crush team fights quickly and peeling with this much ad usually just results in a dead opponent.

not much else says gg when lee blows up the tank, adc, and ap, caster before they can react all from 1 well placed rage kick as a nuke.
but as i warned above u need a solid team to maximize it well or carry lots of wards to get in/out quickly when they are not around also remember to use creep camps to move around the map.

the biggest thing with any champ is to remain flexable and adapt to what u are facing: itemization, even skill order changes to accomplish what your team needs you to be.

Oconnigan 01-04-2013 08:06 PM


Originally Posted by Hasuobs (Hozzászólás 33127849)
My personal build is:
Machete+5 Pots> Boots> Wriggles> Phage> Merc. Treads> Frozen Mallet> Brutalizer> BT> Cleaver> GA.

Skill Order

I usually build these things but my skill order is always QWEQW then R>Q>W>E

After trying quite a few different starts with Lee, I've found this gives me the easiest clear with the most health so I can gank without going B after initial clear

StrmCkr 01-04-2013 08:22 PM


I usually build these things but my skill order is always QWEQW then R>Q>W>E

After trying quite a few different starts with Lee, I've found this gives me the easiest clear with the most health so I can gank without going B after initial clear
--- depends on your masteries and runes to which spells are better to start with

E resets your attack timer and has the lowest cooldown in theory crafting and practical application usually results in the safest quickest clear time.

when i run Q i burst apart smaller camps and singular targets quicker and easier over E

a hint in season 3 jungle
kill the small wolves,wairths, golems befor going for the largest target in the camp actually generates larger health totals when leaving.

smaller creeps attack faster for more combined damage then the large monster does, when computing damage over time vs your attack rate and health totals.

skill order also impacts games
control/counter jungle -- E W Q WW R { basically u roam ur jungle warding, and gank the jungler when they go for ganks {protect ur team}, steal their stuff when u cant get their quickly.} slows and safeguards faster to turn around small skirmishes in your favor.

aggressive ganks: E Q W QQ R - burst single target quick kills. {lvl 2 gank off starting @ red}

raiding jungler: Q W E QQ R - {quicker jungle routs via Q hoping to creeps} - ive used the Q start to steal 2nd buff from champs even a surprise early raid gank through fog of war at points where people are generally low heath on their routes. ---- i perfer W as 2nd spell for the escapes/jukes for more aggression go with E but u lose alot from not having the armour/lifesteal/spellvamp & shield

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