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pdugg45 12-18-2012 11:11 PM

Duo Ranked
Good evening summoners this is pdugg45 here aka pdugg23 looking for some help with this ranked elo hell im in.

Now I'm currently at 1208 at this very moment and I am about to play another game here in a moment however I am looking for a summoner with at least 1200+ elo. They have to have amazing map awareness and understand and play all roles decent. I want someone who will ward even if they arent support and will always make decisions for the better of the team and not themselves. I am a main jungler but I play all roles well at this point my highest elo was 1338 and I plan to make it past that with some help. I need someone who know how to build champions as well as use them. I do have skype and I am very helpful and I don't take constructive critism to the heart. I don't rage and I play to win. If you think I fit what your looking for please add both my accounts pdugg45 and pdugg23. Thanks.

FearAzrael 12-18-2012 11:44 PM

Currently TT does not support duo ranked, I think you wound up in the wrong forum by accident.

As far as your quest for a ranked partner, remember, you should make sure that you fulfill at least all of the requirements that you are requiring of other people.

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