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Aregionius 11-25-2009 06:34 AM

[Directory] A Comprehensive List of Guides and Discussions
Leaving this up for historical value :) For an updated better list go here, http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?p=754987

Champion Specific Guides

Alistar Rush by Coleman
Alistar the minotaur by shedim
Bull-dozing with Alistar by Doctor Awesome
Alistar the Punting Cow by Glorianos
Alistar: The Indestructible Health Fountain by Schmendrake
Alistar, The Ultimate by Bait

Amumu - The Sad Mummy by Psyko
Ability POWER!! Amumu! by Odinson
Amumu the Sad Mummy's Happy Jungle Friend Time by NerdRage
Optimizing Amumu as a Tank by Atlantisssss
Amumu the Unstoppable by critmastersteve

Anivia, the Cyropheonix by Remni
Arctic Annihilation with Anivia by knav
Assistant Anivia, the Cryophoenix by anata ga mori
Anivia AP and Tank by Sintobus
Anivia Wings Left in a Freezer by AFKush
Cryopheonix, Miss Anivia by Morello
Anivia How-to by XGDragon

Annie the Dark Child by bdschuss
Annie - Dark Child. Quite Long posted by Almitt
Annie, the Tibbers Tamer by Mr Tibbers
How I Play Annie by Sickarius
Annie - Jail Bait by Bait
Annie - Technical Pyromaniac by ZGBudai
Annie Guide - Solo Mid by Kcao
[Discussion] - Runes for Annie

Ashe: The Frost Archer by Frozt
My Crit is Over 9000: Ashe by Veritas
Ashe : The perfect Support DPS champion by gh0sty
Ashe - The Killing Machine by Ennyn Messor
Ashe - The Frost Archer by Ligr
Blinzer's Ashe by Blinzer
Scoits Guide to Ashe by Scoit

Blitzcrank, The Steam Golem by Zoobi
Blitzcrank, the dominator by Bait
Blitzcrank Carry by Lemt
Blitzcrank: The steam-powered **** machine by condon
CritzCrank (LeagueCraft)

Cho'Gath, The Terror of the Void (Ability Power Style) by Uruz
The MFing Cho'Gath by condon
Cho'Gath: The Man-Eating Monster (LeagueCraft)
[Discussion] Tank Cho'gath Items

Corki - A First Look by Shido
Itemization, Strategy and Tips for Corki by Lightningfst
Corki: the daring bombardier by yoplate
Ap Corki: The Misunderstood Yordle by h3w0

Dr Mundo
Dr Mundo - The Madman of Zuan by Daesik
Dr Mundo "I don't think he's a real doctor" by WesleyC
Mundo the Immortal by Mugsy123
Mundo the Madman (LeagueCraft)
Dr. Mundo Guide - To Be a Doctor, You Need Patience by neopong
Dr. Mundo, the damage dealer way by KaptenUppenbar
Mundo: Mundo Mundo Mundo by condon, translation by elzimmero
Vet Mundo Jungle Guide by TeeNaku
Mundo: Carrying More Than a Cleaver by Echo7

Evelynn by dreamenddischarger
Evelynn the Widowmaker by MrCygnus
Evelynn - Ninja Style by sTrikerT
Eve: True Assassin by Jitt3rs

Fiddlesticks guide by PiousFlea
Junglestix - A Guide to Jungle Fiddlesticks by The Mimic
Fiddlesticks - You'll Never go Negative by Illum****
Tankstix - Defensive Fiddlestix by Edyll
Oh Fiddlestix by Headshock
Fiddlestix Guide by DeanKeaton259

The Landlubber's Guide to Gangplank by MrTibbers
Gangplank, The Scourge Of The Seven Seas by SmecssRaege
The Unstoppable Pirate by ArchReaper
Gangplank, Captain of the Team by Lemt
Gankplank by KFeederline
Dr. Glock AKA Gankplank AKA Winbeard by condon
Advanced Gangplank Guide by Heat n Serve
Parrrley Mechanics Guide by Heat n Serve

AP Gragas: Toggle the Brewmaster by T0ggle
[Discussion] - Gragas Item Builds

Heimerdinger - A Guide to Using the Spanner by Aregionius
Heimerdinger - Basic Hand Guide by Arghanos
Meet the Engineer: Heimerdinger by Nizaris
Look Ma, I can do Science! by CrimsonRipper
Heimerdinger The Persistant by PerksMinus
Heimer of a Dinger/AP by devotionx
My Heimer Guide by thattius
[Discussion] - Grenade Heim vs Turret Heim

Janna, The Mistress Of Storms by SmecssRaege
Janna, The Wind Warrior by Vangu
Basic Guide to Janna by banduan
Ranged DPS Janna! by Pappy GoD
Janna: Force of Nature by Zeta
Janna - The Storm's Fury by Cilk
Janna - Multi Playstyles by Oriyen
DPS Janna by reziel

The Master of Arms by RoarMan
AP Jax posted by Rambo
Jax Mini Guide by Akuma
Jax [guide] - lifesteal tank? "Let's do this!" by Emoshun
How to build Jax The Armsmaster by Dyrus
Let's Do This! A Potentially New Way to Look at Jax by Steelrambo
Jas as a Carry by Leon27607

Raping face with Karthus by FiRe
Kathust by Lightstriker
Karthus - Guide/Discussion by Bloodba7h
AP Karthus by Cold Fusion
Karthus Guide by DeanKeaton259
Karthus: Caster Carry by Disaster

Kassidan - Cthulu Darth Vader - with AP! by Engarde
Kassadin, The Guardian Of The Rift by SmeccsRaege
AP Spike Kassadin by The Senate
Kassadin for aggressive solo queuers by rambo
Kassadin - The Blinking Gankaholic by Scornfulheal
Ninjadin - A Kassadin Guide for the Hyper Agressive by kijik
True Glass Cannon Kassadin by Sniperness
Kassadin by Bait

A comprehensive guide to Katarina by Redrach
Katarina by dreamenddischarger
Tank Katarina by Miyamiya
Katarina DPS Build by Fjall
Katarina, Screaming for a Nerf (LeagueCraft)
This is how I play Kat by KYNB23
Katarina - Build/Tactics Top Tier by Furor
[Discussion]Katrina Builds Sugestion by Stealth Lord

Kayle, the Judicator Tank/Support by Klinkin
Kayle - The Anti-Carry Angel by Knuckle
Kayle - Destroyer (LeagueCraft)
[Discussion] - Kayle Item Builds

Malphite, the Annoying Rock by PerfectionLost
Jungle Malphite V2 by ChronicleX
Malphite, The Rock Solid Behemoth by SmeccsRaege
Malphite - the rocky dps tank by ArchReaper
Malphite: A Guide to Rocking Out by Auralynx
Malphite Monolithic Madness (LeagueCraft)

Master Yi
Master Yi, Master Of LoL by ianderson
Master Yi, A Second Look by Darkening
Master Yi, Slash and Smash by Kalledon
Master Yi Guide by DeanKeaton259
[Discussion] - Master Yi DPS Builds

Udyr's Guide to Mord by Udyr

Morgana - Support Queen by Fruitstrike
Morgana, The Iron Angel by SmecssRaege
Morgana - Melting Faces by palabor
[Discussion] - Morgana Builds

Nasus, out for Blood by Jonas Sterling
Nasus, the Avatar of Death by Soobydoo
Nasus: An Army of One by Targhan
[Discussion] High ELO Nasus

AP Nidalee: Toggle the Druid by Toggle
AP-CDR Nidalee by Lemt
Nidalee - She Only Does Everything by Tyrfang
Nidalee - Physical damage powerhouse by Canis
Nasty Nidalee by flankd
Nidalee AD Build by Fjall
[Discussion] - Nidalee Talks

Nunu, The Yeti Rider posted by Almitt
Nunu, the Jungling Yeti! by Ryoshi
Nunu the Yeti Rider, Mage by Gott
Nunu - Into the Jungle by Aregionius
Nunu - The Absolute Zero Hero by SubtlePanda
Nunu: Yeti on Fire by Axle Hellfire
Jungle Nunu MiniGuide by Bait

Pantheon, Artisan of War by Stormshield
KataPantheon the Superfarmer by cccpu
Guide to Pantheon by Vulgarity

Super Tsufurujin Poppy by Max Pita
Poppy the pmsing charger by Lelouch Zero
Poppy the Midget Linebacker by Kalveen Cush

Rolling with Rammus by Redtah
Rammus-The Rolley Polley Ball of Awesome by Krald
Rammus, the Armordillo by Inukshuk
A Comprehensive Guide to Being Rammus by Jonas Sterling
Rammus - Tanky Turtle Time by Vamprski
Rammus; Rolling in a Nutshell by Lolance
AP Rammus the Magic Pinball by TyrannisUmbra
Tank, Gank Rammus (Leaguecraft)
True Tanks Wear Shells (Leaguecraft)

The New Ryze, a Low AP Build by Aregionius
AP Ryze: Toggle the Mage by T0ggle
[Discussion] - The New Face of Ryze

Shaco: Complete guide to attack power Shaco by Jonoo
Shaco, the Jungle Ganker by Azurenight
AP Shaco: Toggle the Clown by T0ggle
Being a Sneaky *******, AP Shaco by DT777
Shaco Guide: Deadly Ninja (Leaguecraft)
Carleton's Guide to AP Shaco by Carelton
Shaco: Pennywise by condon
AD Shaco, Get Firstblood by mekmaster
[Discussion] - A Compilation of Builds for Shaco

Singe (Tank) posted by Almitt
How to Counter Singe by Damendar
AP/MR Singe Build by Asfastasican
Singed, Mad Chemist (ability build) by Blackthorne
Singe: Mage, Tank and Initiator by DT777
Singed, The King of Guerrilla Warfare by Genose
Singed, the Urine Guided Rokkit by condon

Caster Sion posted by Almitt
Sion The Beast Within! by Whiplash
Sion knows how to party! by Stalkeer
Suicide Sion by Anony
Hitting like a Scion: AP Sion by Sanji Watsuki
Guide to Sion the nuking UNDEAD BEAST by Blitzwing

Sivir, The Battle Mistress by Adam
Sivir, Balls to the wall by jpg420
Bich's Guide to Sivir "The Battle Mistress" by Bich
Sivir, Melting Creeps by AidanTalnare
Sivir, The Invaluable by Inukshuk
Sivir Spell Shield Block List by Poki3

Soraka, The Saviour by Vangu
Soraka, the Support Monster by Wildfire393
AP Support Soraka by FalseMyrmidon

Taric, The Gem Knight by Asvarduil
Taric the Aura Knight by Afric****
Taric - The "Whack-a-Mole" Miniguide by Drake Tseng
Definitive Guide to Taric by Z0mgtehcake
Taric - Gem's are truly outrageous by Froztix
Taric, The Gem Knight by Vangu

The scout’s handbook to AP teemo by JayceJa
Teemo - The Undefeatable by Woozl
Captain Teemo by Captain Teemo
The most aggressive Teemo by Oddiz
Teemo - Stick and move. by Husbane
Captain Teemo, The Super Duper Pooper by Bait
Effective Shrooming by Timmy the Spork
Massive Teemo Guide by Friend
Tiny Beast Teemo by volune
[Discussion] - AP or Damage Teemo

Tristana, Megling Gunner by Teran
AP Tristana by Ambi
Tristana, bringer of much pain by Fallen 62
Snakes on a Plane Tristana by brotoss
Tristana - Boom Headshot by Flashfires
DPS Tristana by The Dizzle

Tryndamere guide by cwatz
Tryndamere: The Unbreakable Glass Cannon by Isaic
Tryndamere DPS Build by *****Jamz
Tryndamere: My take (post-patch) by Zarria
Bich's Guide to Tryndamere by Bich
Tryndamere: Road to Manhood by xmashamm
[Discussion] - Tryndamere Ideas Here
[Discussion] - Item Builds for Tryndamere

Twisted Fate
Playing AP Cardmaster (Twisted Fate) the 'Right Way' by Veritas
Advanced Twisted Fate Guide by Reep
Twisted Fate destroying towers: A Physical Build by Xirus
Twisted Fate: Heart of the Cards by Tehowner
Understanding the Cardmaster by mekmaster
AP Twisted Fate - The Smooth Criminal by Ereinion
[Discussion] - Twisted Fate Tips, Strategies and Builds

Twitch, the Plague Rat by LeGer
Twitch, the backdoor rat by CursedMind
Twitch, The Plague From Down Below by SmecssRaege
Twitch as a Carry by Gimpb
Twitch: So annoying he makes you twitch by Sc2ggRise
Twitch - The Rage Inducing Steamroller by Rydog
Twitch: Team Fights by Kaiten Ren

Udyr the Supporter by boni
Udyr the Stance Dancer by blackmartin
The Legend of Udyr by HackerJacks
Udyr - Fearsome Hero by Shockway
[Discussion] Udyr Builds

Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil by Vukasa
Veigar, The Tiny Master of HADOKEN! by Roku
Veigar, the Definition of Pain by Timmy the Spork
Root of All Veigar by Salah
Veigar, Not a Short Joke by Warlucith

Alternative to Warwick Jungler by Skystriker
Junglewick by seventhletters
Warwick, The King of the Jungle by Mecklin
Warwick, The Blood Hunter by Soxors
Warwick, The Tank Slayer by Wolfheart

Zilean, Your New Best Friend by Ryoshi
Zilean, The master of time by Vangu
Zilean, Angel Style by Mzum
Zilean, That Clock Guy AP Style by Nitrosol
Zilean - Tournament Guide by TTangent
AP Zilean Toggle Against Time by T0ggle

Kelin 11-25-2009 08:49 AM

Good update
I like it, should become the new sticky. Good job on the outdated signs, some things have changed tremendously favoring different builds.

Make it sticky!

Aregionius 11-25-2009 09:52 AM

General Guides

Basics and More! by Fulcrum
Fan Made Manual for New Players by Jasmin
Hotkeys and other commands by urquan
Rebinding Your Keys by Karnij
League of Legends Tips by Pendragon
10 New Player Tips to Make Your First Game Smoother by Trubbles
A Basic Guide to Summoner Spells by Aregionius
A Comprehensive Guide to Laning by Milskidasith

Gameplay Mechanics
Masteries by Frozt
Mastering Masteries by wildfire393
UNOFFICIAL RUNES GUIDE by Clutch the Master of Excel
All Ability Power Ratios by Motas
FAQ on Mechanics and Caps by Stumpster
Rune List by Tiresias
Spreadsheat and Analysis of Rune Prices by Laserwolf
DPS Spreadsheet (Work in Progress) by toomad

Gameplay Strategy
[Quick Tips] For New Players by Bloodba7h
Playing to be Evil: Its Good to be Bad! [3.0] New and vastly improved! by TheHeretic
Things Champions will do to Kill You by ScholarZero
Random Pro Tips by YOU started by Brad
How to Break a Gank Squad by Asvarduil
Twisted Treeline: The 3v3 Metagame by Protoman
How To Come Back From a Bad Start by Vellios

Other Compilations and Lists of Guides
A Comprehensive Guide of our Guides by Ryoshi
Collaboration of Guides by Vangu
List of Guides from the EU Boards from Darkbepo
Original List of Guides by Roarman
Solomid.net Guides
LeagueCraft.com Guide List

Advanced: Guide to Writing Guides by Larias
[REWORKING]A guide to Phrases, Terms, and Acronyms in LoL by Doombringr
Beginners Phrases and Acronyms by EncasedShadow
Random Pro Tips

Counter Strategies

(Unfinished)The Complete "Counter This Champion" Guide by mekmaster
Teemo vs. Ashe
How to Kill Ashe
How to Counter Evelyn by Damendar
Rammus - The Anti-Tryndamere by Jaarx
How to Counter Singed by Damendar
Countering Twisted Fate
Countering Twitch
How to counter Warwick by Skystriker

Rudeboymike 11-25-2009 04:05 PM

I might write a Fiddlesticks guide, if i can ever get the motivation. Though, id rather wait till my ELO is a bit higher to make sure it works well. Regardless, its simple...

Catalyst Protector
Boots of Swiftness
Rod of Ages x 5

Get a Amumu friend then rape.

Aregionius 11-26-2009 02:12 PM

Sounds good! New guides also listed for Sivir and Cho'Goth

Norksman 11-27-2009 03:04 AM

This needs to be changed to the sticky.

Aregionius 11-27-2009 07:14 PM

updated for new guides today.

TheSacrifice 11-27-2009 07:27 PM

I just want to point out that you should include links to sites like solomid.net. They contain guides made by pros that aren't listed in here.

Aregionius 11-30-2009 06:19 AM


Kelin 11-30-2009 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by Aregionius (Hozzászólás 331932)

Unfortunately after the recent update of the main guide, it's still out of date with many of the new additions and has guides posted in the wrong place, so I'll keep putting updates to this one until they equalize.

Keep the good work up, you have my support. Sadly no one else notiicing your work =(

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