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Triggaboy 11-18-2012 06:41 PM

Ping Spikes when playing ever since elise patch
I have become so frustrated with these ping spikes.. Ever since elise patch i get 75 ms ping (green dot) summoning and then when i enter the game.. 3 or 2 mins in it goes up to 500 ms ping.. for like 13 seconds.. How come this is happening? I have road runner/ time warner cable and I'm summoning for 4 mins.. 75 ms ping.. enter game and it's 500 ms ping in like 2 or 3 mins

Jaason xD 11-18-2012 08:21 PM


Mapex 11-18-2012 08:43 PM

WHy HAVe THey NOt PosTED on THIs?!?!?!

pizza dot gg 11-19-2012 01:22 AM

Same thing happening to me. It happened a few weeks ago but sorted itself out, now it's back.

Triggaboy 11-19-2012 06:07 PM

Well, EVERYTIME I'm summoning it's 75 ping but when I get into the game it starts to spike like every 30 seconds or 2 Minutes to 500 idk why. I am disappointed in how I have spent $30 In rp supporting LoL but I guess this is how riot treats their supporters. No riot post

Triggaboy 11-19-2012 06:21 PM

And I hate it cause I'm the jungler and my ping spikes when I'm about to gank

Kaspersky 11-19-2012 07:31 PM


Triggaboy 11-19-2012 08:01 PM


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