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Kaalika 11-18-2012 05:20 PM

ELO Hell and not even 30 yet
3/1/9 - loss
0/3/3 - loss, deaths only at end of game trying to protect nexus from superfed enemy team TWO people afk at start
2/5/3 - loss, no support in bot lane, again deaths only at end of game
8/3/17 - loss, no support

Average kda on my teammates: 4/12/2

Repeat 20x

Is matchmaker completely broken or what?

MustafaFeeds 11-18-2012 05:43 PM

Elo is at level 30.

Sereg Anfaug 11-18-2012 06:03 PM

ELO exists before 30.

TehomCD 11-18-2012 06:16 PM

Just bad luck - streaks are kind of inevitable.

MustafaFeeds 11-18-2012 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by Sereg Anfaug (Hozzászólás 31580767)
ELO exists before 30.

I guess normal ELO.

EzraTwitch 11-18-2012 07:21 PM

There is no such thing as Elo Hell. . .

Because Math.

Kaalika 11-18-2012 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by TehomCD (Hozzászólás 31581148)
Just bad luck - streaks are kind of inevitable.

How long do streaks usually last? 10 games, 24 games, 1000 games? How long am I in for always being the best player on my team and losing because I don't know how I'm expected to carry 4 feeders when I've only been playing for a month?

How are level 30s so bad they feed worse than me and I don't even have the advantages they do?

Yes I realize I'm crying a bit, this is 24 in a row and I was told that matchmaker tries to make it even 50% loss. Shouldn't the people on the other team start sucking worse than my team by this point? Or, well, by like, 14 games ago when it was obvious I was on a loss streak and not winning anywhere near 50% of my games?

I'm not sure how this all is supposed to work.

Panzerfaust 11-18-2012 09:56 PM

The length of streaks depends on a lot of things. One big thing, is that losing streaks tend to go on longer when you don't take a break and let yourself continue to play on tilt.

Also, saying that you are 'always' the best player on your team is... a bit off. If you truly are, you will be winning more games than you lose (because your enemies will be around the caliber of your teammates). The reason for this is as was stated earlier, 'maths.'

TwistWrist 11-18-2012 10:02 PM

Have you tried improving yourself instead of complaining about matchmaking?

Like, stop running ignite on Ashe, stop rushing Zeal on Jax, and stop running Kayle as a support.

Really, flash + ignite doesn't belong on everyone.

Kaalika 11-18-2012 10:50 PM

When I say I was the best player on my team, I mean I was the only person to not feed repeatedly in the laning phase and then got blown up in teamfights defending the nexus for my deaths, while my teammates went 0/5 in their lanes for the most part then insisted on blowing themselves up in teamfights even when I urged them to fight defensively and run away more.

The game with two people afk the two remaining players were better than me but I hadn't played Jax much at all and that one was excessively bad luck. However all this bad "luck" happened after I was trolled by people who I had to remove from my friends list for it.

The other team did NOT have players who sucked to the level of my teammates. Maybe 1 out of the 5 wasn't that good, but most of my teammates were worse. I hate to say "sucked" but when I'm asking people to defend and they go all in and get themselves killed repeatedly... well... what word can I use that might be kinder?

No I'm not the best player ever, however I did improve and am getting worse and worse teams despite getting better. Had the best game of my life on Ashe and lost. Did least badly of my whole team on Ashe (who I usually do decently on despite that there's never a support who actually does the 0cs support/ward thing) and lost.

Ok the enemies were better, fine. But they've been better every game?

24 pvp matches in a row seems a little extreme unless something's wrong in the matchmaker or I'm simply being trolled every game.

Just wondering how this is supposed to work. Maybe my "friends" trolled me on purpose so that I'd sink in normal "hidden" elo to the point where as a new player I get put in with trolls, feeders and afk'ers every game? Because that's my pvp experience since that happened two weeks ago.

I managed to dig myself out of it in bots games by playing beginner bots a couple of times then going back to intermediate, since after that happened I was getting trolls, afk's and feeders in bot games also. But pvp is just... every game people refuse to play support, lock in whatever champs they feel like and feed the enemy team as if they're trying to lose. I only have ad runes, I state it at the beginning and then three people lock in top champs even when there's already an adc.

Ashe isn't the strongest adc for trying to fight for cs in bot lane, but I find in bad team comps Trist does even worse because at least Ashe has some utility.

If I play Sona I get towerdived repeatedly after the adc decides to just dive into the enemies and feed them 0/4 before level 5. So the only champion I have that can play support at all is Kayle, especially since I only have ad runes. Mostly I play her when the team is trolling champ select and locks in everything else so I HAVE to play a support but can't trust that the adc isn't a troll and I might have to carry instead of taking a traditional support.

3/1/9 and I did have to carry that game - the hecarim stood still in mf's ult and then claimed he was stunned. By what? Akali charm would have made him walk forward, not stand still. He also refused to surrender because he was having fun. I guess 8/8 and standing still in ults so they can kill you is having fun?

I have Riven, Ashe, Kayle, Fiora, Sona, and Soraka, plus free champs. I was enjoying playing support at first but then had 14 games in a row with feeder adcs who seemed to think I should have the ability to replace all their lost hp once per 5s and yelled at me when I couldn't do that. So I don't play Sona or Soraka anymore, I keep them for later in case of champ select swapping. Fiora is unbelievably weak and I had to get her for the limited skin but not going to use her until Riot does something to help her out. So right now I'm limited in what I can play by runes and by being a new player.

As for playing on tilt, I watched 6 hours of motivational videos on youtube, was in a great mood, got my daily win out of the way in a great bots game where people actually used teamwork, and then lost 3 games in a row due to feeders and afks as soon as I went to pvp. At this point I truly believe that my "friends" ruined the game for me and put me into an elo hell that I won't be able to get out of unless I suddenly become a pro player after only playing a month!

It's so bad that I cry when I get a good team and thank them for not being trolls.

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