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Malzabear 11-18-2012 12:35 PM

Off Topic, is it inappropriate..
To wear stockings in public?

let's say... blue and white striped thigh high stockings and a short skirt... Appropriate or not?

stillnotCampir 11-18-2012 12:35 PM

In fact it's encouraged.

Jesus the Friend 11-18-2012 12:36 PM

... why wouldn't it be?

I'm confused as to how people would be able to see said stockings completely though.

If you are undressed to the point where they are visible, you're probably going too far.

poe tay toes 11-18-2012 12:36 PM

yeah that's fine

IS1d69e2e5726f5f 11-18-2012 12:41 PM

why stop there? get rid of the skirt and stocking

Mere Intricacy 11-18-2012 12:41 PM

1. Why would it be inappropriate? I have no context.
2. Why care if it? Wear something if you want to wear it.

Postal Twinkie 11-18-2012 12:43 PM

Someone didn't get enough attention this weekend.

Malzabear 11-18-2012 12:45 PM

Thanks for input.

I don't think I'd ever wear them in public, though. ><
I don't know why, I just view them as very... sexualized.
I'd be more okay with wearing them if they weren't so... "HEY****INGLOOKATME."

Dobagoh 11-18-2012 12:53 PM

only if you wear a garter belt with, otherwise...fail

Malzabear 11-18-2012 12:58 PM

pls teech me how 2 fashun, doba

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