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CaptainMÃ¥rvelous 11-18-2012 10:34 AM

I want to design champions for LoL!

So here's the deal: Yesterday I posted a thread about wanting to work for Riot and design champions and the like. Can't draw, but I can post ideas. Pretty much the best response I got from said thread was to put my work out there. Credit goes to mojodarkale with this (no sarcasm) great post:


Originally Posted by mojodarkale (Hozzászólás 31555339)
Not going to work unless you're something special. If you want to design champions, then design champions. You can't just put out a bunch of half-assed stuff either. Think of things that haven't, but should be done, and how you can make a champion that feels really special to play.

Obviously there's a big difference between something as awesome as Nidalee, and something as pathetic as Darius (design-wise).

If you're really someone Riot could use, it's a lot more likely for a company of their caliber to pull the "don't talk to us, we'll talk to you" type of approach. If you're amazing, participate regularly in the community in the "field" you want to do, and they have a need for you, they will ask.

One of my teachers in an art class said "you just have to be so good that people look for you." Obviously, you have to put yourself out there for people to see, but if you're just an average guy that wants to be an artist (or in your case, design champions), sorry to say, it's probably not going to happen =/.

Work. Extremely. Hard. Especially if it's something you really want.

So that's exactly what I'm going to do. In my attempt to prove what I can offer league of legends as a designer, I'm going to start this thread. Once a week (!) I'm going to post a champion design with backstory, a move list and a general paragraph or two about the character and what I hope to achieve with this design.

Will Riot notice me? Probably not. Will a red say something? Once again, probably not. But I'll keep making designs and showing them to the community. Only way something is gonna happen is if I put myself out there and while the road will be rough, the chance that I could design some of the champions is something great.

Page 1- Mach, The Piltover Buster (ADC Melee) TL;DR: A spear wielding cyborg who fights for Piltover while refusing to be another Viktor
Page 3- Hemsworth, The Gentlemanly Hunter (ADC Ranged) TL;DR: Clever hunter who loves the ever changing League atmosphere
Page 4- Maggie, The Mistress of Magnets (Tank/Support) TL;DR: Insane southern belle who wants to get in your face with her prosthetic arms
Page 5- Ryuji, The Prodigy of Qi (ADC Ranged) TL;DR: Magical ADC who swaps stances to gain bonus effects from his Qi shot.
Page 6- Fangor, Speaker to the Elements (Support) TL;DR: Shaman Master who supports with the power of the elements.

Maggie WIP by Gummibearmurder

CaptainMÃ¥rvelous 11-18-2012 10:34 AM

We'll be kicking off the first week with my design for a Melee AD Carry. Everyone give a warm welcome to...

Mach, The Piltover Buster


"Don't let his attitude fool you, Mach isn't sure if he's man or machine." - Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover

As with many Piltover citizens, Marcus was a bright young man. Unlike many Piltover citizens, Marcus was cocky and a showboat. He prided himself on being on the forefront of bionics and combining technology with flesh to create a balanced harmony of man and machine. To say that Viktor saw this as an affront to his glorious evolution was an understatement: He saw it as the greatest sin anyone could make. Marcus returned to his lab one night to find Viktor viciously decimating all of his life's work. Viktor had made the mistake once with Jayce, he would not make it again: Within moments of seeing him, Marcus was torn to shreds through mechanical power and brutal efficiency.

Any other person would leave Marcus for dead. Where many saw a corpse, the Piltover government saw an opportunity. They couldn't continue to trust vigilantes like Jayce with their protection and a sheriff can only do so much. In agreement, Marcus's own technology was combined with some of the knowledge stolen from Viktor. Thus was born Mach, The first of the Piltover Busters: Elite warriors who were deployed when things were too dangerous for regular guards. While Mach speaks with the same cocky nature and brash attitude he always had in life, there's an underlying hint of sorrow. His frequent associate Caitlyn especially notes the pain: Mach walks a thin line between opposing Viktor and joining him...and every day, that line blurs more. It was of no surprise that the Piltover government sent him to the League of Legends to prove that Piltover could hold it's own among even the strongest of enemies

As you can see from Mach's lore, I wanted to make someone opposed to Viktor who walked the same path. Whereas Viktor volunteered to change his form, Mach had no choice. Whereas Viktor wants to bring everyone into the new evolution, Mach struggles to retain his humanity. Jayce, to me, was too much of a superman. It was too obvious for me. So I hope to make a character who can serve as a more interesting parallel/rival.

Mach is a bit different in terms of an AD carry because he relies more so on mobility and being able to get into the right position as opposed to others. While he doesn't have the powerful steroids that Yi, Fiora and Tryn have, he can get into the right spot far easier than they can while also having a bit of defense along with it.

If there was a goal this would be a 'safe' AD carry that can get out of danger far easier than others while also having a bit of initiation to go in. Think of this as me trying to make an 'Ashe' of AD carries. Not great in any field nor does she do the best damage but she's a solid pick in terms of how safe she plays.

(Please note that all numbers are simply rough estimates)

Mach's entire moveset revolves around his main weapon: The Sonic spear. One of the things AD carries tend to use is swords. Yi, Tryn, Fiora, even Riven if you count her scailing with AD at alarming rates. So I wanted to try and use something new, as most spear weilders are bruisers. While Mach is powerful on paper, I intend his cooldowns to be long, making him have a weaker time in a lane while reaching that late game AD monster is a sight to behold.

Passive- Sonic Strike: Mach's critical strikes cause a small shockwave to come from him, dealing AD damage in a small circle around him.

One of the main issues with AD that riot wanted to address with AD is that they cannot deal much AoE damage and are pretty much secluded to single target. With this it gives Mach just a LITTLE bit of AoE to toss out and it means that buying critical strike items will benefit him a bit more than your standard AD.

Q: Sky vault- Mach uses a target to vault over them, dealing damage if it's an enemy and landing in front of the target.

Most AD carries do need an escape or initiation to deal with all the characters with jumps or dashing. With Mach, however, you only have to deal with this jump. A long cooldown means that he can either use this as an initiation or an escape, not both. On the same note, it's quite possible to easily misuse this skill as it can quite literally vault you into the enemy team.

W: Impale- Mach's spear runs through the enemy, slowing them and reducing the cooldown of his other skills (QER) for each time he strikes the wounded target.

Considering, even with Season 3, that there aren't many items in the cooldown reduction for melee/AD? I felt that Mach needed something to keep the enemy there as well as reduce his long cooldowns. While you could easily just do the damage and walk away, this would reward you for going in and keeping the pressure on the enemy.

E: Defensive twister- Mach spins his spear, deflecting the next 1-1-2-2-3 spells casted at him. Lasts a few seconds.

Before you cry OP, let me explain: Mach's E is a sort of reverse Jax, blocking spells and giving him a bit of defense against casters who can constantly lay the damage on...but note that at Rank 1, it only blocks one spell. Early game that might be good against someone like Gangplank for blocking SOME parrrlays, but you'll have to spend points to constantly block spells from heavy casters...neglecting your slow and your ability to reduce cooldowns. This is the main idea, as you will have to trade between surviving your lane early against a heavy caster vs. getting that slow to secure skills later.

R: Sonic Spear/Buster Crisis- Passively, Mach gains bonus AD. Active: Mach charges his spear for three seconds, dashing forward. Mach will only stop if he reactivates his R, hitting an outer wall of the arena or hitting a champion. If he hits a champion, Mach can reactivate R to perform Buster Crisis.

Buster Crisis: Mach brings the champion he hits into the sky, becoming untargetable as he hits the target twice. The third hit brings the champion back to the ground, dealing AoE damage.

The lynchpin of Mach's kit is his ultimate. One of my favorite ultimates in the game is Fiddlesticks and how powerful it is at turning the tide, so I took inspiration from there. However, this will also be his main method of initiation and a true gamechanger: Foremost, Mach has to hit a target to get ANY damage on his ultimate. Using it like, say, Shen's ultimate will result in a length cooldown (Though the option is there if you miss the champion by inches). Secondly, Mach's skill is a gamble early game but a nightmare late game: A weak Mach will only succeed in doing small damage and maybe even losing a kill while a late-game Mach will bring about a great end. Finally, the three second charge time means that Mach will not only have to predict and aim accordingly, but he can't use this skill as a "Get out of gank free" card. Stunning him at any time during the charge will only result in a wasted ultimate with a lengthy CDR

Keep in mind that you can't spring this on someone (Be standing skill and BOOM). There would -definitely- be an animation associated with the attack akin to Fiddle/TF/Pantheon.

Upon Selection: Piltover buster, online.

"At mach speed...get it, summoner?"
"Piltover's best, on the move."
"Speed is key."
"Moving to designated location."

"Don't blink or you'll miss it."
"Can't dodge something that's too fast for you."
"Let me show you how hard tech hits."

Taunt: "I've already calculated every move you could make: The most logical one is slash-surrender."
Joke: *Mach bangs his spear into the ground as it flies into the sky*. "GREAT. Now we have to wait for it to come down...."

Upon using R:
"Piltover Busters! Reaaaady...GO!"

The thing about these quotes is that there has to be a parallel between Mach and his mechanical augments: Some quotes would be a young man taunting, mocking, and generally being a light-hearted showboat. However, some quotes would also show how the machine half of his body is influencing how he speaks and acts: Less of Viktor's perfect sync of man and machine, more of a slowly spreading infection in his mind.

I hope you've enjoyed the first week's champion. Any questions/comments/criticisms would be greatly appreciated. I'll be back next week with another champion. Heck, if the response is positive enough I'll even provide a sneak peek of what's to come!

SKT T1 PawN 11-18-2012 10:37 AM

riot plz
I want mach ._.

Bananoid 11-18-2012 10:41 AM

I kept thinking about trucks

Also, that ult = Ike's ultimate move in brawl ._.

But it's pretty well design. It's obvious you put some effort into it, unlike the *omg i wan my c00l ninja champ plis riot* kids.

Steenbergen 11-18-2012 10:43 AM

E should be flat 1 at all levels, lower cd as you go. Look at sivir, she has that spell that gives her mana back, or noct that gets attack speed. Maybe give him flat or %based AD or armor and MR bonuses. Also his R can be used as an unstoppable escape, Maybe make it so he cant move through terrain, or lower the distance and make him gradually gain speed. like the design on this guys, but he sounds more like a bruiser, ad gives him defenses, hes got a close range nuke, spell shield and a flip and ult that get him in the action/back line.

CaptainMÃ¥rvelous 11-18-2012 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by Steenbergen (Hozzászólás 31566525)
E should be flat 1 at all levels, lower cd as you go. Look at sivir, she has that spell that gives her mana back, or noct that gets attack speed. Maybe give him flat or %based AD or armor and MR bonuses. Also his R can be used as an unstoppable escape, Maybe make it so he cant move through terrain, or lower the distance and make him gradually gain speed. like the design on this guys, but he sounds more like a bruiser, ad gives him defenses, hes got a close range nuke, spell shield and a flip and ult that get him in the action/back line.

Pretty good feedback here.

The main idea about E increasing as levels go on is something like Tryndamere: When Tryndamere ults, people tend to unload all their CC on him. While you can easily take cleanse, I hate the idea of a stunlock situation like Blitz or Alistar who can grab, knock up, knock up, knock back. The idea is that with each rank, he'd be able to deflect more and more and get through their team faster. Maxing this at late game means that you'll have a Jax-situation where he can completely negate some of your power if you attack him while this is happening.

I thought about adding the life-steal passive on his E, but then you'd have everyone maxing that and thus getting extremely powerful in a lane when he's meant to be late game. The idea is a trade off of maxing to survive the caster vs. maxing to survive via sustain. However, if the E was to be lowered to one block at all ranks,the life steal would definitely go there.

R in essence can't be used as an unstoppable escape because he still has to charge for three seconds. Like fiddle or Karthus, any form of CC will stop him from performing his ultimate. Even if you get him to use his ultimate, it's the same case of Shen: He used his ultimate to escape so this big game-altering attack is off the table for another two minutes. In addition, I also wanted to do something with an AD carry people haven't done before and give him this charging skyfall attack.

While he -sounds- like a bruiser, overall he's made to be an AD carry. He has to get a lot of damage to get some defense. Building more tanky such as Jayce or Garen or Darius and you'll have a tanky character that isn't really doing much in terms of damage. Not to mention I figured the bonus would be 25-35 Armor/MR per 100 AD. You're going to have to get a LOT of that AD for it to make a difference or to boost yourself up there, thus scaling into late game further while making his mid game only moderately strong.

CaptainMÃ¥rvelous 11-18-2012 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by Bananoid (Hozzászólás 31566490)
I kept thinking about trucks

Also, that ult = Ike's ultimate move in brawl ._.

But it's pretty well design. It's obvious you put some effort into it, unlike the *omg i wan my c00l ninja champ plis riot* kids.

Well you still have to hit it. I wanted to really give some extra damage for doing well and hitting someone. Thanks for the compliment!

Chiquihuite 11-18-2012 11:11 AM

Hey Captan, I haven't been awake long enough to compose a good forum post, but if you're on LoL I'd be up for chatting with you about this. Sent you a request :)

TheWaveWizard 11-18-2012 11:19 AM

Okay. That ult sounds sick as ****. You have my support.

Sounds like people will try to build him bruiser-y.

Evenings 11-18-2012 11:20 AM

good luck

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