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FairyCharmed 11-15-2012 01:53 PM

Advice on Supports
Hello Summoners!

I haven't played many PVP games even though I'm level 30, and I have noticed that me playing support champs have given me the most success in PVP. So far, as support, I have Alistar, Blitzcrank, Lux, Lulu, Sona, Soraka, and Nunu unlocked, but I have only ever played Lulu, Sona, Soraka, and Alistar as support, and I recently bought Blitzcrank, and learning to aim his Q properly.

I have been mainly started off with Amplifying Tome + Sight Ward as the starting items on these guys, and then getting my boots of speed, and maybe another sight ward next. I then upgrade to Kage's Lucky Pick, and Boots of Lucidity/Merc Treads (depending on presence of CCs bot lane). Next, I get Philosopher's Stone, and upgrade it to Shyrelia's (spelling? >.>) Reverie asap. Of course, in between, I get sight wards and such. From there, I got Aegis of the Legion, and Soul Shroud if need be. For Alistar, I get HoG instead for the gp10 item of choice and upgrade the Amplifying Tome to Sheen instead, for the mana boost.

If that build is okay, should I just leave out the last item slot so I can get sight wards? And should I also start getting the vision wards in ALL the games, or just depending on when there's a stealth champ on the enemy team? And I'd also like to get advice on how to properly build a support if my build above is incorrect, or the order of building items is wrong, etc.

Finally, I am thinking about getting Janna as soon as I get enough IP for her (been getting runes as soon as I can afford them, since I noticed that the ones I have are why I usually lose in the first place -they suck), and I was wondering if she's one of those termed "offensive" supports, or is she also like Soraka in a sense that most of her abilities are just there to shield/heal/help bot lane in a passive way. And pretty much, an advice of her build would be very helpful as well.

And I do apologize if this is in the wrong forum, since I'm still a bit new to posting a new thread and everything ^^; (also, nearly all the actual PVPs I've played were on SR, with 3 or 4 games played in the old TT, and one in new TT -which I lost)

Thank you in advance,

P.S.: If you can refrain from using expletives while explaining why my build is wrong, or whatever, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT: My mastery page for supports is 9/0/21 if you need this.

TeknoWizard 11-15-2012 02:04 PM

Well, tome isn't the *ideal* starting item. I personally go Faerie Charm, (The mana part of a Philo stone), 4 wards, and a health potion. Since you want to stay in lane as long as possible, the mana sustain and added wards let your AD stay farming for longer because you're carrying 12 minutes of vision in your back pocket.

About Janna. I really like her for the reason that she is both and neither of the categories you listed. She can go very agressive. Flash-Ulting with Janna can completely end a teamfight before it even gets a chance to happen. She packs a lot of CC, and a large AD buff, so catching your target isn't difficult. However, she is great at disengaging and kiting, so she can play a defensive lane very well also. She's probably the most adaptable support out there.

adc 11-15-2012 02:05 PM

My first suggestion: Play more. A lot of what you need to know is gained from experience.

My second one: Don't get kage's. Start with a faerie charm (I think? costs 190 gold, mana regen), 3 wards and a potion (4 wards + pot if you have the extra gold). Vision wards are for when you want your jungler to put pressure on your lane, but he can't afford/take the risk of an oracle's. Get an early philo, then boots (a hero like Leona would want boots first with a ward, however). HoG after that, and always remember to get wards. Wards wards wards. You need at least 3 wards, generally. One for dragon, one for tribush, and one for the lane bush.

Also, you can find good guides on www.solomid.net. Look for the featured guides.

FairyCharmed 11-15-2012 02:38 PM

@TeknoWizard: Ah, all right. I knew I was doing something wrong ^^; Also, would you care if you told me a build for Janna, so I can at least get a bearing for how I should play her?

@AD Bottom: I've been trying to, but it's been frustrating, and I haven't the time to go too many PVP matches lately, except on the weekends, and even then, it's pretty sketchy... but I can try, right? xD And ah, solomid.net. I've heard of there, so I'll check that place out soon :) And mind telling me what the "tribush" is? I always knew I should ward the lane bush(es) and the one near dragon, but I'm not too sure what the "tribush" is... Maybe I do, but I've never known the term for it though >.>

elvy 11-15-2012 02:47 PM

yeah im not too good at last hitting, so i started support and let more skilled player carry, then i learn from there

elvy 11-15-2012 02:48 PM

yeah, Im not too good at rank because im terrible at last hitting, i started support and watched carry play, and playing support helps you improve communication and awareness skills.

Best Furry NA 11-15-2012 02:51 PM

Kage's is bad now for supports, and I would never really suggest it anyhow.

Philo Stone is good.

You can play a support without getting support items. For instance, I've played Malphite as support bot. I do get a Heart of Gold (to be removed in season 3) and Philo Stone (Philo first), but... My items are tanky. They still help the team though. Abyssal Scepter helps the AP carry (while giving MR), Randuin's helps everyone (while giving good tankyness), same with Frozen Heart. But I build Sunfire, GA, and other tanky items that aren't support items. At level 18 or when I lack the room to I stop buying wards (yes the support should but it is also other's jobs; I get them when I can).

Don't take CS, or, if you want a very specific item, communicate how much you would like to have. I like to get a tiny, tiny amount of CS for Philo Stone, for instance. That tiny amount? In a ranked game (I had the most kills as full tank Malph, we won, and I did my job), by around 15 minutes.... I think I had around 10? I acted as a meat shield, absorbing blows and keeping the enemy Oriana support and Ashe at bay so our Teemo could farm, due to his low range. Of course you may act differently if you aren't a tanky support, but generally it's the same: disrupt, heal, and/or be a meatshield, while your ADC farms. Or APC if someone like TF goes bot (I think AP TF is actually viable bot lane).

Mid-late game, never chase unless you know you won't be hindering your team and that you can pull it off; almost never. Help the team. Let others who can do it better chase. If they don't there's a reason.

Don't go out alone as a support. Unless you aren't extending and are quickly farming a minion wave that is overextended quickly, and getting right back out.

Not sure if there are any other tips I can give.

FairyCharmed 11-15-2012 03:13 PM

Yeah, I average about 20 CS (except the last one; it lasted some 50 minutes, and the others fed and stuff, BUT we made a turnaround, with taking a Baron and taking dragon twice. I think I had 30 or something like that in that one >.>

Thanks for the advice c:

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