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Samurai Dan 11-14-2012 08:39 PM

Avoiding ELO hell -- advice needed
I posted this in General, but the forums move too fast and most people just don't care.

So, I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice for staying out of ELO hell.
During the last season I kinda just jumped into ranked games and played whatever role was needed. I found myself losing more games than I felt like I should. Of course, I can't lay all the blame on my teams, but I would say a lot of the loses could have been prevented with a team that was simply competent.

I'm not going to say I am a great LOL player, but I'm certainly not terrible. I have been playing this game for 2 years now. I know all the champs, all the roles, all the items, etc.

In addition, I routinely play unranked draft pick with my friend who last season maintained an ELO around 1700. When playing these games I found competent teams and found that I was for the most part able to keep up with my team and provide positive results from whichever role I was filling.

I would say my best role is jungle, specifically jungle shaco. 2nd, adc. 3rd support. 4th top. And my least effective role is mid.

My friend's advice is always, "just carry yourself out with your jungle shaco." Well, the problem I have with that is come late game no matter how stacked my Shaco is he just loses effectiveness.

I currently own roughly 70 champions. And use on a regular basis probably 20 of them. Although, I am comfortable using any one of those 70 champs.

Basically, I know I'm not pro. I have no delusions of grandeur. I would be happy with an ELO around 1400. Which is where I feel like I belong. So, I am looking for any constructive advice on how to avoid sinking into ELO hell.

What's my best bet? Advice on best roles to carry my team. Advice on how to avoid letting my team fall into a cesspit of failure. Advice on how to conduct myself in a ranked setting. Any general advice.

Thanks in advance.

Lightning44 11-15-2012 12:03 AM

With the new jungle change coming soon, carry type junglers such as Jax, Xin Zhao, Shaco, etc are taking over the meta rather than support type junglers such as Amumu and Malphite. Additionally, avoid playing roles (which I presume is mid) you are uncomfortable in, because learning a new role is hard to do in 1 game.
Find someone to duo with - you know their playstyle and are less likely to have AFKers/trolls and the like on your team.
For jungle specifically, you should learn timers for blue, red, dragon and baron. Even a simple call like "15:60 drag" helps your team out alot. Don't forget you should ward objectives and your jungle aswell - don't just leave it to the support.

Samurai Dan 11-15-2012 11:45 AM

Thanks. For the most part i am a pretty good warder. I generally try to by wriggles and/or a ward or two everytime i return to base. I know the times for jungle. Although i don't usually call them out... solid advice.
I am happy to hear about the new jungle. Jungle is my strongest role by far. Is it possible to consistently carry teams from the jungle?

Anyone else all advice is welcome.

Epictues 11-15-2012 12:44 PM

if you cant carry with shaco find a jungler who can carry and get good at him.

otherwise try to take top.

Samurai Dan 11-15-2012 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by Epictues (Hozzászólás 31451658)
if you cant carry with shaco find a jungler who can carry and get good at him.

otherwise try to take top.

Such as? I play trynda, GP, fiddle, skarner, Yi, dianna. I am open to learning more.

I don't need someone who is easy to learn. Just someone who has the ability to carry hard from the jungle. I tend to like aggressive junglers. I like ganking frequently and counter jungling. But I want someone who can shine late game as well as early game.

Shadow Stinger 11-15-2012 08:08 PM

For jungle specifically, you should learn timers for blue, red, dragon and baron. Even a simple call like "15:60 drag" helps your team out alot. Don't forget you should ward objectives and your jungle aswell - don't just leave it to the support.[/QUOTE]

another way to make sure your support or your teamates do not die is to ping when an enemy leaves from a gank. This will aware your whole team. Knowing is half the battle. for the warding part make sure you have an eye on your support when he or she is warding. too many times i have played top and have seen people die becuase they were warding and the enemy team had a ward there, which lead to their bot lane 2 v1ing your support or even whipping your whole lane by bringing in their jungler. :)

Brownbear 11-16-2012 06:22 AM

With the new jungle I've found that Skarner is even stronger now. He's not great for that level 4 gank because of lower health (unless I'm doing it wrong) but it gives him more levels and gold faster and I've seen myself getting round 100 cs by the 20 minute mark, or more.

But as a jungler I think that your main priority is to make yourself as effective as you can for teamfights/late game, and to do this you either want to gank a lot and gain that extra gold for yourself and your lanes or you want to deny the other jungler by knowing where they are at nearly every moment of the game. Know not just your own timers but know your enemies jungle timers so that you can either steal if from them if they aren't paying attention, or gank a lane as they are doing that.
Example: Against a Mumu jungle, he always starts blue and so at around 7:10 his blue will be up again. You can choose to go and contest it and try to set back their mid, or you can gank top being super aggresive and dive without worry of getting a mid or jungle roam. You could also gank bottom at that exact time and try to pick up a kill, if you do then you most likely disturbed the jungler doing blue and he will be heading down to help bot with their mid so at that point you can either fight or delay them from doing blue. If you contest blue and win then maybe you can go for dragon.

There are many different tricks you can play with as long as you know where the enemy jungler is. Keep their buffs warded if your a strong counter jungler such as Shyvana and have a strong mid with you (Orianna and TF work well with her to counter jungle) and take those buffs from them. If you are a weaker farming jungler, then keep the enemy wraiths warded (or ask your mid to do so) and have all exits from their jungle warded so you know if they are going to gank.

Overall, with knowing where the enemy jungler is then you can tell lanes to be aggresive. If your top is winning but doesn't want to engage/dive because the enemy jungler is missing, you might get lucky and he may pop up at bottom around a ward. In that case ping your top and tell him to fight, if he can.

Just play it safe and be a helpful source on your team. I still prefer the 'support' type junglers because I enjoy a 200 cs ADC with 3 or so kills rather than a 100 cs 5 kill jungle shaco because of how much he falls off.

Just my many many cents.

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