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Feanturi 11-14-2012 06:05 PM

Allow report during selection
EDIT: sorry didnt see the similar thread before posting, delete this if needed


This really need to be done: allow us to report (and ignore eventually) during selection.

As of now, if an idiot isnt happy with the team or whatever, he will just troll, like pick an AD carry with smite and clarity, say he gonna troll all game etc.

And against that the only 2 thing you can do is: 1) leave, i.e. giving him what he wanted (and get blocked for 5/15min), or 2) be ready to loose 20 min with a troller (yea they will loose 20min too, but personnally, most of the time I dont want to loose 20 even to teach an idiot a lesson). They know you cant do anything.

So please, give us a way to deal with that; either a report (even if most dont even care) or even better, a kick system: if someone is trolling you can put a vote to kick him from the party, if 3 or more agree, he is kicked, and the rest is back in search
I know it could be abuse by premade, but honestly I would prefer to have a vote and risk being kick because they are premade and take a 5/15min block than having to take the 5/15min block anyway because you have to leave.

AT LEAST, allow us to report them


Kelberry 11-15-2012 09:05 AM

You can report them here https://support.leagueoflegends.com/home
However, you'll get the exact same response from each and every support person, or I like to call them "support.py"
So yeah, it's not the best, and the quality of the support is absolutely terrible, but it's all we got.

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