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Laramis 11-14-2012 07:36 AM

So after everything said they still haven't fixed ranked?
You'd think after all the suggestions given by players that a new system to weed out trolls in champion select would be done by now, yet still i get a random master yi pick when jungle and top we're both locked in and mid was called, with the player not saying anything until the last second and saying 'lol'. I dodged last second and I had to wait the 30mins, which is ridiculous.

Why hasn't it been fixed yet?

ThePurifier 11-14-2012 09:29 AM

Question what is your proposal to 'weed' out trolls? If you are complaining about it you must have a note worthy idea. Let us hear it boss man.

iRetreat 11-14-2012 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by ThePurifier (Hozzászólás 31408778)
If you are complaining about it you must have a note worthy idea.

That's not true. I can complain about the economy without having any idea of how to fix it. To complain you just need to have knowledge of the problem, not a solution.

As for the actual problem here, trolls, they will either be banned or end up in very low Elo. Either way, I'm not sure why you wouldn't want them in ranked queues, if you don't troll, it just gives you a higher percent chance of winning.

Soraka Goes Mid 11-14-2012 10:23 AM

You don't want them in ranked queues because it ruins the game for everyone. Even if the troll is on the other team and you win, it makes the game less fun.

Plus, when you do get them on your team, you get that "elo hell" feeling, even if statisically the other team is 20% more likely to have a troll.

iRetreat 11-14-2012 11:12 AM

So someone who picks outside of the meta, or picks mid instead of giving the role to someone with lower Elo, shouldn't be allowed to play ranked? They will migrate to their "true Elo", and if you are better than that person, you won't be playing with/against them.

People who actually troll, aka revive/teleport rammus powerballing down the middle lane, will be banned, but people who don't pick the champs you want them to pick have every right to play in ranked queues.

Laramis 11-15-2012 08:05 AM

The Purifier, quick and easy solution, when characters are being picked you can have a vote system that allows the team to kick a person that is attempting to troll. I know it won't get rid of ALL of them but it will certainly get rid of a lot

iRetreat, your one of those people that go before a game, 'hmm I feel like playing *champion* so i'll play him/her! Irrelevant of the team that is being made and that it has no fit into your team. No, not only the fact that master yi was picked when all the roles he is used for was taken, but the fact that he said nothing, didn't say which lane or what he was doing and just wrote 'lol' just before the game started was another reason why I knew him to be trolling.

OddGreybush 11-15-2012 08:41 AM

Yeah man there has to be a way to put in some kind of fix for this. I just had to dodge a game...I was second pick and went Sona for support. First pick takes gp after jungle and top were already called. Third pick who had originally called top instalocks wu, 4th pick goes MF adc and last pick goes Rengar jungle. I rage on them all and dodge cause I dont want to lose +/- 40 elo because of their inability to communicate at champ select.

Personally, I dont mind the queue dodge. I'd rather take 5-10 min getting a game going with players who communicate, and go though 4-5-6 dodges in the process than have to dodge to avoid idiots and then get penalized for 30 min while they queue right back up to ruin someone elses game.

Ramachese 11-15-2012 09:37 AM

I've always been of a mixed mind on this. I would like to see the ability for 4 players to kick 1 who is being obviously trollish but odd champ picks is not always a trolling attempt. Some players can and do make odd picks work - they are playing what they are good at. I've run Yorrick as a jungle successfully as an example. I've also run Vlad top, mid and bottom. I also believe that virtually any character can run support bottom so long as they do not compete for farm and keep the pressure off the main down there.

It is a fine line to walk.

Ijaacebo 11-15-2012 09:42 AM

I take what they say about the voting system, and divide it into two different types (it isn't always A troll). I'll also list some other solutions with another angle.

- Vote the troll out
3/4 votes if the troll is duo. 4/4 if solo.

- Abort team:
in case nobody is happy with the team 4/5 votes.

Both options are good, but as OddGreybush said, it might make queues longer.

There are other options still that might counter usual issues while on team composition.

- Pre-pick queue.
You pick w/e position (not champ), you want or would be willing to play. That way, everyone's happy with their position, at least. Queue times could be calculated according to your flexibility, rather than on bulk players currently queue'ing.

- Language Barrier Filter
In NA we have at most, 4 different languages used regularly. Two are most common: spanish and english, the less common are french and "greenlandish". It would be good that queue paired up people who declare they can speak a different language, and match em up.

I am mexican, still, I understand the necessity of learning a 2nd language (this goes both-ways).

... and I've run out of ideas. Anyone can take them and re-shape them, or add some others. If we define something good, we might push into real stuff.

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