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TheLastBaron88 11-13-2012 11:28 PM

need help Tristana
Trying to learn to be an effective ADC, but I don't have many unlocked. Any, really, except Ashe and Tristana. I did fairly well during Cait Free Week, but not exceptional. And Ashe seems really weak early game, and has more utility than damage late game, making it hard to beat out the enemy carry at any point. So I figured, why not try Tristana? Anything special I should know about playing her? I hear her early game is one of the weakest for an ADC.

SardonicSloth 11-13-2012 11:44 PM

Tristana is an amazing ADC, but unfortunately the meta is focused around mid game teamfights, and dragon control which is where she is rather lackluster. But if you can get a team to coordinate around your weakness, but picking champs with strong mid games like Irelia, it will really help.
Tristana is a great adc, with 2 escapes, her jump, and her knock back. Plus she has the best AS steriod in the game AND the longest AA range (other than Kog and I believe twitch.)
Personally I love to build her with boot 3 pot to start, and on my first back, if Im ahead I buy 1 dorans and vamp cepter, Then rush IE
If Im behind I pick up another dorans or two.
Her late game she can carry just as hard, if not harder than vayne can, melting people from 50 miles away
Message me if you have anyquestions

SardonicSloth 11-13-2012 11:47 PM

And she actually has a pretty strong early game, it's around level 7-8 she falls off which is when you should start focusing primarily on farming and getting your late game items, and levels as fast as you can.
Your late game build should be as follows
Zerkerboots>IE>Phantomdancer>BT>LastWhisper (if team is armor heavy)> GA
I sometimes take QSS if they have a Malz/WW on their team

Rezo 11-14-2012 06:33 AM

Her early game isn't as strong as the above posters make it out to be. Don't get me wrong at lvl6 shes got immense burst, Before lvl6 her dmg relies on rocket jump and explosion shot both on long cooldowns and rocket jump can only be used offensively when you are in the position of power (in other words when you arent losing the fight aka...lower hp..less kills...worse items...no jungler to help you, etc etc).

Another thing I will point out. Tristana is extremely vulnerable to support stupidity if your support fails to react in time, fails to exhaust, etc you are likely dead. You may be thinking well...ill just get their hp much lower before I jump...good luck with that one your poke is on a 16 second cooldown you'll be again relying on your support.

Don't get me wrong Tristana is my favorite champion I just can't recommend her unless you know your support is good. As for Ashe I jump for joy when I see ashe on the enemy team because I know I can strong arm her early.

TsurugiHikari 11-14-2012 08:02 AM

Generally speaking, all ADC players need to harass from time to time while last hitting as Tristina. If you don't harass properly while maintaining good distance away from their support and closer to your support. You will find yourself in some bad situations unless your support is good at knowing when to do particular situations.

Just hope you get a Taric or Leona Support that knows what they're doing. That way you can have an early lead and item advantage. Just know when you need to farm at your towers and do not use your jump excessively unless you know you will get a kill and can jump out to safety.

margalolwut 11-14-2012 09:40 AM

Trist is one of the best ADC in my opinion, especially late game.

Her early game is actually quite strong, you have a dot that can be applied quickly as a poke and reduces healing (sometimes if there is a good chance to apply your E when they pot, it works well).

She also has a gap closer, AS roid, and a knock back ult..

early game i also do 2 dorans t2 boots, depending on lane pressure a scepter, and rush IE. What sucks about her laning is that you will probably always be pushed.

Late game, just sit back, time your Q right, and watch people melt. I always save my ult for defense (since her auto attacks do A LOT more) than her auto attacks... but PD and IE are musts on her.

powwder 11-14-2012 11:57 AM

some tips for trist.

1) get level 1 rocket jump first, get level 1 explosive shot second, then focus rocket jump until you get some decent damage (bf sword at least). always explosive shot last. if you want to get rapid fire at level 4 thats fine too.

the reason you want to do this is having a AS steroid is nice, but if your damage is **** then its just kinda useless. for early fights the damage from rocket jump, and the damage from a level 1 expolsive shot active 110, then add 1-2 auto attacks, and a ignite is far better than an extra auto attack because you shoot a little faster at the cost of. at level 6 throw in a buster shot and thats another 300 damage in your rotation.

her early game doesn;t suck unless you do things to make it suck like max a AD steroid when you have no damage. thats like a vayne building a phantom dancer first instead of a BT or IE.

you always want to max explosive shot last since it pushes your lane and makes you vulnerable to ganks

2) early game your rocket jump is a source of damage and used to kill people. mid and late game this completely changes. mid and late game you want to use your rocket jump to get away from things. don;t jump into fights stay back (you have a longer aa range than anyone else) if someone charges you then rocket jump away.

3) buster shot also follows these rules. early game its a source of damage, late game its garbage and should only be used to shoot people away from you.

4) like any other ADC, positioning is your best friend. stay back and don;t get caught. if you get caught you have your buster shot and rocket jump to get away

TheLastBaron88 11-14-2012 12:05 PM

I have heard that Tristana can be built AP for an excellent early to mid game, which I am guessing is because so much of her early game damage is from that Rocket Jump burst. Is it viable to build AP with AD masteries etc, and just trade your build in for AD items late game? Or maybe just building an early sheen for that AP and passive?

WCDireWolf 11-15-2012 05:23 AM

Problem with selling items is that you lose a lot of gold that way. It'll cancel a lot of your farm/etc. making you a bit gimped at the end, unless you're extremely snowballed, but then you don't need to sell anyways.

Rezo 11-16-2012 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by powwder (Hozzászólás 31411410)
1) get level 1 rocket jump first, get level 1 explosive shot second,

I would advise against that unless you are doing some sort of gank earlier. Maybe you are invading, maybe jungler is coming in for a super early gank, etc.

Expo shot at lvl1 provides the poke you need, it does more damage and it costs less mana.

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