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Not Teemo Please 11-13-2012 09:58 PM

Ranked before major game changes...?
So I am not completely (or at all) understanding the logic behind today's ELO reset. As it stands, the game is largely the same. Infact, despite yesterday's champion buffs/nerfs it is EXACTLY the same. I thought elo was being reset for season 3, and I was under the impression that (as in season 2) season three would be marked by all the changes we are reading up about. Jungle, masteries, items, and summoner spell changes will drastically change the way this game is played. With this logic season 3 will be alot different that season 2. Why are people able to establish their elo now when it is EXACTLY the same as season 2? Shouldn't they have to wait for all the major content changes -- or will elo be reset again when that happens?

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