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DJChernobyl 11-13-2012 06:08 PM

The Road to Platinum: Season 3 Preseason Week1 (Supporting proudly)
Well the new season is upon us guys, and i think our goal is pretty much in line with one another. I have written my opinion on my favorite support Taric, and how i feel about supporting in general, it is a long read with a little bit of numbers.


TLDR: Taric is great, play him aggressively, and carry your carry to victory.

nwsm 11-13-2012 06:23 PM

Interesting first post, I'll be looking for new ones.
What was your Season 2 elo, just wondering?

DJChernobyl 11-13-2012 06:51 PM

ended at 1500, i topped out at 1700 but i think that was more luck than my own skill. Also, i tanked my record alot duoing trying to get my friend to gold (to no avail)

nwsm 11-13-2012 06:54 PM

Ah, okay. Looking forward to future posts, I like your writing style!

DJChernobyl 11-14-2012 01:01 PM

Day 1 Update:

After going 5-5 in placement matches (average given the player base), i end up today's update 8-6. Champion statistics as follows:

Taric 5-4- 3.7 KDA
Amumu 2-0 5.0 KDA
Jarvan 1-1 2.7 KDA
Sona 0-1 0.7 KDA

Taric's lane is nearly foolproof. There have to be major circumstances to lead to losing your lane, and your other lanes are gonna have to snowball hard in order to disrupt your synergy with your laner. After the 25-minute mark, it is not absurd to walk into 3 or more opponents and R/W in order to draw them and give your team the oomph it needs to win the fight.

Amumu is pretty much the same as always, don't get caught jungling, protect him well, and don't completely screw up teamfights and the game should be easy. Ban him if you're not gonna be able to pick him.

Jarvan is actually my sleeper pick for this season, with the new Black-Cleaver and Tiamat rework, i can see him having a lot of options offensively, and i think he actually will do best mid. His top lane is very tough at first, but with hpregen/5perlvl runes and a philo, he can very easily farm against most opponents, and has wonderful harass. His jungle is average i would say, with dangerous ganks starting early. I am really interested to try him as support (coming soon)

Sona: I only picked her cause Taric got picked, she is decent as ever, but far too squishy for my tastes.

All told, rating sits at 1429, and thats fine for me, for so early in the season. If i can pull out a few more wins, i should be past a lot of anguish that would be spent in the bronze bracket. Gold should be achieved before the end of tommorow if I am lucky. I have been playing a few duo games with a fellow summoner named stormtroopy, and his adc seems to be right on the money most of the time. Helped him out of an abysmal 1-6 start for his placement matches in order to achieve 4-6.

Well for now, feel free to visit my blog at


Until next time summoners, maintain your composure, and always seize advantages when you can find them. Throws will almost certainly lead to worse throws if you can force them.

Kevin 11-14-2012 01:51 PM

plat 2 ez i got plat on all my smurfs in dis game cn get plat with my eyes closed
aim for diamond or dont aim at all kids

DJChernobyl 11-15-2012 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by Ryukyu Wild (Hozzászólás 31415353)
plat 2 ez i got plat on all my smurfs in dis game cn get plat with my eyes closed
aim for diamond or dont aim at all kids

Do you happen to have any tips about that, any comment on anything that i have written? I would be happy try any helpful advice you might have Ryukyu.

Vanethen 11-15-2012 10:40 AM

very nice write up, I'll keep an eye on this in the future.

DJChernobyl 11-15-2012 09:35 PM

Day 2 Update:

Good day today, went 5-1 in ranked solo queue, though with the server issue the last one did not count for elo, but ended up 1497

Taric 8-5 4.1 KDA
Amumu 2-0 5.0 KDA
Jarvan 1-1 2.7 KDA
Sona 0-1 0.7 KDA
Malphite 1-0 4.2 KDA
Shyvanna 1-1 3.1 KDA

Taric remains as strong as ever. He is a huge playmaker.

Malphite is Malphite. I managed to ult 5 people fighting baron in my game, i will let you imagine how that might have ended up for them (not well)

Shyvanna is a great jungler with a lot of speed, she is absurdly fast, and capable of making plays other slower junglers may miss.

Barring the last game i was in, each of my games today were somewhat competitive, sometimes coming down to who throws last. The key is, as always, to maintain a good attitude and stick together with your team.

Until next time summoners, always keep your spirits high, and have fun.

DJChernobyl 11-16-2012 07:50 PM

Day 3 Update:

Another day going 5-1 in ranked solo queue.

(I have decided to no longer keep a running tally of scores but only of changes to characters)

Taric is now 13-6 4.5 KDA

Taric. Makes. Plays. The amount of situations you can get your lane mate out of, or set up for the team with taric is nearly endless. While i have gotten a number of people who have questioned my build, I believe i have not built a single early GP10 item in nineteen games with taric, and the winning percentage and KDA ought to show it is not a fluke (time will tell, i feel the strategy might need to change the higher i go, but i'll do it until it stops working so well).

Topped out today at 1604, settling in at 1582, so progress is coming faster than i had hoped, but i am prepared for some long drawn out struggles for every point of elo that is sure to come.

Check more league related writing at


Until next time summoners, the only Elo Hell that exists is in your own mind and heart.

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