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KamiKaraX 11-13-2012 02:25 AM

I don't know what champs to play!
So hi everyone, I started playing LoL a few months ago, and now I'm level 20. I've bought some champions already (probably more than I should have), and since I don't get as much time to play as when I started, I have to really cut down my playing times. Right now, I'm just playing 1 quick bot game per day on 2 accounts for the first win, and it's back to work for me. However I get more time on weekends, and by that I mean about 3 or 4 PvP games a day.
So basically I IP farm on an lowbie account to buy those 1350-3150 champs I want to try, or want to buy (I hope that's not against the rules lol), while not really affecting my main.
Now as you all know 3 or 4 games isn't a whole lot, so I want to be playing champions that I'm likely to play as a level 30 in the days to come, so yea I'm trying to get practice with the 3 or 4 games I play with real people.
Here are the champions I got:
and some other ones which I don't play very often such as ashe, tristana, garen, nunu (a lot of the 450 ones)
So my preference for champs is solo top or jungle, mid is alright, but I don't usally play adc or support because they're quite squish and I feel like they're partner reliant (maybe I'm wrong here, but I have played adc before, they turn out to be quite good if fed, but without farm and getting fed, they're really not that great).
So far my favourites are Amumu jungle, Shen top, Akali mid, Xin Zhao top or jungle, Jax jungle, leblanc mid.
I'm not sure if there's a pattern here, so if you see one please point it out :) and suggest which 2-4 I should play!
Thanks a bunch!

I need some champs to main from my selection I've bought right now, suggestions please :D

Ecclesian 11-13-2012 07:00 AM

Jax and Jayce are very dominate solo top. Jax has a great burst dmg output. Jayce has one of the best pokes in the game.

Akali, Vlad, and LeBlanc are really good mids. Akali is a very great champ that starts slow but then gets very powerful and super bursty as the game progresses. Vlad can heal him self and can go untargetable. LeBlanc has some of the best burst in the game, she basically a glass cannon.

Shyv, Sion, Xin, and Amumu are notable junglers. Shyv has no cc but can deal and take alot of damage, she can also fly across the screen to chase or run. Sion can go tanky and still deal alot of dmg as he can farm HP with minion kills, plus he has a very easy to use stun. Xin is just cray for real and can deal heavy dmg very quickly. Amumu is one of the best gankers and team fight initiators as he can stun a whole team and also has a really nice ability that deals % based damage.

Tynd deals heavy dmg but is countered way to easily. Malphite is banned every game as is Shen.

Kato Kii 11-13-2012 07:12 AM

Top - Jax Jayce Shen, Malphite
Mid - Le Blanc

Won't say anything about junglers since the Season 3 patch might change what junglers really mean.

CowMeat 11-13-2012 08:03 AM

Mid- Vlad
Top- Vlad, Shen, Malphite, Jayce, Jax, Shyvanna,
Jungle- Amumu, Shen, Malphite, Shyvanna

Slobbers 11-13-2012 08:15 AM

Well those are all really great champs. I have several of those but in all truth every champ in the game can be dangerous it just depends on the player. For new players I always suggest trying out all the roles and each lane or perhaps jungling to see which one you would really feel comfortable playing. Eventually you will progress to the point where you can play all the roles but for now start out with simple stuff to get you used to playing. Oh and at this point try and stay away from bots it seems like you have a good grasp of the game so far and bots will only drag you down as you can no longer really learn anything from playing against them. Best thing to do is dive into pvp as often as possible.

But as far as champs go I would main the champ that I am most comfortable with. I main anivia but she was the second champ I got. I first mained veigar until I had saved up 6300 ip for anivia. I focused on mid till I got a really good handle on things then I started trying other stuff. Point is I mained her because I was super enthused about playing her and that was what I was most comfortable playing.

I hope this helps you out. good luck and have fun!

Mebibyte 11-13-2012 08:29 AM

Play as many champions as you can when they are available for free, and see what sticks! Every champ has it's fun points.

KamiKaraX 11-13-2012 01:11 PM

Thanks guys, about Shen, how should I build him? When I bought him I just used an guide from mobafire,which was with warmogs, and I didn't like it since he was doing no damage (mind that I didn't know his w helps with the passive). I played him with boys yesterday and built ionic spark, triforce and wits end. And I really liked it..

Ecclesian 11-13-2012 04:04 PM

Shen usually builds tanky using support items that help the team but that is just the norm. Shen gets banned in every ranked match though so I would try out some of the other champs you listed as well. It's no fun when your favorite champ is always banned. That's why I never even play blitz or malphite in normal games, cuz they are banned every game too.

KamiKaraX 11-14-2012 02:59 AM

oh ok then. so out of my list which ones would be more.. "reliable"? As in even if you don't do so well in the first 15 or so minutes, you can still catch up nicely, and once you start it's hard to stop? (I know jax is one, any others?)

Malkshakevanilla 11-14-2012 07:17 AM




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