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DarkePacific 11-12-2012 10:07 AM

Elise Sucks.
Seriously, I've been playing and playing this character all day have tried many different builds and strategies, and haven't gotten any of them to really work. She needs QoL improvements or some sort of buff. I will post a more complete analysis on weaknesses/needs later, but until then I'd just like to say she sucks.

Ansaa 11-12-2012 11:00 AM

She isn't awful, but she is UP.

Try building Magic Penetration, AP, and some health.

Skill Q to 5 first, then W, then E. Always get R.
In lane, poke with Q to reduce their HP. When they are at 50%, land E-W-Q-R-Q-W-Q and they SHOULD die.

For items, get:
Sorcerer's Boots, Haunting Guise, Abyssal Scepter, Rylai's OR Frozen Mallet, Zhonya's, Void Staff.

You pick between frozen mallet or Rylais, but you need a slow so enemies can't completely escape your Skittering Frenzy.

Zt Rush 11-12-2012 11:00 AM

she's complete bull**** though.
Immune to nid spears, morg snares, blitz grabs, ruble slows. all because of her stupid ****ing spider-lings.

Ecclesian 11-12-2012 12:15 PM

Elise really doesn't suck though... The only people who think she sux are people who don't know how to build and play her.

Send me a friend request in-game @ ecclesian and I will prove how bada$$ Elise really is.

I can easily win standoffs and consistently avoid dmg and abilities with her spider form E.

Buy magic pene and att speed.

Here is her spell sequence with explanation:

While in human form...
E to stun
W to send out a spider bomb
Q The q will hit right before the spider bomb does and take off about a 5th or even a 4th of their health.
R for spider form
R for human form
E to stun
R for spider form
E to mega leap
Q for finish

Of course it doesn't go like this every single time but this is the main sequence. Stun then unload human form, then switch to spider to unload spider form, switch back to human to finish off, and then back to spider form to catch them if the second human unload didn't kill them.

The key to being good with Elise is building her just the right way. She is a very picky build and won't deal any damage unless to build her just right. Getting lots of early magic pene is the main thing. Void staff or Abyssal Scepter should be build first then build the other one next. Of course you wuna get your boots before your other items as Elise needs mov speed badly. Don't build att speed items first, if you do she won't do much damage, besides, her spider from W gives her plenty. Don't rush a Rylas as this is a very noob thing to do and will kill your damage output. However I would suggest building it later in the game but only after you have your Void Staff and Abyssal Scepter.

Maxing her Q first gives her some very powerful poke and is good for players who like to play aggressively early one. Maxing the W is for more cautious players. Always switch to spider form to kill minions as spider form can clear very quickly. Her spider form W is the best poke in the whole game. Her spider bombs chase a very long way and are very fast as well as doing some hefty damage.

I have played many games with Elise and would even go so far as to call her a main of mine.

Elise is not suited for people who play champs like Darius, Singed, Olaf, Yi, or any of the other mindless champs that don't require positioning and skill. Elise requires perfect positioning and excels at devouring out of place champs that are isolated or are trying to run away.

Never initiate a team fight with Elise and always stay hidden so as to surprise your victim.

You gota think like a spider.

These words do not express opinion. Rather, these words are a model for how to play a successful Elise. Ignore me if you want to fail with Elise. Elise is the pickiest champ in the game and must be played to her play style, she will not play to your style.

Having said all this, she really does need a small buff. However, even the slightest buff could make her super OP as I have played MANY games with her and have tried all kinds of styles and builds. I wouldn't exactly call her UP but she certainly doesn't do near the burst damage of other assassins (If you know anything about Elise you'd know she was introduced by Riot as an assassin)

GL HF!!! Elise owns!!!

Jesus the Friend 11-12-2012 12:36 PM

Yeah, she's pretty damn bad.

She is getting buffs though.

Darthnachox 11-12-2012 12:50 PM

Increasing the scaling on her % is not gonna fix her problems imo.

There are few things that need to be fixed. But I will say she probably one of the msot fun champs I have played in a long time.

legendarypoutine 11-12-2012 01:41 PM

i must agree that elise is pretty up because i fell like she is super squishy and lack of dmg but my point is that 95 % of the elise i saw in normal were terribad ...

MattyCaazi 11-12-2012 02:07 PM

No damage from items... might as well just build tanky. She is a waist of a player endgame, 100% worthless unless fed early. Like the design though. Change how her ability's scale from AP and she will be a good champ.

xxvaderxx 11-12-2012 02:15 PM

Yes she does, i bought her, played her all week and weekend, i even got a couple of decent games out of her but yeah, gave up and got eve. Now im considering refunding her.

Darthnachox 11-12-2012 02:43 PM

Honestly the only worthwhile way to play her is kinda like a tanky bruiser building on hit items or just going ad. A warwick style only type of play I get any consistency out of her. Gonna hold on to her though maybe they will fix her down the road.

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